Steps for Transferring Ordination To

Steps for Transferring Ordination To

Steps for Transferring Ordination to

the Evangelical Free Church of America

(Some of these steps need not be completed in strict order.)

  1. Write a letter (or e-mail) to Rev. David Linde, North Central District, indicating your desire to be ordained with the EFCA, and requesting transfer of ordination from your previous affiliation.
  1. Obtain a letter from the board of the EFCA church in which you are serving (and in which you have served at least a year) recommending you for ordination in the EFCA. Guidelines for this formal letter of recommendation are found on our website.
  1. Obtain a letter from the seminary or Bible school you attended, attesting to your graduation and degree.
  1. Read five required books on the history and polity of the EFCA. The form which lists these books and provides for your affirmation of having read them is on our website.
  1. Complete the application forms found on our website.
  1. Complete the Project Purity Credentialing Affirmation. See the Project Purity packet on our website.
  1. Complete the forms relevant to Minnesota Statute 148a, Sexual Exploitation.
  1. Write a paper addressing the 10 points of the EFCA doctrinal statement, some current doctrinal issues, and some ministry related questions as outlined guidelines on our website.

Submit this paper to our office. A member of the district credentialing network will be in touch with you to make sure that the paper is written appropriately and addresses the issues and doctrines as outlined.

  1. When your paper is affirmed, an ordination council will be convened at the church in which you serve. That council is to be made up of at least five pastors and five laymen from five EFCA churches. The purpose of the Ordination Council is to discern the call of God on your life; to ascertain your understanding of the Scriptures, particularly as it relates to the doctrinal statement and ministry issues addressed in the paper; and to assess your character and overall competence in ministry.
  1. The next step would be the recommendation from the Ordination Council to the Board of Ministerial Standing (BOMS) of the Evangelical Free Church of America. That recommendation, along with your paper and the minutes of the council, is submitted to the BOMS, where the paper and the minutes of the Ordination Council are reviewed. This board then weighs the recommendation of the Ordination Council and either affirms or denies that recommendation or asks for clarification.
  1. Upon final approval, a transfer-of-ordination recognition can be planned at your local church if you wish.

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