The Mississippi Cattlemen S Foundation

The Mississippi Cattlemen S Foundation

jThe Mississippi Cattlemen’s Foundationk

2016-2017 Scholarship Application

Application Deadline: December 16, 2015

The Mississippi Cattlemen’s Foundation (MCF) is pleased to sponsor this scholarship to students whose family, parent or grandparent is a member in good standing of MCA.

The scholarship is offered to those who are enrolled in any Mississippi college, university or high school senior planning to attend a Mississippi school of higher learning. You may apply for this scholarship each year you are enrolled in college.

This scholarship was made possible by the sale of the cattlemen’s car tag and contributions to the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Foundation, which sponsors educational programs and provides scholarships.


Full Name:______

Date of Birth:______MJCA Member? Yes No

Parent’s Names:______

Name of Parent or Grandparents that is a MCA Member: ______

MCA Membership number: ______

Campus Address: ______

Permanent Home Mailing Address: ______


Telephone: ______Email:______


High School, SeniorCollege Freshman College Sophomore

College JuniorCollege SeniorGraduate School

A.C.T. Score: ______Major: ______

Credit Hours Earned: ______Cumulative G.P.A.______

Schools Attended

High School ______Graduation Date ______GPA ______

Junior CollegesTO


ASSISTANCE INFORMATION(Please type on separate paper)

Please list any scholarships you have or will receive (donor, amount, years)


PERSONAL INFORMATION (Please type on separate paper)

• Scholastic Honors/Awards

• Livestock Background/Participation in agriculture activities

• Livestock Awards

• Other Organization’s Awards

• Memberships with other Organizations

• Mississippi Junior Cattlemen’s Association (participation)

• 4-H/FFA Activities/Awards

• Community Involvement /Volunteer Work

• Work History: (Has it helped you to reach your career goals?)


Please include anessay approx. 800 words or less, discussing the opportunities for a young person entering into the cattle business. Also include your current involvement, future plans and any role you see yourself playing in the beef industry after graduation. Please include why you are applying for this scholarship

Obtain two letters of reference (onemust be from agriculture industry professional).

Include a current transcript (can be spring semester) You MUST include a transcript.

Applicant’s Signature:______Date:______

Parent Signature: :______Date:______

Mail Application To:

Mississippi Cattlemen’s Foundation Scholarship

680 Monroe Street, Suite A • Jackson, MS 39202

*Applications that are not completed with all information will not be considered.

Scholarships are made possible through the Cattlemen’s Foundation Car Tag.

We encourage you to purchase a tag to support the scholarship program.