SGA Safety Action Plan

SGA Safety Action Plan

SGA Safety Action Plan

October 21, 2014

To whom it may concern:

The University of Louisville Student Government Association Safety Committee presents The Student Government Association Safety Action Planin response to the Student Safety Resolution, approved September 9, 2014. The following recommendations are based on research by the appointed members of the Safety Committee, elected officers and the Executive Staff.

Let it be known that The Safety Committee recognizes the effort of the University of Louisville to improve campus safety in response to recent events and the encroaching dangers of our urban community. SGA and its members appreciate the administrations willingness to consult student leaders in initiative ideation and implementation, striving to improve our campus resources and services. The Student Government Association Safety Actionis intended to be a working document amongst University Senior Leadership, Administration, Students, Faculty, and Staff as we work toward a common goal.

  1. Improved Communication between The University of Louisville and its constituents is necessary to improve campus safety.
  2. The Safety Committee requests a written RAVE Alert System criterion to specify the threshold of safety alerts that are sent to students, faculty, and staff.
  3. The Safety Committee calls to question the accessibility of the University of Louisville Police Department website and safety reports.
  4. The Safety Committee requests the installation of a virtual map to pinpoint recent crime incidents and outline ULPD jurisdiction.
  5. The Safety Committee approves of the installment of (or improvement upon) a Safety Application for voluntary use on smart phones.
  6. The Safety Committee proposes that the Safety Application include technology to contact the Escort Service.
  7. The Safety Committee requests increased Diversity Training among its officers.
  8. Additionally, the Committee ULPD proposes that officers who are specifically trained in LGBTQ services wear a badge to be recognized.
  9. Parking at The University of Louisville should be safe, affordable and accessible.
  10. The Safety Committee proposes that the ‘Chevron Lot’ be zoned.
  11. The Safety Committee suggests the consideration of a low income parking pass available by application and an increase in Green parking spaces.
  12. The Safety Committee requests increased marketing of the following available services:
  13. Carpooling programs,
  14. And 90 West TARC Shuttle.
  15. In accordance to the SGA Plan, The University of Louisville Police Department should service 53 officers on campus as opposed to the current total of 41.
  16. The Safety Committee suggests to remove the phone service of the ‘Blue Light Emergency Poles’ as an option to alleviate funds.
  17. Also in accordance with the SGA 2020 Plan, the Safety Committee determines to establish a nighttime walking route through campus.
  18. The route, named ‘The L Trail’ will service Belknap Campus for Phase 1 of its implementation in 2015 (Phase 2 is intended to be installed at the Health Sciences Campus).
  19. The path will include brighter campus lighting, assigned patrols, and additional duress alarms.
  20. The route will be marked by signage on the trail and a map indicating the path will be distributed to students.
  21. To ensure the priority of student safety in future Student Government Association Administrations, the Safety Committee requests a permanent line item titled ‘Student Safety Initiative’ to be installed in the SGA budget.
  22. Many safety issues on the University campus are also issues of the community. In order to protect students, the Safety Committee is interested in community outreach.
  23. The Safety Committee proposes a Research Symposium hosted by our programming services (Student Activities Board and the Engage Lead Serve Board) within our Academic Units to create a plan to combat drug addiction and violent crime in the surrounding communities.

These domains are broad, and the implications of pushing for change are far-reaching. Underneath it all, however, is a primary goal—to keep students safe. By enacting the aforementioned recommendations and following measureable outcomes, the Safety Committee believes that beneficial results are attainable.


The University of Louisville Safety Committee