The Dunes - Course Report November 2017

The Dunes - Course Report November 2017

The Dunes - Course Report November 2017


The greens on both courses are in really good condition, the weather for the Cups Classic and Dunes Medal gave us the option of increasing speeds and firmness without the threat of high winds for either event. The loss of or irrigation system reduced our flexibility in irrigation watering, this made for softer than usual greens towards the end of the month which also contributed to a slight increase in pitch marks. This has been resolved with the new irrigation computer recently installed and a good dusting with native soil.

We are continuing on with our Nominee program in the summer months for the control of the small percentage of poa in the greens. The new putting green is continuing to improve with all the surrounding areas continuing to improve and blend in with existing fescue mounds.

Greens have received applications of:

  • Iron, Nitrogen and trace elements for plant colour and nutrition.
  • Primo (Plant Growth Regulator) puts its energies into root growth instead of leaf growth.
  • Wetting agent
  • Dusting all greens

Preperation of play for day 1 Dunes Medal


Fairways are in the best condition of my tenure with a planned scalping of the fairways and the removal of organic matter planed for the beginning of December. This will help to improve leaf growth as opposed to thatch growth, this will increase in water infiltration to the root system and a reduction in the potential for disease and insect infestation. All weak areas are to be top dressed with dark native sand to improve the nutrient and water holding capacity of selected areas.

2nd fairway day 1 Dunes Medal

Tees and Surrounds

All tees are continuing to be top dressed, scarified and terra spiked to keep surfaces level and promote growth. A spot application is required to control the poa in the surrounds, this will be done prior to Christmas and have the couch areas covered in pre-emergent.


All bunkers have been edged and large amounts of sand moved around to level all bases and reduce the build-up on faces. The 14th former wasteland in now 12 months on and has become a real feature of the hole with a good blend of fescue seed head that’s not too penal but enough to stabilise the area and look spectacular from the tee.


All staff work very well in our busiest period for the year. With back to back Cups Classic and Dunes Medals our relatively inexperienced staff worked well as a team and can all be very proud of the two courses which I believe to have been present to the very high standards expected at The Dunes Golf Links. Tim Fankhauser has now finished up taking on the role of Agronomist for the AGCSA and Matt Pollock has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent. Craig Brown has accepted the role of Foreman and will start late December. Craig was a former Assistant at Woodlands and Federal Golf Club, he bring lots of experience and knowledge to help guide our young inexperienced team.


The rough mower is out every day with this weather creating longer rough than previous years. We have identified slow play areas and are mowing back heavy rough lines to keep play moving throughout this summer period. This will reduce with the onset of warm weather.

Priority actions for next month

  • Dusting greens Dunes and Cup
  • Terra spike all greens
  • Nominee application A1 greens
  • Shave down fairway to 6mm
  • Wetting agent throughout the course