To Kill a Mockingbird Final Unit Exam Study Guide

To Kill a Mockingbird Final Unit Exam Study Guide

To Kill a Mockingbird Final Unit Exam Study Guide

PART ONE Character Identification

1. Atticus Finch

2. Scout Finch

3. Jem Finch

4. Calpurnia

5. Dill Harris

6. Boo Radley

7. Heck Tate

8. Tom Robinson

9. Bob Ewell

10. MayellaEwell

PART TWO General Knowledge

11. When Scout rolls into the Radley front yard in the tire, what happens?

12. When Jem goes back to get his pants that are caught in the Radley’s fence, how does he find them?

13. Atticus considers it a sin to kill a mockingbird. Why?

14. Why does Atticus defends Tom Robinson?

15. Atticus says that Mrs. Dubose represents what?

16. Why do the group of men in front of the jail disperse?

17. When Tom Robinson is convicted, why is Jem upset?

18. How do the people of Maycomb County view Ewells?

19. What does Scout teach Uncle Jack to do?

20. The story is told from whose point-of-view?

21. The setting is in which state?

22. During the time period of the novel, the U.S. was involved in...

23. Who is the best antagonist?

24. Who is the best protagonist?

25. Atticus goes to the jail to prevent what action from happening?

26. Who beat MayellaEwell?

27. What is the verdict in the Tom Robinson case?

28. Why is Bob Ewell still upset and determined to “get” Atticus after the trial?

29. Jem and Scout are attacked on their way home from the Halloween pageant at school by...

30. The children were saved by...

Part Three Short Essay

Take notes on the following questions so you can answer the following constructed response questions on the exam. Everyone must do number 1. You will pick 3 of the remaining 5 to answer for a total of 4 questions.

  1. (YOU MUST DO THIS ONE) What character represents the mockingbird and why?
  1. Identify and discuss a major theme in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  1. Chose a symbol, other than the mockingbird, and explain how it is the best representation of the novel.
  1. Explain who is ultimately to blame for the death of Bob Ewell.
  1. The setting of the novel is Maycomb, Alabama, in the 1930s. Discuss how the setting, withregard to both time and place, directly affects the plot’s development.
  1. In failing to arrest Boo Radley at the end, Sheriff Tate is breaking the law, as is Atticus, who knows the truth of Ewell’s murder. Do you agree with some critics that Atticus’ actions are “wrong” as well as illegal?