Tentative Course Outline: Semester I, 2014-2015

Tentative Course Outline: Semester I, 2014-2015

Sports, Entertainment, and Recreation Marketing

Mr. Fassl


Course Description: You will enter the exciting world of sports marketing. This course is designed for students to learn about the vast growing entertainment industry, how it relates to our society, and what career options are developing as a result. Students will develop and use oral and written communication skills for group and individual project presentations. These projects will include the development of a marketing strategy to promote high school or community events. Other activities will include informational speakers, problem solving, and DECA travel opportunities.

Tentative Course Outline: Semester I, 2014-2015

Week 1-2: Broadcasting, Introduction to Sports marketing, Sponsorships

Week 3: The Sports and Entertainment Product

Week 4-5: Selling Sponsorships

Week 6: Leveraging and Ambush Marketing

Week 7: Measuring Sponsorship Results

Week 8-9: Public Relations and Promotions

Week 10-11: Sports Marketing Plan

Week 12: Fan Fun Events

Week 13-14: Ticket Packages

Week 15: Licensing

Week 16: Legal Aspects of Sports and Entertainment

Week 17-18: Sports, Entertainment Careers

Classroom instruction will include individual, small, and large group instruction and activities. Your success will be evaluated based upon your performance on outside events, assignments and challenging projects.

MATERIALS: Folders, and Loose-leaf paper will be needed for this course.

Students will be required to read articles from:

You should follow Darren Rovell on Twitter

And Jeff McCauley the Creator of HS Sports Marketing

Class Procedures and Expectations:

Students are expected to attend class and participate in class activities, which include attending several athletic events to serve as event management staff. Students are expected to be in class every day, and on time. Students are expected to exhibit both the maturity and professionalism expected from future business professionals.


Marketing and MG DECA… Your future depends on it.


Sports Marketing Plan

Annual Report

Ticket Package

Careers Project

Building your own Event/Team/

Amusement park (Final)

Marketing and MG DECA… Your future depends on it.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Being “on time” is being late in business. All students are expected to be in class and on time daily. We will follow school policy regarding tardy’s.
  • Come to class prepared ready to work and learn how to succeed in business.
  • You may eat food and drink only when you bring enough for everyone.
  • Respect for others and good listening skills are greatly appreciated. We will have many interesting discussions, so your cooperation in this matter is very important.
  • Do not touch anything that is not yours. That includes the thermostat, computers, cabinets, or other students’ materials.
  • You will be expected to work independently on assignments and projects.
  • Each day, I'll give you a set of tasks. You should be able to complete most of them in about an hour, giving you some extra time to do DECA projects!!! Or study time as you see fit.

Learning Management Plan

In order for all students to gain optimal knowledge, we need to SOAR together to maintain an effective learning environment. The following behaviors conflict with Mr. Fassl’s teaching philosophy of an effective learning environment:

  • Talking to neighbor when Mr. Fassl is talking
  • Using your phone for things that are not school related during learning times
  • Using technology inappropriately (ex: not on the correct websites)
  • Blurting out answers without being called upon. (either by eye contact, or name)

The following are steps that Mr. Fassl will take to limit classroom disruptions and to correct these behaviors:

1st incident: Verbal Warning

2nd Incident: Conference after class

3rd Incident: Removed from classroom for period,

detention issued, contact home

4th Incident: Involve administration, behavior referral


Class Attendance will follow school policy. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make up any necessary arrangements for make-up work for excused absences. You will have the same number of days to make up work as you missed. If you are absent on a TEST DAY and were here for the test material, you will make up the test ON THE DAY YOU RETURN TO CLASS. Remember, grades and attendance have a direct correlation.

Homework and Class Assignments:

All assignments will be due at the beginning of the following class period, unless otherwise stated by me. Because I turn work back to you in a very timely fashion, usually the next day, therefore, I cannot accept late assignments. Employers do not accept last work, so I follow the same policy. If you are excused absent, you will have 2 additional days to turn your assignment in. You must mark absent on the top of your paper and turn it in within the time frame to receive credit.


IN-CLASS ASSIGNMENTS: if we work on them in class, they are due at the time assigned, no exceptions. If you don’t do it, you will not be allowed to turn it in late. (If you are absent, you have 2 days to complete the assignment for FULL credit)

HOMEWORK: Homework is due at the beginning of class for FULL credit. It will be graded by “effort”; did you try.

If we go through the answers together as a class, there will be no opportunity (NO LATE) to complete the assignment late. (If you are absent the day it was assigned, you have 2 days to complete the assignment for FULL credit)

If I collect the assignment to “grade” for completion based upon measuring your knowledge. I will accept it LATE (50%) the next school day. Once I return the assignments and we discuss them, you will not be allowed to turn it in for credit.

K+S Policy

If you complete a project (to your best ability) ON TIME, and you get a low score that you are unhappy with. See Mr. Fassl, we’ll discuss what you could’ve done better and how to improve your grade. You will be allowed to “REDO” your assignment for ½ of the points back.

If you complete your project LATE, you will not be allowed to “REDO” it for additional points. 1-10 days = max 90%, after 10 days= max 59%. You can complete K+S assignments up until 1 week before the end of the semester.

If you have a LOW test or quiz score, See Mr. Fassl. Show him (within 2 class periods) that you had “studied/prepared” yourself for the test/quiz. He will go through your answers and allow you to “retake” the test/quiz either verbally or actually re-doing the test for additional points.

Sports Marketing Course Sample Outline

Day / Topic / Resource
Day 1 / Sports stories of the year / sports marketing day 1 ppt.
What is sports marketing defined
Fantasy ..importance to sports
Historical Sports events… / History cps clickers
Economic Impact / “economic impact of sports”
Day2 / Economic Impact
Find article about individual who made impact on a game/event..changed it. / Article review handout.
Day 3 / Review Marketing Terms… / CPS-sports review
Sports Broadcaster assignment / Sports broadcaster
Develop outline of event for “P”
Day 4 / Work on Broadcaster assignment (45 min)
2 Sports broadcaster presentations
Day 5 / 2 sports broadcaster presentations
Bizmology articles…read/share/complete
Day 6 / Breaking out of the ordinary…problem solving / Breaking out. Ppt
The Consumer and sports product / Consumer and sports product ppt
X Games / Mountain dew branding / Pg 36 business workbook
Hwk: Tampa Bay… / Ppt slide 11
Day 7 / Give list of events from weekend newspaper…have students develop target markets…primary/secondary / Pg 4 of packet. Sports marketing tarket marketing
Entertainment Marketing. Business structures / Consumer products…ppt
Pg 8 of packet
Need activity / Need activity
Day 8 / Lesson 4.9 New era marketing
Students read and complete notes sheets / Pg 10-16 of packet
Manchester united case study / Pg 17: Establishing the marketing mix
Consumer Loyalty Internet activity… / Pg 19 of packet
Day 9 / Customer Loyalty project / Pg 20 of packet
See rubric / 21

Marketing and MG DECA… Your future depends on it.