This Is a Week Filled with Fun, Friends and Faith!

This Is a Week Filled with Fun, Friends and Faith!

Glad Days – A Radical Ride on the Wings of Prayer

St Rose Vacation Bible School

June 26 – 30, 2017

9 am – Noon

This is a week filled with fun, friends and faith!

You can be a part of making this happen for our children. With many hands we can make this light work for all.

Here is a list of how you can be a part of all this excitement!

Advertising Person – hang the banner, place announcements in Bulletin and School / Faith Station Organizers – 2-3 adults will lead the students through well planned out curriculum / On-site Coordinator – arrive prior to teachers to open rooms. Be available to assist teachers with copies, questions, children’s needs. Guide Jr Leaders.
Registration Coordinator – Collect registrations and place in grouping. Make name tags for each participant. / Art Room Organizers – 2-3 adults will lead students through well planned out meaningful art projects / T-Shirt Room Organizer – 1-2 adults assist the students in decorating their t-shirts.
Supply Coordinator – Parish – make a post board and gather supplies from those in the parish who want to help through making donations / Game Room Organizers – 2-3 adults will lead students through well planned out games that match to the theme. / Music/Skit Leader – teach the songs and dances that comes with the curriculum.
Supply Shopper – work within a budget to purchase supplies that are not donated. / Snack Room Organizers – 2-3 adults prepare and serve healthy themed snacks. / Instrument Player – Either daily or Family Mass on Friday at 11:00
Playways – 2-3 adults to lead students ages 3-5 in theme based activities in the PreK room. / Decorator – Assist where needed to help make theme decorations. / Nursery – play, feed and care for children younger than 3. Only available to the adults working VBS.
Jr Leader – 6th grade student thru High School will guide the younger students from room to room. / Jr Room Helpers – 6th grade students thru High School will help the adults in each of the classrooms. / Jr Leader Coordinator – Collect names of 6th – high school students. Lead the training session.

Qualifications- Must love being around children. Passed an Archdiocese Background check and attended Call To Protect Training. If needed a class will be arranged for Call to Protect.

Questions: Tracey McDougall or 503-789-6583

or Megan or 503-335-3232

Meeting - Informational Meeting Wednesday, April 5 at 7pm

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