Suggested Music: 'Waldjäger' Von Volkstänze Aus Bayern, Folge3 EP 58 107

Suggested Music: 'Waldjäger' Von Volkstänze Aus Bayern, Folge3 EP 58 107


(07 JUL 89)


Suggested music:'Waldjäger' von Volkstänze aus Bayern, Folge3 EP 58 107


Steps:Step-touch, polka, pivot

Meter:2/4 or 4/4

Formation:Couples on circle facing LOD in slightly open ballroom position




Out and In

Men Progress

Kiss & Slap

Men Center Progress


M start left, W right. The basic step throughout the dance is a step-touch. The basic pattern throughout the dance is 4-step-touch/2-polka/4-step-touch/4-pivot



1-4From dance rest, couples get into open ballroom position on meas. 3, and

acknowledge on 4. For the rest of the dance, the W looks at the M, but M looks only looks at W during rheinländers, polkas, pivots


1-4With outside feet (M left, W right), do four step-touches in LOD

5-6Do a 'rheinländer' step (M stays in position, women does 1/4 turn in front

of him, then returns to original position by his side)

7-8Two polka steps with CW turn progressing in LOD.

CORNERS: Same as Regular (16 measures) except that couples do figures in diamond to next position



OUT/IN: Same step as Regular (16 measures), but all couples head out from center of circle. Instead of polka, all do a "rocking pivot" to face in towards the center of the circle. All couples head in towards center, ending with CW pivot to end facing LOD

MEN PROGRESS: Men use 4 step-touch to advance to next woman. While men are advancing, women do 3 pas-de-bas (R-L-R) in place facing LOD, on fourth they turn CCW into position facing advancing M. They do polka or pivot together advancing to next position (sequence of polka and pivot same as with Regular). This is done four times (16 measures).

KISS & SLAP: In Regular position, do:

1-2Step touch as couple, progressing 1/8 of circle on count #4, M kisses W on

left cheek

3Counts 5-6 couples separate

4Count 7, W draws back for "slap". Count 8, W "slaps" M - M claps hands

behind back to simulate slap

5-8Couple separates with step-touch circle, W CW, M CCW

9-10As a rejoined couple, do a step-touch in LOD, progressing 1/8 of circle.

On count 10 W kisses M's right cheek

11-12Couple does step-touch in place for 3 counts, on count 4, M kisses W on

left cheek

13-16Rheinländer and pivot ending up open facing LOD

MEN TO CENTER: Using same steps and sequence as Men Progress (16 measures), M do 2 step-touches to center and 2 step-touches out to next W who has done 4 step-touches in that position. The Men Progress sequences of rheinländer & polka/pivot are done. The M does THIS progress twice.

Repeat Regular except at last pivot do only TWO (2) and turn W under M's left arm in LOD for bow.

Introduced into the U.S by Gretel and Paul Dunsing. These dance notes and choreography were written by Dr. Douglas Lee Hall, Der Deutsche Volkstanzverein von San Antonio. ©1989. May be used for non-commercial purposes without written permission of the author.