The Unconference - Capturing the Knowledge

The Unconference - Capturing the Knowledge

NESA FLC 2015 "Boardmanship"

The Unconference - Capturing the Knowledge

TOPIC: HoS – Board relationship / Role of the Chair

1. What are the issues?

Crucial for the well being of the school.

2. What impact do these issues have on the board's/school's effectiveness?

Good relationships cascade down into the organization, bad relationship has effect on school. And often will lead to leaving of HoS. And it might have a lasting negative impact on the school reputation, and might lead to difficulty in recruiting.

3. What are some effective responses to these issues?

  • Recruitment – ISG & ASD  self perpetuating. Many candidates. ISG = Board more visible might be the reason that more people volunteered. Self perpetuating Board – better for the relationship. Elected reps feel that they have constituency the need to represent, and to be reelected they needed to serve the needs of this group.
  • Frequent contact with Board Chair (ASD – couple times a week, regular meetings, CAC same: wekly meeting, and ad hoc calls on if needed basis) For significant issues: whole Board will be informed, no surprises. Other issues: liaise with chair. ISG – every other day chat, more sounding board. Israel: weekly phone call, and ad hoc calls.
  • Board support for the Chair is important.
  • Education of (prospective) Board members

What can Board do to strengthen relationship:

  • Education the Board – renewing the information that the relationship is so important
  • Self-monitoring: when they are too operational see it and get out.
  • Chair – HoS need to talk if someone within admin fails (for example: bad finance reporting takes the Board into details of finance –needs to be reported to HoS that there is underperfomance, and HoS needs to take action)
  • Represent the school in a way that attracts high caliber HoS candidates
  • Continuous education on role of the Board in informal encounters at the school.
  • Proactively educate

What can HoS do:

  • Clear understanding on individual and collective responsibility starts: what can HoS do or should do, and what Board can do. Don’t try to do each other’s job.
  • Make sure good information to the Board

Joint effort

  • Recruit School council – include students as well  create pool of possible, well-informed candidates.


  • Communication is role of HoS  Board as ‘thought’ partner on how to communicate. Perhaps not for every school, the ones with elected members?