Team Leads: Katie Walther RN and Kathleen Bowen RN

Team Leads: Katie Walther RN and Kathleen Bowen RN

Haiti Utah Team 2015

February 7-15, 2015

Team Members – 12

Team Leads: Katie Walther RN and Kathleen Bowen RN

Allison Allred, Support/Asst Caregivers School Director

Amy Turley, Caregivers School Director

Benjamin Baird, Support

Brian Parrott, Interpreter

Bridget Hoopes, Support

Camille Allison MD

JeanAnne Johnson Talbert FNP

Jeffrey Dawson PhD, Interpreter/Lecturer

Joyce Cragun RN

Miriam Cook CNA

Total Number of Patients Treated:375

Total Number of Locations: 5

Caregivers School Graduates: 10

Summary of Team Activities:

Katie and Kathleen arrived in Haiti 2/4 and stayed at Healing Hands for Haiti Guesthouse. Jeff arrived 2/6 and spend first night at Eucalyptus Guesthouse. The rest of the team and Jeff arrived at the HHH GH on Saturday 2/7 flying into PAP airport on Delta Flt. 455 and Jet Blue Flt. 1835.

Saturday was spent settling into our rooms, unpacking and sorting all supplies and luggage. We used the large storeroom on the ground floor at the guesthouse and were able to organize using three tables and open luggage. Vitamins, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Tums were counted and bagged for distribution.

Sunday everyone went to Petionville and attended the LDS Church mingling with the Haitian members, taking photos and renewing friendships. 7 of the team members had been Haiti on a HHH team in the past. After Church the team walked to Giant grocery store and purchased snacks and other items for use during the week. Returning to the HHH GH, training with the interpreters was held for everyone. 5 Interpreters attended and were hired to cover Monday through Thursday. 4 interpreters were assigned for each of the four days.

The interpreters were: Marc 3889-6493, DalixMathurin (Mat) 36835947, HeroldLojuste 3793-7405 and 3221-7151, BelgardeSteevenson 4400-7119, JideTirot 3733-9370, Pierre Sony Laurone 3778-9106.

Planning for the clinic and CGS took place in small groups.

Sunday night the team went to the Hotel Montana to watch the sunset and then stayed for the buffet dinner. Each team member paid for their own drinks and food.

Monday was spent at HHH GH due to the planned manifestations against the government and the increasing price of gasoline. All public transportation was cancelled and tire fires and rock throwing was part of the unrest. The team bagged medications, toured the property and clinic, met in working groups to plan for Tuesday andparticipated in Creole classes taught by Jeff, Brian, Sony and Jide. Other interpreters were not able to get to the GH due to the manifestations.

2/10 Tuesday:

Outreach clinic at Calbasse – 61 patients seen, POC was Pastor Moliere

CGS at Notre Maison Orphanage – 5 students

2/11 Wednesday:

Outreach clinic at EgliseBethenie in Sarthe 51 -- 122 patients seen, POC was Kalebe’s brother who is pastor.

CGS at Notre Maison – 5 new students for repeat curriculum

2/12 Thursday:

Outreach clinic at Marlique – 91 patients seen, POC was Pastor Moliere

CGS at Notre Maison – 10 graduates after completing Day 2 curriculum

During the week, our providers and nurses rounded on all 46 children at Notre Maison and some received therapy, referrals and/or medications.

2/13 Friday:

Outreach clinic at Montrouis Work of Art Orphanage – 55 patients seen including the cook who fell and required 16 stitches in her mouth and chin.

Following the clinic the team checked into Club Indigo for a 24 hour opportunity to relax, swim, snorkel, play tennis, beach comb, shop and enjoy the buffet for dinner and breakfast.

2/14 Saturday:

Checked out at noon and went to the Haitian history museum located at Moulin Sur Mer where we spent about 90 minutes exploring and listening to a guide and then meeting and hearing the history of the museum from the daughter of the architect who restored the sugar cane plantation. He had died the week before and is buried next to the museum. We then dropped Kathleen off at the orphanage in Montrouis.

Arrived back at the HHH GH for dinner and wrap up including inventory of all medications, packing and goodbyes.

2/15 Sunday: 3 team members departed. 6 of us attended the LDS church in Petionville. 5 more team members departed in the afternoon. Amy, Miriam and Katie finished inventory and organization of supplies for the Idaho team and prepared and gave gifts to the staff and drivers.

2/16 Monday: Miriam and Amy departed, Katie stayed to work with the Idaho Team which is coming on the 21st. Kathleen did a home visit in Montrouis on the child of concern for neglect and failure to thrive and is designing a plan for care and nutrition which she will email to the team members when she returns to Utah.

Global Curriculum

Each evening the debriefing and processing included discussions based on the Global Curriculum booklet. On the last night the following goals were set by individuals:

CA – speed up and do more, increase skills

BB – find a way to do humanitarian work utilizing professional skills

MC – prioritize to allow herself to slow down

JC – work on personal and family history/life story

BP – Time for massive change, both professional and personal, will research graduate programs and date.


BH – be more outgoing

JD – make more specific goals/prioritize better

AA – through an MPH program, set up programs to teach life saving skills

AT – produce handouts in Creole for use in the CGS

KW – reconsider and redesign humanitarian trips to Haiti

KB – continue to work with NGO Giving Saves