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Title Order Acknowledgements Introduction Contents

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Beyond Words~

Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages for the 21st Century

by Diane Goullard Parlante

ISBN 1403319758, 5x8, 494 pages, index, paperback

ISBN 140331974X, e-book


“A charming blend between stories of life within the Translator’s experience, and a reference book relevant to the 21st Century. Full of fascinating details, a rich range of the kind of knowledge the world includes. This book deserves to be on the market indefinitely available.”

Brook B. Ballard, Ph.D. History, Author of a future world history book, Past Present

“You have made a great contribution to the science and art of understandable and meaningful communication. Not a dry work, this book took me on a voyage of discovery that left me with an education on what it means to truly communicate, to pass on understanding from one tongue to another with feeling and sincerity. First rate!”

Wayne S. Dillon, Christian Pastor

“When I began reading Diane's manuscript (book), I did not know what to expect. What I found was a delightful and educational journey into the world of communication from someone who has dedicated her life to helping others connect. Her personal stories and memorable insights kept me fully engaged as I applauded the message she is sending to all of us—to speak truth with compassion.”

Loretta Malandro, Ph.D., Author of Say it Right the First Time (McGraw Hill 2003)

“Ms. Goullard Parlante’s book, Beyond Words, brings a personal and heartfelt touch to the world of interpretation and translation. As an interpreter and translator of many years myself, her experiences and observations resonated with my own and I often found myself laughing out loud and nodding my head, thinking, ‘that exact same thing has happened to me!’ I would also recommend her book for anyone who has occasion to utilize the services of an interpreter or a translator—it will be an eye-opening experience, guaranteed!”

Patrick O’Connor, Full-time staff Interpreter, Federal Court, Tucson, AZ; President, Arizona Court Interpreters Association

 “A thorough and inspiring journey. Through remarkable stories and engaging educative discourse, Diane guides us through the complexities of language, especially its translation and interpretation. But she doesn’t stop there. She offers her readers tips for developing lifelong learning skills and developing an overall sense of well being. Such a gift!”
Michael J. Vandermark, Ph.D., Director, Corporate Programs, The Chopra Center for Well Being [Top]


by Brook B. Ballard, Historian

Beyond Words ~ Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages unites with the current fundamental theme of my writing my world history book, Past Present, because of their common relevance to the Twenty-First Century. If “The Word,” which began to be humanity’s means for creating civilization from chaos at least six millennia ago, then we now share the same motivations with our ancestors. It is time we realize that the Word, by itself, is no more than the activated symbol of the spirit that sets the contexts for the earth’s communities of livings.

The ‘Contents’ makes accessing substance quickly—a distinct strength. Commencing the ‘Preface’ with the author’s experience, there is an immediate recognition of a reader that proceeding to discover what is being shared comes to actual life first. Personal examples promise the reader more circumstances ‘beyond’ the thematic narratives, the expectation for experiencing empathic moments as well as larger subjects for logical reasoned conclusions. The ‘Memory Lane’ is crucial to books of our time! In an era of everyday paradigm shifts bombarding emotions, spiritual survival experiences should be an added attraction for the curious colleague. We all need these encouragements or at best analogous experiential references to compare with our own lives within the complexities of global contexts of these times.

It is of particular importance to one like me, to listen to a translator’s discussion of the relationship of translating and meaning. Are there variables within the languages that change the meanings to the respective readers that the translator must be prepared to deal with? Your detailed examples within the subject really broadens my realization of how this comes to pass. ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ immediately attracts me. The inter-cultural phenomena of differences between peoples around the world is one of the underlying themes of my education as a Historian. ‘Let’s Talk About It’ is another example of your outreach to the post-paradigm shift of the 21st Century, the way you see your life’s obligation to participate, not just ignore the world. VITAL reading for the curious one who doesn’t do this! In the ‘Listening’ section, the ethics of communications that set the tones as well as contexts for successful outcomes—so valuable to have spelled out...simple and profound!

by Wayne S. Dillon, Christian Pastor

Just a book about interpreters’ job? Well, not really. Many people, me included, confuse the role of the interpreter with that of the translator and I have learned these two things are poles apart. Diane has shown, time and time again that the role of the interpreter is not a job, it’s a calling.

When I was originally asked to comment on this work I was not sure what I would find, a dry work on the interpreters’ day to day task? No, once I started I was on a voyage of discovery that left me with an education on what it means to truly communicate, to pass on understanding from one tongue to another with feeling and sincerity. This I discovered is true communication, for without understanding communication is little more than background noise.

Read this and learn from it, there is no other work that I am aware of that tackles these issues as clearly and definitely as this does.

Thank you Diane, and God Bless. I believe you have made a contribution to the science and art of understandable and meaningful communication. [Top]


To The Readers • Acknowledgements • Introduction • Preface • In a Nutshell Translators and Interpreters 1. Translators’ and Interpreters’ lingo 2. Translation 3. Do’s and don’ts 4. Careers in languages 5. Over-the-phone interpretation 6. Souls interacting 7. Professional standards and etiquette 8. Certified? 9. Myths 10. Where to find interpreters and translators 11. Dollars and cents and quality The Heart of Communication 12. Let’s talk about it 13. French and English in the world 14. Listening 15. Gray areas 16. Symbols 17. Speaking a foreign language in the presence of others 18. Continued learning and unlearning 19. Resolving disputes 20. Living as a naturalized U.S. Citizen – Memory lane 21. Diary of coping skills and results 22. Customer service and satisfaction 23. FAQ 24. Cultural and other differences 25. The Golden Rule In Conclusion 26. Tips 27. Story 28. Glossary 29. List of helpful contacts and resources – Disclaimer - How to contact the Author – index - invitation to readers for comments and feedback - help the author sell her book [Top]


Born and raised in Quebec, Canada from a French father from France and a French Canadian mother from Quebec, Canada, Diane Goullard Parlante has served as a translator, interpreter and communicator a large part of her adult life. After earning a Baccalaureate degree in music with coursework in languages from the University of Montreal, and a Paralegal Certificate from Saint Mary’s College, in Moraga, California, she pursued her urge for expression and harmony in her work, listening and helping people communicate with each other in both languages. Having studied a large variety of subjects in both French and English and continuing to augment her skills and integrate spiritual enlightenment, she serves mediating language barriers for the public on a freelance basis. Whether translating, interpreting, doing voiceovers, educating, or writing about communicating at a soulful level, she has stimulated hundreds to communicate with their minds and their hearts to a mutual feeling of greater appreciation. Diane Goullard Parlante works from Phoenix, Arizona. [Top]


Beyond Words ~ Getting to the Heart of Communication in One or More Languages for the 21st Century, can help people achieve more harmonious communication in one or many languages.

The two-part book explains the nuts and bolts of translating and interpreting: what to expect from Translators and Interpreters, different types and modes of interpreting and translating, the difference between translating and interpreting, aspects of the profession that affect users of their services, how to acquire language proficiency, ways of allowing for differences between people, cultural differentiations, methods for settling disputes, countries where French and English are spoken, regionalisms, and a lot more.

Throughout the book, the author reveals insights and personal life lessons learned from blending a physical, mental and spiritual approach to communicating whenever possible, listening with an open heart and an open mind. You will feel inspired by healing experiences and small miracles that lead to improved communication and understanding.

Behind the façade, words and silences can heal; they can wound. Words and silences offer us a tool to create peace, trust and understanding, or a weapon to cause harm and more separation. We can care! [Top]


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