Ulysses S. Grant High School 2017Course Syllabus U.S. Government

Ulysses S. Grant High School 2017Course Syllabus U.S. Government

Ulysses S. Grant High School 2017Course Syllabus U.S. Government

Instructor Ms. Moncada

Phone (818) 756-2700E-mail

Course Description:

Government, also known as Civics in the United States, is traditionally one of the final college preparatory social science courses students take in High School. It is a one semester course and is paired with Economics for all seniors. Through the years, government has evolved into a course that not only studies the origins and philosophy of our nations system of democracy, but now also instructs and informs a student about political participation in such a system. Influences such as party politics, the media and interest groups are discussed in addition to a traditional examination of the branches of the federal system and the state of California’s governing system.

The government coursework is intensive and with over 1000 vocabulary words introduced students must bring their textbooks to class daily. For this reason, particular attention needs to be paid to vocabulary acquisition techniques. Whenever possible, political cartoons, graphs, and charts will be used to reinforce the concepts to aid the student’s development of critical thinking skills. Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English SDAIE strategies will also be used to strengthen the literacy of students.


EOC and Final Exam: district mandated

Tests:Examples Chapter Tests, Unit Tests

Class Work: Cooperative Learning experiences, Guided Reading Worksheets, Vocabulary Worksheets, Attempts of Drafts

Homework: Examples Class Notes, Warm Ups,

Quizzes: Reading Quizzes, Vocabulary Quizzes

Projects: Examples Presentations, Formal Writing Activities

EACH will be assigned a point value and be given strict due dates.

*At the end of the semester students are required to take a department generated end of course exam [EOC] this will constitute the points equivalent of a unit test. This EOC is a district mandated assessment as per the mastery of coursework standards and an administration date will be given in the late Spring.

Homework Policy:

Government is a college preparatory course that requires students to do homework on a regular basis. Students should spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day on homework. This time may be used to preview and review class materials, perform text reading activities, complete class assignments and projects, that assist the student’s understanding of the concepts being studied. [Note: parents should ask to see the students daily work and homework.]

Grading Policy:

Student Grades will be determined on a point system and reflect their level of achievement toward district and state standards.

A [90-100%] – Advanced – high level of mastery of the standards

B [80-89] – Proficient- exceeds the standards

C [70- 79]- Basic – meets the standards

D [60-69] – Below Basic- below, but progressing towards meeting the standards.

F[59% and below] – Far Below Basic – displays minimal to no progress toward the standards

Course Pacing:

#StandardsTime FrameTextbook

1Fundamentals of American Democracy 4 weeks Chapters 1-4

2The Three Branches of Government4 weeksChapters 10-14, 18

3Rights & Obligations of Citizens4 weeksChapters 6,20-21

4Campaigns, Elections, & Parties4 weeksChapters 5-9

5EOC & Semester Final2 weeksAll of the above

This is an approximate calendar and subject to change without notice.

Textbook : Macgruder’s American Government, McClenaghan, Prentice Hall, 2006

Workbook:Macgruder’sAmerican Government, Guided Reading and Review Notebook

Recommended Student Materials:

  • Classroom supplies: paper, pencils, pens, [black and blue], colored pencils, highlighters
  • Occasional Project supplies: display boards, poster board, construction paper, etc.

Academic Expectations of Me as a Student:

  • I will actively participate in my learning: take notes, study for quizzes/tests, participate in class discussions and do homework
  • I understand that the Grading Policy requires that if I receive less than 70% on any test, I will attend tutoring.

Behavioral Expectations of Me as a Student:

  • “I will be responsible for my own behavior and I am to be held responsible for my own actions.”
  • I will be positive, contributing member of the class and be respectful of others.
  • I will be on time.

Ulysses S. Grant High School Parent Acknowledgement

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Please provide as much of the requested information as you can. Please PRINTand date the section below to indicate that you have reviewed the course syllabus and agree to assist with the communication necessary to reach our goals.

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