Title: JUMO DELOS Electronic Pressure Switch with Display

Title: JUMO DELOS Electronic Pressure Switch with Display

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Title:JUMO DELOS–Electronic pressure switch with display

Electronic pressure switch with display

The new electronic pressure switch JUMO DELOS is a true multi-talent with switching contacts, analog output and a brilliant LC display for the visualisation of the current process pressure and the condition of the switching contact. Thanks to the use of valuable stainless steel and flush-mounted measuring systems without sealings, it is also well suitable for the use in hygienically sensitive areas.

Different sensor systems which have proven themselves in practice for years and in large numbers as well as the use of the most modern production technologies, valuable components and materials ensure a high degree of safety.

Through the high variance, the user receives a maximum of functionality, efficiency and flexibility at a fair price.

For the general construction of machines and systems, the DESINA conform variations are available.

For the food and beverage industry, in addition to a EHEDG certified model, various threaded connections and flanges which are common to the industry can be delivered. Especially for the measurement tasks on hot media and lines, there is a high temperature model which resists temperatures up to 200°C.

The following output models are available: 1xPNP or 2x PNP switch output (transistor switch output) or 1x PNP switch output and an analogue output signal. The output signal can be configured by the user depending on the need. As an output signal there is for example 4…20mA or 0...10V.

The large, illuminated LC display not only serves for displaying the pressure, switching condition and function, but also makes possible a simple operation directly on the device through a countersunk operationelement. In addition there is the possibility of carrying out the configuration with a setup program. Process data which has been determined once can be comfortably and safely copied in further devices.

The housing can be turned by 320°. This makes the display readable from all angles. It is also possible to reflect the display for each setting by 180°.

With an alarm, the display colour changes from yellow to red. The operator can thus safely recognise the operating condition of the system and reactimmediately.

The possible measurement range reaches from 100mbar to 600bar. The nominal measurement range set in the plant can be rescaled with a ratio of 1:4 without losing the preciseness. Thus with only one device model, several pressure areas and measurement tasks are covered.

In the clear text of the digital display, several pressure units, e.g. bar, psi, % can be displayed.

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