This Policy Applies to All the Department of Management Services (DMS/Department) Employees

This Policy Applies to All the Department of Management Services (DMS/Department) Employees

TITLE: Variable Work weeks and Flexible Work Schedules / POLICY NUMBER
EFFECTIVE: July 8, 2008
REVISED: February 17, 2011


Establish guidelines and procedures for variable work weeks and flexible work schedules.


This policy applies to all the Department of Management Services (DMS/department) employees.


Sections 110.1055, 110.201 and 110.219 Florida Statutes (F.S.)

Rule 60L-34.003, Florida Administrative Code(F.A.C.) - Work Schedules

Rule 60L-34.0051, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) - Family Supportive Work Program

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)


The Following Individuals
Should be Notified of this Policy and its Procedures / Method of Notification
All DMS Employees /
  • New Employee Orientation
  • DMS communications via employee e-mail distribution list
  • DMS Web site

DMS Executive Leadership /
  • Executive Leadership meetings


DMS employee work weeks and work schedules will be set in order to provide the maximum customer service during the department’s peak hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Days and hours of operation may vary from this schedule to meet specific operational needs. DMS strives to produce an environment in which employee will be able to meet work, life and family needs and approve variable and flexible work schedules as long as it does not impact the department’s mission and service.

DMS may place an employee on a permanent regular schedule of more or less than an eight-hour workday. Before implementing changes to the regular work schedule, DMS will give written notice to all affected employees, with attention given to requirements of collective bargaining agreements.

DMS may approve an extended work period under the FLSA and approve flexible work schedules to assist employees in meeting family needs, provided that work can be accomplished in an effective and efficient manner.


Variable Work Weeks:

Variations in the standard work week are a privilege and may be approved to assist the employee in meeting family needs within the following requirements:

1.The variable work week does not diminish customer service or the effective operation of the unit or office;

2.The employee and supervisor mutually agree to the variable work week;

3.The immediate supervisorhas the authority to approve an employee-initiated request for a variable work week.

4.A deputy secretary or chief of staff must approve management initiated requests for a variable work week;

5.The employee may request approval from a supervisor for a change in the variable work week.

Options for a variable work week include but are not limited to the following:

1.A four-day work week consisting of a combination of four workdays of ten hours each day;

2.A five-day work week consisting of four workdays of nine hours each and a workday of four hours; or

3.A nine-day, biweekly work period consisting of a combination of eight workdays of nine hours and one workday of eight hours.

Flexible Work Schedules:

A flexible hour work schedule or flextime is a privilege and is allowable to assist the employee in meeting family needs. Flextime allows the employee to vary the arrival to and departure from the work place on a scheduled workday. Requirements for a flexible hour work schedule include:

1.The flextime does not diminish customer service or the effective operation of the unit or office,

2.The employee and the immediate supervisor agree to the flextime,

3.The immediate supervisor has the authority to approve the flextime, and

4.The flextime work day for a full-time employee shall include the core work hours of 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, alternate core work hours may be approved by the division director to meet operational needs (e.g., shift workers).

Approval of a variable work week or flextime does not prevent the immediate supervisor from requiring an employee to work on holidays or at any time when circumstances require extra hours of work or overtime in accordance with section 110.219(2), Florida Statutes.

Failure to comply with the approved variable work week or approved flextime may result in withdrawal of these privileges and disciplinary action as outlined in Rule 60L-36, Florida Administrative Code, Conduct of Employees.

Employees desiring variable work week or flexible work schedules must submit a request through the People First (PF) system routed to their supervisor at least two weeks in advance of the requested start date of the new schedule and explain the need for the flex-time or variable work weekschedule. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the request is approved by the employee’s supervisor, the supervisor must approve the request via the PF system.


or Group / Responsibilities
Employee /
  • Adhere to this policy. Make a request at least two weeks in advance of the requested start date of the new schedule.

Supervisors /
  • Ensure employees adhere to this policy. If approval is granted, input the approval into the PF system.

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Variable Work weeks and Flexible Work Schedules