To Be Considered and Acted Upon

To Be Considered and Acted Upon



at the



1.Chairman Miller called meeting to order at 7:30 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

2. Approval of minutes from August meetingMueller/Miller motion to approve

August meeting minutes with corrections to be made by Winters regarding

tabling Agreement with NFDL Ambulance. Motion carried.

3. Act on Dog Damage Claim from N. Langenfeld: Parties could not agree on

terms when Miller tried to work things out with both parties. Would need to

sign paperwork and need to turn over to County for further action.

Lagenfeld stated she is ok with it going to county. Stated three witnesses to

event. Defendant questioned if it being witnessed was in police report. Mrs.

Lagenfeld stated that she told police officer of witnesses. If it is not in report

she will contact office again to be sure it is included. Stated three witnesses

are currently present at this meeting. Mr. Lagenfeld told officer did not to

give ticket because wanted to work it out with neighbors. Motion

made Mueller/Averbeck to sign paper and send to county. Motion carried.

4. Motion Mueller/Averbeckto table Renewal of Intergovernmental Agreement

Re: Emergency Medical Services (NFDLAmbulance Service) Carried

5.Update on Meeting with Farmers: Good meeting, follow-up to first meeting

to discuss mud on the road and potential damage to road, trying to get

coordination with farmers, town and hwy dept to address issues. Need to

get signage, town needs make determination about one-way traffic and

closing roads. Farmers have been calling Mike Pionke. No problems at this

time. Mark Isaac stated signs for reduced speed should be placed in

advance of location where tractors are going in and out of field.

6.Motion Mueller/Averbeck to reduce speed limit to 45 mph on Town Hall

Road, fromCountyC to Lincoln Rd. Motion carried.

7. Action on Sidewalk project for Eldorado. County does not support putting in

Parking lane at this time, usually have curb and gutter in place for parking

lanes. Recommend staying with sidewalk project to Ball diamond.

Sidewalks need to be done for safety reasons.CountyC reconstruction is at

least 10 years out.Averbeck stated appreciation to town group that looked

at project. Mueller stated the group looked at other options that really

helped with discussion for project. Miller stated he will talk to County Hwy

commissioner and possible CountyExecutive to see if this can be moved up

in planning process.

8.Action on Renewal of Accurate Appraisals contract. Motion

Mueller/Averbeck to table until contract presented. Motion carried

9. Motion Averbeck/Mueller to accept CSM from Schultz property from Plan

Commission Meeting. Motion carried.

10.Update on Raze Order – Townline Circle; Order has been served and

posted. Deadline for raze is November 3.

11. Discussion on Weeds Ordinance. Town Board met with attorney

September 20, 2017 and passed ordinance requiring lawns be mowed.

New ordinance states 8 inch length limit. Have not received written

ordinance from attorney.

12. Discussion on Nuisance Laws, need Ordinance. Attorney is going to see

what is on the books.

13. Need to appoint Weed Commissioner. Board appointed Mike Pionke,

Weed Commissioner at September 20, 2017 Special Board meeting.

14. Update on Sex Offender Placement in Fond du LacCounty. Miller talked

with DA and attorney but no one has heard anything about placement.

Eldorado developed ordinance and has been used by other towns in the

county. Need to wait to find out if there will be a placement in our town

before we can do anything. Town board feels that if another town is

identified as placement location, town board should help support efforts to

fight a placement. Attorney believes we do have a legal right to fight a

placement if this comes up with the current placement search for Terry


15. Motion made Mueller/Miller to accept Application for Bartender License for

Mark Bender. Motion carried 2-1.

16. Reports:

a. Plan Commission, recommended approval of Schultz minor land division,

Bau family submitted Concept Plan for Dike Rd/County I property, Hinz

looking for minor land division and CUP for house and outbuildings, Ott

submitted concept plan to move property on CountyC from Rural to Ag,

Meetings will be 2nd Wednesday of month. Need to add new member.

Jeremy Brenner may be interested. Wants more information.

b. Town Highway; cutting ditches, discovered 6 bad culverts that will need

to be replaced next year. Have gates, getting ready to put in place.

Finding tires disposed on roadways more than 25 tires found recently.

Need to find cold mix vendor. Still need to do work on Lone Elm project.

c. Fire Department; Mike Pionke has taken over pump testing. 527 passed,

526 passed pump test but not vacuum test. Needs to be repacked at

cost of $1078.50. No calls this month other than gas leak on Town Line


17. Public input and discussion

Question regarding if there is an ordinance related Ty paper and no

siding on house. Maybe need to look expiration of building permit for

house on CountyC and Rose-Eld Rd.

Still speeding happening on Town Line Circle.

18. Approved and paid monthly bills

19.Meeting adjourned 9:20 PM

Cathy Winters, Town Clerk