The Return of Odysseus from the Odyssey

The Return of Odysseus from the Odyssey

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The Return of Odysseus from The Odyssey

Directions:After twenty years, Odysseus finally returns home. Part two of The Odyssey is about Odysseus coming back to his family and the trouble that awaits him in Ithaca. In your assigned groups, you will be assigned specific lines from a section/episodic of part two. As a group, you will focus on our Four Square questions: what the text says, how does the text say it, what does it mean, and what does it mean to me? Each group will work together by reading, analyzing, and critiquing the text. You will then create a presentation where you will present to the class. As a group you will summarize the text, identify any examples of figurative language (similes, Homeric similes, metaphors, and epithets), analyze character(s), and make connection to self, book, movie, world, etc. Your presentation must have a visual representation (power point, prezi, a reenactment video, a poster, etc.) Your grade will reflect on your efforts as a group (you cannot switch assigned groups; you must learn to work together). Be prepared to answer questions from your classmates and your teacher(s). Also, you will be teaching your section to the class. Each presentation must be a minimum of 4 minutes and no longer than 8 minutes.

Group 1-Argus pg. 1028-1029, Lines 1165-1208

Group 2-The Suitors pg. 1029-1031, Lines 1209-1285

Group 3-Penelope pg. 1031-1033, Lines 1286-1359

Group 4-The Challenge pg. 1035-1037, Lines 1359-1405

Group 5-Odysseus’ Revenge pg. 1038-1042, Lines 1405-1539

Group 6-Penelope’s Test pg. 1042-1046, Lines 1540-1623



Group presented a developed summary of assigned section

Ideas were presented in order of importance

Specific textual evidence was used to support your group’s understanding of the text_____/10 points

Author’s Craft

Identified and provided examples of figurative language_____ /5 points

Author’s Intent

Identified the author’s use of language to shape the tone and meaning

Identified the author’s use of point of view, style, mood to achieve his/her purpose_____/ 5 points

Making Connections

Able to make a text to self connection

Able to make a text to text connection

Able to make a text to world connection_____ /15 points


Demonstrates a full understanding of the topic

Demonstrated collaborative efforts (one person or two people didn’t do all of the work).

Included a visual representation as outlined

Completely prepared and rehearsed

Dress attire is appropriate

Speaks clearly_____/5 points

Total_____/ 40 points