The Course and Exam Must Be Passed for Graduation

The Course and Exam Must Be Passed for Graduation

Algebra 1A Course Expectations

298-5100 x 51125


The Algebra 1A course is the first part in a two year Algebra series that will prepare you for the NYS Common Core exam. Upon completion of this course, you will complete the second half in Algebra 1B and take the NYS Common Core Algebra exam at the conclusion of the 1B course.

The course and exam must be passed for graduation.

Materials Needed

A three ring binder is highly recommended for the plentiful amounts of notes in class you will receive. It is imperative that you keep these notes in a place where you can easily retrieve them, as they will be helpful for homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. Extra copies will not be provided. Your level of organization will be very helpful and rewarding for the school year.

Calculators will be helpful for both in class and at home. You need a calculator to use during the class period as well as outside the classroom to complete assignments. Graphing calculators will be provided at times in class, but it is important that you own one as well.

Using the calculator on any unauthorized electronic devices will not be permitted in class.

Classroom calculators are not to be removed from the class setting,


It is imperative that you are in class as much as possible, prepared and ready to work at your highest level of effort. You are not to report to the cafeteria, your gym locker, or anywhere else that is not the classroom without prior approval. If you know you are going to be late then please report to class with a late pass. Any students found cutting class will immediately be written up. Any students who continue to arrive late to class will immediately be written up.

Grading and Assignments

Work must be shown on all assignments!!!

Homework will be assigned and reviewed throughout the school week, but not always graded and collected. You should make sure your homework is completed for every class period assigned. If possible, the assigned homework should be started in class if time is left in the period. Active participation is appreciated when reviewing the previous night’s homework.

There will be very few instances throughout the year where you will have the opportunity to gain extra credit through an assignment.

Your grade will be based on total points and not percentages. The primary difference between a test and a quiz is the point value assigned to each. Quizzes may be unannounced and can be given at any moment during the class period; test dates will always be announced. In addition, you will see many homework quizzes and note quizzes.

Extra Help

Please feel free to approach me at any time to schedule an extra help session. Unless otherwise noted, extra help will start after school at 2 PM. Any students arriving late without a legitimate reason will not be allowed to stay. Any student who becomes a disruption during the extra help time will be asked to leave. Extra help will be scheduled only for students who place their full effort on assignments and are active participants during the class lessons. Extra help can be also scheduled during the school day, either during a free period or a lunch period.

Electronic Devices

The only electronic device that will be permitted in the classroom is the calculator. All cell phones and other electronic devices are to be kept away at all times. Any student who consistently violates this rule will have their electronic device confiscated and a referral will be written. If any electronic devices are used during a test or quiz your score may be invalidated.Headphones will not be allowed inside the ears, around the ears, or around the neck.

Grade Sheets

Grade breakdown sheets will be handed out periodically throughout the school year. These sheets will include information such as quiz and test scores, class tardiness, as well as missing assignments. These sheets are to be taken home, reviewed, and must return signed by a parent/guardian for a grade.

Group Work/Individual Work

There will be many instances throughout the year where you will be placed with a group of your peers in order to complete a specific task. If I do not create the groups then you are allowed to create your own, with my final approval. All students are required to work in their groups as best as possible. The group work can and will be collected and graded so please make sure you demonstrate a high level of effort. In the case where you are asked to work individually it is also essential that you do so, in the hopes of making sure you comprehend the material and that we together can work on any areas of concern.


Please use the bathroom before class starts and/or after class ends. Using the bathroom during the middle of a lesson is not encouraged. Bathroom privileges will not be allowed at the immediate beginning and/or ending of the class period. Use the passing time wisely!

All students are required to complete all work that is original and done on their own. Any sign of cheating and/or plagiarism will be documented in a write-up in addition to any other school rules.

If there are any questions do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Parental contact will be made regarding satisfactory and unsatisfactory work if necessary. Always remember that it is required that you respect others in the exact way you wished to be respected.