Social Studies Education BA/MA Advising Worksheet

Social Studies Education BA/MA Advising Worksheet

Social Studies Education – BA/MA Advising Worksheet

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I.Admissions and General Information

This program allows qualified students (history majors with a minimum 3.5 GPA, though most of those accepted have a 3.8 or better) to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in history—and social studies certification—in five years. Students in the program will complete 30 credits of graduate study in history and follow the same course of study as first-year students in the Ph.D. program.Two of the graduate history courses may be counted towards the satisfaction of the requirements of the history major.

Applications should be submitted during the spring of the sophomore year. Application forms can be obtained from the History Department Graduate Coordinator (Roxanne Fernandez), and completed applications (including letters of recommendation) must be returned to her no later than August 15. Admission decisions will be made in the spring for applications submitted by March 1 and by the beginning of classes for applications submitted by August 15. The GRE is not required.

Students who are accepted into the program will take two graduate courses during the first semester of their senior year, complete their student teaching in the spring of their senior year, and then return for a full year of graduate study. Please note that this schedule is rather inflexible because the required core seminar is only offered as a fall/spring sequence. All undergraduate courses must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a C or better (graduate courses with a B or better).

Since graduate field seminars presume prior study of the region and period, students are expected to satisfy all of the distribution requirements before beginning graduate coursework, though exceptions may be made for unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

II.Professional Education Requirements

The methods courses must be taken sequentially. Students must earn a C or better in these two courses and perform satisfactorily on course-based assessments in order to remain in good standing and progress to the next course in the sequence. The field experience courses must be taken concurrently with the methods courses, and students will be required to repeat both courses if requirements for either course are not met.


_____PSY 327Human Development

_____SSE 350Foundations of Education

_____LIN 344Language Acquisition and Literacy Development

_____SSE 397Teaching Social Studies (co-requisite SSE 449) - Fall only

_____SSE 449Field Experience I (1 credit, P/NC must be taken with SSE 397)

_____SSE 398Social Studies Strategies (co-requisite SSE 450) - Spring only

_____SSE 450Field Experience II (1 credit, P/NC must be taken with SSE 398)

_____SSE 454Student Teaching Seminar (co-requisites SSE 451 & 452)

_____SSE 451Supervised Student Teaching – Grades 7-9 (P/NC)

_____SSE 452Supervised Student Teaching – Grades 10-12 (P/NC)

III.Other Program and Licensing Requirements

  1. All students are required to pass a culminating interview before being accepted for student teaching. The interview will cover content knowledge, pedagogy, and dispositions. The interview can be repeated, though remedial work may be required.
  2. Foreign language requirement: Students must complete one year of college-level foreign language study. This requirement may be met by passing two semesters of a foreign language with a C or better or by earning an appropriate score on one of the alternate tests. More information, can be found at: Sign language will be accepted in satisfaction of this language requirement.
  3. For initial certification, students must pass the ALST, the EAS, the CST, and the edTPA and complete seminars in child abuse, bullying, violence prevention, and substance abuse; the substance abuse workshop is also required for graduation.
  4. We recommend that students be fingerprinted as early as possible as schools are now requiring fingerprints for student teaching. To obtain a NY teaching license, individuals must either be a US citizen or a legal resident.

Important Note

At the beginning of your 9th semester (i.e. after student teaching) students in the BA/MA program will be classified as graduate students. Students will be liable for graduate tuition, and eligibility for undergraduate financial aid and housing may be affected. For more information on these matters, please contact the Graduate School or the responsible office. All graduate students are reviewed annually, and continuation in the graduate program is dependent upon satisfactory performance.

Registration for Graduate Courses

Until students have advanced to graduate status, it will be necessary to obtain permission to register for graduate courses. Download the permission form from the social studies web site, complete it, and bring it to Prof. Frohman for signature. Students are required to take the following graduate history courses: two field seminars, two theme seminars, the two-semester core seminar, three electives, and a reading workshop to prepare for the oral exam.

HIS ______Core seminar

HIS ______Core seminar

HIS ______Field seminar

HIS ______Field seminar

HIS ______Theme seminar

HIS ______Theme seminar

HIS ______Elective

HIS ______Elective

HIS ______Elective

HIS ______Reading workshop

Oral examination ______


IV.Content Area Requirements: Students must complete a minimum of 48 credits in history and the social sciences. Students are expected to select their courses from the choices below, and substitutions will be permitted only on an exceptional basis. Transfer courses will be evaluated individually by the program director.

1.US History to 1877
HIS 103US History to 1877
2.US History since 1877
HIS 104US History since 1877
3.Human or Cultural Geography
HIS 281Global History &
4.Western Civ or European History Survey (choose 1)
HIS 101Europe to 1789
HIS 102Europe since 1789

5.Latin America (choose 1)

HIS 213Colonial Latin America
HIS 214Modern Latin America or
LAC 200Intro. Latin America/Carib.
History, Soc. & Culture
SOC 364Sociology of Latin America
6.Asia & its Civilizations (choose 1)
HIS 219Chinese History and Civ.
HIS 220Japanese History and Civ.
HIS 227Islamic Civilization
HIS 34120th-Century China
HIS 344Modern Japan
HIS 348British India
7.Africa (choose 1)
HIS 221Modern Africa1
HIS 346Pol. & Soc. History Africa
8.American Politics & Government (choose 1)
POL 102American Government
POL 320Constitutional Law
and Politics
POL 325Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
1 Cross listed with AFS 221-J. 2 Crosslisted with POL 374.
2 HIS 390-I will be accepted for this requirement only if topic is comparative religion; consult with instructor for more information. / GradeTransfer
9.Principles of Economics
SSE 100Principles of Economics
Courses in accounting, finance or personal economics do not satisfy this requirement.
10.Science, Technology & Society (choose 1)
ANT 290Science & Technology in
Ancient Society
HIS 237Science, Technology &
Medicine in Western Civ I
HIS 238Science, Technology &
Medicine in Western Civ II
SOC 315Sociology of Technology
EST 201Technology Trends in Society
11.The Culture Concept in Theory or History (choose 1)
AFS 310US Attitudes towards Race
AFS 325Civil Rights Movement
ANT 102Intro. Cultural Anthropology
ANT 230Peoples of the World
ANT 270Great Archaeo. Discoveries
ANT 351Comparative Religion
HIS 390Comparative Religion2
SOC 310Ethnic and Race Relations

Three other courses in history & social sciences3

Foreign language requirement:USB Placement test

Passing Scores:ALSTCST
GPA for Student Teaching:
3Excluding Psychology

Sample Course of Study

HIS 103-F / 3 / HIS 104-F / 3
Language / 3 / Language / 3
DEC A Writing I / 3 / DEC C Math / 3
DEC A Writing II / 3 / DEC D Fine Arts / 3
DEC B Humanities / 3 / DEC E Natural Sciences I / 3
15 / 15
HIS 101 or 102 / 3 / HIS 281 / 3
HIS 2XX / 3 / HIS 3XX (LA or Africa)) / 3
DEC E Natural Sciences II / 3 / HIS 3XX (Asia)) / 3
HIS 2XX / 3 / POL 3XX/ANT 3XX (Must satisfy program requirement in politics or culture) / 3
HIS 2XX/HIS 3XX (LA or Africa) / 3 / DEC G - Humanities I / 3
15 / 15
POL 102/3XX or ANT 102/3XX1 / 3 / SSE 350/Foundations of Education / 3
PSY 327/Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development / 3 / HIS 3XX (DEC K--American Experience) / 3
History 301 - Writing seminar / 3 / Course in related discipline (UD) / 3
SSE 397/Teaching Social Studies / 3 / SSE 398/Social Studies Strategies / 3
SSE 449/Field Experience I / 1 / SSE 450/Field experience II / 1
Principles of Economics / 3 / HIS 4XX / 3
16 / 16
Graduate Field Seminar / 3 / SSE 451/Student teaching 7-9 / 6
Graduate Field Seminar / 3 / SSE 452/Student teaching 10-12 / 6
DEC G - Humanities II / 3 / SSE 454/Student teaching seminar / 3
LIN 344/Language Acquisition & Literacy Development / 3
DEC H Science & Technology / 3
15 / 15
Graduate (from this point on you will be responsible for Graduate School tuition and regulations, including financial aid)
HIS 524/Core Seminar / 3 / HIS 526/Core Seminar / 3
Graduate Theme Seminar / 3 / Graduate Theme seminar / 3
Elective / 3 / Elective / 3
Elective / 3 / Masters workshop - directed reading for MA oral exam / 3
12 / 12
Oral Examination

1 Must satisfy program requirement in politics or culture at any level