Two Months Before Moving

Two Months Before Moving

Moving checklist

Two months before moving:

  • Arrange to get a quote (we would recommend you get more than one quote to make sure that if we can’t do your move, another company can.
  • Accept the quotation and see what availability we have. If you have been given any dates that you are working towards please tell us and we will make a note in our diary. (if the dates do start to fill up, we will give you a call).
  • Dispose of anything you don’t want.
  • Start gathering packaging materials – we can help with this once you have made a confirmed booking.
  • Dispose of any unwanted goods you do not want to take to your new home.

One month before moving

  • Start packing items that aren’t used regularly or are out of season such as clothes, decorations, loft and attic content, garden and garage items etc.
  • Start running down your freezer contents.
  • Cancel all rental agreements.
  • Contact carpet fitters if needed.
  • Notify your doctor, dentist, optician, vet, organ blood donor offices of your move.
  • Tell your bank and savings/share accounts.
  • Inform Telephone Company.
  • Ask royal mail to re-route your post.
  • Tell TV licece, car registration, passport office.
  • Notify HP and credit firms
  • Backup important computer files.

The week before move:

  • Book mains services for disconnections
  • Pack a ‘survival kit’ of clothes, medicine, towels and so on to last you through the day of your move.
  • Finish of all the packing of boxes, apart from the items you’ll need in the last week.
  • Make local map to new house for friends.
  • Organise parking at the new home (very important for the removal van).
  • Plan where things will go in your new home.
  • Cancel the milk and newspapers.
  • Clean out the freezer.
  • Arrange minders for the children and pets.
  • Recruit family and friends to help.
  • Find and label keys.
  • Address cards to friends and relatives.
  • Separate trinkets, jewellery and small items.
  • Sort out linen and clothes.

The day before move:

  • Check everything is ok with solicitors and estate agents.
  • Collect children’s toys still left lying around.
  • Put together a basic ‘rations kit’ for the families first day in the new home.

On moving day:

  • Carry with you

-The keys to your new home (give a spare to the removal company).

-Maps and directions to your new home.

- A contact telephone number for our removal team.

- Some cash in case you stop on route.

-Important documents.

-Pets if you haven’t got someone to look after them.

-Items of great personal value that are literally irreplaceable.

-Your ‘survival kit’.

-Your ‘rations kit’.

  • And finally – don’t panic we are here to help you!

A Useful Countdown to Moving Day

  • Arrange buildings insurance for your new home
  • Contact several removal companies for estimates
  • Arrange telephone connections with British Telecom
  • Start running down freezer stocks
  • Arrange with gas and electricity boards for final readings to be taken on moving day and for supplies to be connected at your new property
  • Inform post office of new address and arrange for post to be re-directed if required
  • Remember to cancel local deliveries, i.e. newspapers, milk etc. for moving day onwards
  • Label all spare keys for new owner and leave one set with Estate Agent
  • Transfer contents insurance from the day you move
  • Send out change of address cards to friends and relatives
  • Notify Everyone Of Your Change Of Address Including:-
  • Credit card and Hire Purchase companies
  • Life Assurance and Pension companies
  • Doctor / Dentist / Optician etc.
  • Television rental companies
  • DVLA in Swansea
  • AA / RAC / National Breakdown or similar
  • Clubs / Associations / Magazine subscriptions etc.
  • Bank / Post Office / Building Society / Other savings institutions
  • TV License documentation
  • Inland Revenue
  • Local Council for proportion of any outstanding charges
  • Water Board for proportion of any outstanding water rates
  • Your employer