The Access to Justice Foundation Autumngrants Round 2016 Application Form

The Access to Justice Foundation Autumngrants Round 2016 Application Form

The Access to Justice Foundation
AutumnGrants Round 2016 Application Form

Primary Contact for this Application
Main contact name:
Position in the organisation:
Contact telephone number (direct):
Contact email address:
Contact address:
Details of your Organisation
Basic Organisation Details
Organisation name:
Charity registration number:
Company registration number:
Organisation website address:
Geographical Information
What geographical areas does your organisation provide services in?
Organisation Structure
How many members of staff do you have (paid)? / Full Time / Part Time
What form of governance does your organisation have?
What is your organisation’s purpose? 80 words max.
What would you like funding for? 300 words max.
Include information on:
  • What your key aims are
  • How you expect to achieve these aims
  • What outcomes you expect from the provision of funding
  • How you will monitor the extent to which your aims have been achieved

How does this fit with one or more of the key criteria indicated by the Foundation’s trustees? 200 words max.
  • Assisting or reducing the increased number of litigants in person nationally or regionally
  • Helping the pro bono or advice sectors operate more efficiently on a national or regional basis
  • Facilitating access to pro bono resources for those most in need nationally or regionally

How does your proposal address the points on which the Foundation’s trustees are particularly focused? 200 words max.
  • Widening the availability of access to justice for the most vulnerable people, and in particular families and individuals living in poverty.
  • Effective use of resources.
  • Multiple delivery partners where appropriate.
  • If appropriate, sustainability and plans to adapt to the new funding environment, including efforts to generate sustainable new funding sources as well as sharing and rationalisation.

Please provide an example of how your work has benefitted vulnerable people or a case study of a typical beneficiary.
200 words max.
Is there anything else you would like to add in support of your application?
200 words max.
Financial Information
How much funding are you looking for in total?
How much grant funding are you applying for from us?
What, if any other sources of funding are you looking into?
Source / Amount
What will the funding pay for?
Item / Cost / Notes
Staff / £
Accommodation / £
Travel / £
IT / £
Training / £
Please send your latest annual accounts, which should be no more than 9 months old.
Please supply two line accounts for your organisation
Year / Income / Outgoing
2013/2014 / £ / £
2014/2015 (projected) / £ / £