SUBJECT:Dispute Settlement Body

SUBJECT:Dispute Settlement Body

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WTO/AIR/379816 september 2011

SUBJECT:dispute settlement body

the next meeting of the dispute settlement body will be held in the centre william rappard on tuesday,27 september2011,starting at10a.m.

the following items are proposed for the agenda:

  1. surveillance of implementation of recommendations adopted by the dsb
  2. united states – section 211 omnibus appropriations act of 1998: status report by the united states (wt/ds176/11/add.106)
  3. united states – anti-dumping measures on certain hot-rolled steel products from japan: status report by the united states (wt/ds184/15/add.106)
  4. united states – section 110(5) of the us copyright act: status report by the united states (wt/ds160/24/add.81)
  5. european communities[1] – measures affecting the approval and marketing ofbiotechproducts: status report by theeuropeanunion (wt/ds291/37/add.44)
  6. united states – measures relating to zeroing AND SUNSET REVIEWS: status report by the United states (WT/ds322/36/add.24)
  7. UNITED STATES – CONTINUED EXISTENCE AND APPLICATION OF ZEROING METHODOLOGY: status report by the united states (wt/ds350/18/ADD.21)
  8. united states – laws, regulations and methodology for calculating dumping margins ("zeroing"): status report by the united states (Wt/ds294/38/add.15)
  9. china – measures affecting trading rights and distribution services for certain publications and audiovisual entertainment products: status report by China (wt/ds363/17/add.8)
  10. United States - anti-dumping measures on certain shrimp from viet nam
  11. Implementation of the recommendations of the DSB
  12. united states – continued dumping and subsidy offset act of 2000: implementation of the recommendations adopted by the dsb
  13. statements by the european unionandJapan
  15. request for the establishment of a panel by Korea (wt/ds420/4)
  16. United States - measures affecting the production and sale of clove cigarettes
  17. joint request by Indonesia and the United States for a decision by the dsb (wt/ds406/5)
  18. Philippines - taxes on distilled spirits
  19. report of the panel (wt/ds396/r)
  20. report of the panel (wt/ds403/r)
  21. proposed nomination for the indicative list of governmental and non-governmental panelists (wt/dsb/W/461)

members of the wto and observer governments to wto bodies are requested to inform the secretariat of the names of their representatives as soon as possible.


[1]On 1 December 2009, the Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Unionand the Treaty establishing the European Community (done at Lisbon, 13 December 2007) entered into force. On 29November 2009, the WTO received a verbal note (WT/L/779) from the Council of the European Unionand the Commission of the European Communities stating that, by virtue of the Treaty of Lisbon, as of 1December2009, the European Union replaces andsucceeds the European Community.