Service Station Code

Service Station Code

City Plan code template

This code template supports the preparation of a development application against either the acceptable outcome(s) or performance outcome(s) contained in the code. Development assessment rules are outlined in Section 5.3.3 of the City Plan.
Please note:
For assessment against the overall outcomes, refer to the appropriate code.
Note: The whole of the planning scheme is identified as the assessment benchmark for impact assessable development. This specifically includes assessment of impact assessable development against this strategic framework. The strategic framework may contain intentions and requirements that are additional to and not necessarily repeated in zone, overlay or other codes. In particular, the performance outcomes in zone codes address only a limited number of aspects, predominantly related to built form. Development that is impact assessable must also be assessed against the overall outcomes of the code as well as the strategic framework.

9.3.19Service station code

This code applies to assessing material change of use for development for a Service station where indicated within Part 5 Tables of assessment.

When using this code, reference should be made to Section 5.3.2 and, where applicable, Section 5.3.3, in Part 5.

(1)The purpose of the Service station code is to facilitate the design and safe operation of Service stations while avoiding any environmental impacts on neighbouring properties.

(2)The purpose of the code will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:

(a)Service stations are designed and located to avoid any adverse impacts on residential land uses.

(b)Service station sites are appropriately sized to accommodate the activity and provide safe vehicle movement.

(c)Service station sites provide buffering and landscaping to mitigate the potential adverse impacts of the land use.

(d)Service stations are designed to create a functionaland safe environment.

(e)Flammable and combustible liquid storage and delivery equipment is installed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. benchmarks for assessment

Table 9.3.19-1: Service station code – for assessable development

Performance outcomes / Acceptable outcomes / Does the proposal meet the acceptable outcome?
If not, justify how the proposal meets either the performance outcome or overall outcome / Internal use
Setbacks allow for:
(a)the safe operation of the Service station;
(b)protection of the local character; and
(c)protection of adjacent amenity. / AO1
All buildings and structures, including equipment associated with the Service station operation are setback as follows:
Setback / Minimum distances measured in metres (m)
Front / 10m
Side and rear / 2m
The use and associated operations are contained within the site. / AO2
Fuel storage tank inlets are located in a position where fuel delivery vehicles can deliver fuel and be contained within the site.
Site area
The size of the lot is sufficient to:
(a)support the Service station activity;
(b)allow for the safe movement of vehicles; and
(c)allow for adequate buffering and landscaping. / AO3
The minimum site area is 1,500m².
Service stations do not abut a residential land use. / AO4
No acceptable outcome provided.
The Service station location does not adversely impact on environmental values, habitat values or public open space. / AO5
The Service station is not located on a site that adjoins a waterway or public open space.
The Service station is located:
(a)as part of a neighbourhood or mixed use centre(where operated during the standard trading hours of the centre);
(b)on a higher order road; or
(c)adjacent to a highway or motorway interchange at a service node. / AO6
No acceptable outcome provided.
service station img1
Figure 9.3.19-1
Illustration showing Service station outcomes
Road frontage
Entry and exit from the site is safe and convenient. / AO7
The site is a corner lot with one road frontageno less than:
(a)45m, with no more than two access points; or
(b)35m, with no more than one access point.
The site has one road frontage:
(a)that is no less than 50m.
Land use
Retail components of the Service station have an ancillary function to the Service station use. / AO8
The maximum area of retail floor space is 80m².
Landscape buffers and screening minimise adverse visual impacts on the streetscape and neighbouring uses. / AO9.1
Landscaping is provided along street frontages with a minimum width of 1.5m and an average width of 3m. The area is planted with large trees that have a minimum pot size of 100L every 6m and a variety of shrubs.
A solid fence of 2m in height is provided along any common boundary and softened with appropriate landscaping, with a minimum width of 1.5m
Note: In addition to this provision, an acoustic assessment required by the General development provisions code may require alternate fencing.
Community safety
The Service station design promotes a safe environment for customers and staff. / AO10.1
Any public conveniences such as toilets, telephones, rest areas and car parking areas are well lit and clearly visible.
Console operators have a clear view of the pumps and access ways.
The Service station design prevents and monitors for ground water contamination. / AO11
No acceptable outcome provided.
Flammable and combustible liquid storage and delivery equipment is installed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. / AO12
No acceptable outcome provided.