The 4Th National ITS Association Meeting 2013

The 4Th National ITS Association Meeting 2013

The 4th National ITS Association Meeting 2013

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Please describe what ITS Technologies and Services have been introduced and deployed in your country /area.

Please also give us the numerical data if available.


1)Car navigation systems: Car navigation systems are very popular in Israel. Waze (smart phone based) being by far the most popular one (3 million), followed by Telemap (1 million), and others (1 million). The main two applications calculate optimal routes, taking into consideration actual road and traffic conditions. They are based, among others, on drivers' reports and are considered to be "social networks".

2)Electronic Toll Collections:

  1. Highway 6, a 140 km north – south highway is a free flow toll road. Tolling is based on either RFID or license plate reading.
  2. Carmel Tunnels, 6km Toll tunnels that cross the City of Haifa under Mount Carmel. Tolling is either by RFID or by manual payment in designated lanes.
  3. The Fast Lane, a 13 km HOV/HOT lane between Tel Aviv International Airport and the City of Tel Aviv. Public transportation vehicles and High Occupancy Vehicles (4 people and more) travel for free. Others may subscribe by providing credit card information in advance, or stop and pay at designated points. The fare is dynamic, subject to the average speed on the lane at the time of entrance to the lane

3)Assistance for Safe Driving: Preparations are being made in order to have an eCall system working by the year 2014. After market systems to detect obstacles (including pedestrians and 2 wheelers), to provide warnings in lane departure instances, etc. are becoming popular.

4)Traffic Management: GPS and cellular based traffic monitoring data is used both for timely reporting of traffic conditions and for planning purposes. High resolution traffic monitoring is exercised along several highways, utilizing numerous CCTV, under-pavement sensors, etc. There are 5 highway dedicated control centers, and plans are being made to integrate these into a country-wide monitoring and control network.

5)Road Management: Road monitoring and management systems, including maintenance management, are getting popular, especially among the private road operators (e.g. toll roads).

6)Public Transportation: There are 12 bus operators in Israel. Integrated bus/train ticketing is being introduced. Bus schedules as well as actual bus location and timing information is available in real time for use in passengers' trip planning Apps. Get Taxi, a smart phone App has become very useful, enabling customers to get quick and efficient taxi service.

7)Commercial Vehicle Operations: There are about 5 Israeli companies that develop, design, manufacture and sell, world-wide, AVL systems that are used for fleet management. Naturally, the vast majority of Israeli commercial vehicle operators have installed such systems which are used for a wide range of applications ranging from vehicle location tracking through drivers' performance monitoring to air pollution reduction and control.