Solar Microinverters

Solar Microinverters

SECTION [26 33 43] [16xxx]




A.The requirements of the Contract, Division [26] [16] applies to work in this section.Solar Microinverters as specified and as shown on the contract drawings shall be furnished and installed by the Contractor.


A.[Related Sections include the following:

1.Section [26 28 16] [16410] – Molded Case Breakers

2.Section [26 43 13] [16289] – Surge Protection Devices For Low-Voltage Electrical Power Circuits

3.Section [26 24 16] [16442] – Panelboards

4.Section [26 31 00] – Photovoltaic Collector

5.Section [48 14 10] – Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems


A.The manufacturer shall provide the following information for review and evaluation by the Engineer:

1.Shop Drawings showing circuit breaker or fusible switch layout, dimensions, voltage, phasing, continuous current capacity and short circuit rating.

2.Conduit entry location, cable termination sizes, mounting.

3.The installation manual shall be provided with each copy of the submittal.

B.Manufacturer shall provide final, as- built drawings, recording the actual circuiting of panels. Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals shall be supplied.


A.The Solar Microinverter shall be designed, manufactured and tested according to the latest applicable version of the following standards:

1.ANSI/NFPA 70 – National Electrical Code (NEC)

2.NEC Article 300, 690 and 705

3.NEC Table 310-1b


a.Part 15 Declaration of Conformity

b.Part 15 Class B

5.UL, cUL

6.CAN/CSA – C22.2


A.The solar microinverter manufacturer shall be the manufacturer of the communications network and trunk and drop rack cable system,

B.Manufacturer shall have produced similar electrical equipment for a minimum period of 2 years.

C.Products shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


A.Handle and store equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s Installation and Maintenance Manuals. One (1) copy of this document to be provided with the equipment at time of shipment.

B.Deliver materials and products in factory labeled packages. Store and handle in strict compliance with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. Protect from damage from weather, excessive temperatures and construction operations.



A.[The Solar Microinverter shall be from Siemens or pre-approved equal. Approved manufacturers are as follows:



A.Solar Microinverters [NOTE to Specifier: It is important that specifiers and contractors understand the factors that contribute to the variability in the installation effort of a residential, public or workplace solar microinverter. Please contact Siemens for more information about suitability of applications.]

1.The Solar Microinverter shall be as shown on the drawings. Refer to drawings for details regarding location of components, voltage and current rating of devices and other required details.

a.The Solar Microinverter grid must be connected to a ground via [WEEB grounding washers or other approved grounding washers approved for the racking][a continuous equipment-grounding conductor. The conductorshall run through each of the Solar Microinverters. It shall be connected from the local service panel to themounting rack.]

2.Electrical Input – DC Power

a.Input Power: 190-260W

b.Min/Max start voltage: 22V / 45V

c.Maximum Input Voltage: 45V

d.Max Input Current: 10.5A

3.Keep one of the next two Electrical Output sections. Delete the other section.[Electrical Output – AC Power [208/183-229V 3-phase, 4-wire]

a.Output Charging Power: 215 W

b.Output Voltage/ Range: 208/183-229V 3-phase, 4-wire

c.Output Current: 1A

d.Frequency/Frequency Range: 60/59.3-60.5Hz]

4.[Electrical Output – AC Power [240/211-264V 1-phase, 3-wire]

a.Output Charging Power: 215 W

b.Output Voltage/ Range: 240/211-264V 1-phase, 3-wire

c.Output Current: 0.9A

d.Frequency/Frequency Range: 60/59.3-60.5Hz]


a.Microinverter shall have 1A ground fault detection on the DC side of the array.

b.Connector types:[MC-4][TYCO]type DC Connectors


1.)Microinverter shall shut down in the event of a power failure per UL1741.

6.Safety and Operational Ratings

a.Operating Temperature: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)

b.Enclosure: NEMA 6


a.[Separate unit available, Envoy Ethernet Gateway and Enlighten Monitoring System to view the details of the Solar Microinverter system and performance through a computer]


a.The Solar Microinverters shall be rack mounted per the Installation and Operations Manual.

b.The Solar Microinverters shall be connected to the AC side of the system via Siemens Trunk and Drop cable.


1.The solar microinverter network shall be as shown on the drawings. Refer to drawings for details regarding location of components, voltage and current rating of devices and other required details.


a.The Solar Microinverters shall connect to the Envoy Communication Gateway port through the Trunk and Drop cabling system. The Envoy Gateway shall be monitored through the Enlighten Monitoring Program with the following features:

1.)Module by module monitoring and analysis

2.)Web based application for ease of access

3.)Application available for download for Smart Phone access

4.)Lifetime subscription included with Envoy Gateway

b.Envoy Communication Gateway shall plug into standard AC outlet and transmits through a standard broadband router.

c.Enlighten Monitoring Program shall monitor each microinverter individually and shall deliver results on an individual scale or entire network


1.)Envoy and Enlighten combine to display module by module monitoring to view any problems that exist with the conductivity of each module


a.Firmware shall be upgradeable over the network.

5.Remote Diagnostics and Control

a.The network shall monitor each station in real time. Alarming and maintenance information shall be transmitted to the Enlighten via the Envoy network. The Enlighten shall clear the alarm after maintenance is finished via Envoy network.



A.All installation work shall be performed by a qualified person who is familiar with the installation, construction and operation of the equipment and the hazards involved.

B.Install per manufacturer’s recommendations and contract documents.

C.Install units plumb, level and rigid without distortion.

D.Installation and mounting of the Racking and Solar Microinverter shallfollow the procedure in the published literature.


A.Repaint marred and scratched surfaces with touch up paint to match original finish.


A.Check tightness of all accessible mechanical and electrical connections to assure they are torqued to the minimum acceptable manufacture’s recommendations.

B.Check that plug is securely fastened to rack system.

C.Check all installed panels for proper grounding, fastening and alignment.

D.Check that all network communications have been setup and are properly communicating.


A.Equipment manufacturer warrants that all goods supplied are free of non-conformities in workmanship and materials for one year from date of initial operationand not more than eighteen months from date of shipment.

B.Changes or modifications to this product not authorized by the manufacturer shall void the warranty. The contractor shall contact the manufacturer in order to avoid non-compliant modifications.


November 19, 2018[Project Name]

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