South Yorkshire Police Adds More Feet to the Beat with Real-Time Mobile Access to Police Records

South Yorkshire Police Adds More Feet to the Beat with Real-Time Mobile Access to Police Records

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Vodafone UK introduces new music packs offering great value for music fans

Nearly two million tracks to download from 40p each

Vodafone UK, the third biggest provider of digital music in the UK, has introduced two new music packs, designed to let customers get the best possible value when downloading their favourite music to their phone. Both packs give customers access to nearly two million tracks from as little as 40p.

The packs are available across a range of handsets and are unlocked so the tracks are yours to keep and move to any other music device or PC. The new packs – the four track pack and the 25 track pack are available for £2.50 and £10 respectively. They add to the already established 10 tracks for £5 pack.

For more information on Vodafone’s music services, click here or text ‘Music’ to 97613 on your mobile.

Vodafone UK offers customers the best value when using their mobile aboard.

Industry leading prices for customers browsing the mobile internet

From December 1, Vodafone UK is introducing two new services for its business and consumer customers, offering great value to both occasional and regular roamers when using the mobile internet or checking their emails on their phones, whilst travelling in Europe.

With Vodafone Data Traveller, customers will be able to take advantage of a daily allowance offering up to 25MB of mobile data each day. Occasional roamers will pay £2 a day for the days they roam and regular travellers on a contract can opt to pay £10 a month.

Available to all customers 25MB of data will allow you to:

Read and reply to 250 emails or,

Access Facebook 500 times or,

Watch 25 minutes of YouTube or,

Download 65 maps

For more information consumer customers can click here and business customers here.

In addition, consumer customers on contract price plans of £40 and above who are already benefitting from 5MB a day to use in Europe will automatically have their allowance increased to 25MB. Business customers on selected price plans will also benefit from the allowance, see more details.

Cold spell sends Britain snap happy - picture messaging leaps as consumers swap their snow pictures ...

The snow may be causing chaos on the roads and preventing people getting to work, but it has brought out the photographer in the nation’s mobile phone users. It seems we love sending each other pictures of snowy landscapes.

Over three quarters of a million pictures were taken and sent by Vodafone UK customers on December 1, as wintery conditions took hold across the country.

Vodafone’s figures show that huge numbers of people got out of bed yesterday to snap the snowy scene outside to send to friends and family. Between 6am and noon, the volume of picture messages on Vodafone’s network was up 155% on the same time the previous week. Across the day as a whole, MMS traffic was up 63%.

… whilst Vodafone keeps British business working during the big freeze as more people work from home

Britain’s big freeze is also testing the ability of businesses to let staff work remotely. With Vodafone’s reliable network, people stuck at home have been able to stay in touch with colleagues and customers despite the weather. Calls made on Vodafone’s network yesterday were up more than 17%, while people sent 15% more texts than in the previous week as workers contacted their offices and worked from home.

Companies who are set up to work remotely are likely to be benefiting from the snow sweeping the country at the expense of less flexible rivals. Recent research from Vodafone has shown businesses with access to remote working can maintain an advantage over their competitors - 89% of businesses would actively seek out a businesses partner who can work remotely.

Vodafone’s recent Critical Response Time Index showed that a third (33%) of businesses would be concerned that inflexible business partners would be unable to compete.

Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director from Vodafone UK said: “Our research has shown 27% of businesses expect a response to an initial email within 60 minutes. That expectation doesn’t change just because of the weather.”

“Our reliable network and flexible working solutions enable businesses to stay in touch with colleagues and customers whatever the weather,” he added.

Many home-bound workers are relying upon Vodafone’s Sure Signal to boost their Vodafone 3G mobile signal at home, Vodafone’s innovative device, which plugs into a home broadband line, was up more than a quarter yesterday. In the morning, usage was up 50%, indicating a very high level of home-working. For more information visit here

New Vodafone UK online CR report

The new annual Vodafone UK online CR report has been published. The Responsibility Store - a totally online resource - reviews developments and achievements over the past year and looks ahead to plans and commitments for next year.The Responsibility Store focusesonthe needs of customers - especially when it comes to online protection, privacy and security of data;and how smarter, flexible working can help save money and reduce carbon footprint. Read morehere