The Team Was Focusing on a Few Courses for Curriculum Changes

The Team Was Focusing on a Few Courses for Curriculum Changes



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

3:00 p.m.

Present:Chris Cornell, Ryan Wyckoff,Suzanna Aquirre, Lisa Osborne, Kathy Leary, Bob Mattson, Dawn Nasser, Dr. Jacobs


Academic Affairs:

The team was focusing on a few courses for curriculum changes.


The team met today to finalize plans for the Holiday Party this Friday.

Next week the team is planning on holding a Wii or Trivia Contest at lunch time. Information will be sent out to the campus.

The Holiday Walkabout will be December 17.


Suzanna will be team co-facilitator with Dawn.

The Clothesline Project was a major time-consuming event so not sure will do it every year. Did receive really good feedback on the event though.

Eighteen students were taken to the Krannert Center for Bollywood Masala.

The International Food Festival was held November 19 and had 22 foods. Student workers from the Child Development Center helped at the event which helped with the flow.

There were 150 in attendance at the Hispanic/Latino Fair. The next Hispanic/Latino Fair will be held October 21, 2016 and it will be the 10th anniversary of the event. Discussed holding the fair every 2-3 years in the future.

The team discussed Black History Month and events that are free.

Discussed possibly doing a mini-welcome back the last week of January and hand out popcorn which has already been purchased. Plan to call the event “Kernels of Knowledge” and provide information on TRiO, Financial Aid, Registration and other services.

Employee Development Team:

The team last met in October and received very good comments on the Google Apps training.

Communication with Co-Workers presentation has been scheduled for the January In-Service.

The health screening had a good increase in the number of employees participating. The health fair also had good attendance.


The main goal of the team for next spring is strategic enrollment management. Plan to work on retention of online students. The team also discussed over-enrolling sections by two students and waitlist management.

Human, Financial & Physical Resources:

The team meets as needed.


Online CCSSE surveying. CCSSE does not have online surveying but is thinking about doing it. DACC might be a pilot school if they do it.

The placement tool for Compass is almost ready.

Will discuss the Noel-Levitz survey results at the January in-service.

Working on recreating the tool to evaluate faculty and courses by students.

Sub-team is working on a rubric for communications and critical thinking for faculty to use for evaluation in their course areas.

Student Support & Development:

The team organized Spirit Week. Hope to have more people dress up in costume next year. The chili cook off was very good.

Employees volunteered to bring cookies to be distributed to students for finals week. Also will have coffee available in the Recruitment Office during finals.

Discussed the possibility of having a DACC’s Got Talent in the spring. Planning to have a Pack the House night for the February 6 basketball games vs Parkland College at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Discussed possibility of having Finals Stress Relief Goodie Bags in May. Will contact some businesses about donations.

Technology Resources & Services:

The team met very briefly. Team will meet in January.