Sea-To-Sky Highway Improvement Project

Sea-To-Sky Highway Improvement Project


Traffic Management Plan / Rev:
Traffic Quality Management Plan / Rev:
Detour Design Management Plan / Rev:

S – Satisfactory

U – Unsatisfactory

O – Observation (Opportunities for Improvement)

REF / Section / Audit Item / S / U / O / Remarks
DDMP / 4.1.1 / How do you identify and trace each document?
How do you ensure that only final stamped designs are utilized in the field?
DDMP / 4.1.2 / How do you control and organize all the detour design records?
Recent Detour Design
Site Query’s
Comment Forms
DDMP / 5.2 / How do you ensure that your detour designs meet all design criteria?
How are detour implementations communicated to the Authority?
DDMP / 5.4.1 / How do you ensure that your designs minimize the delays incurred on the public?
DDMP / 5.5.1 / How is your detour design team organized?
DDMP / 5.5.3 / How do you control the design process in your segment and ensure a quality concept plan output?
How do you communicate with each of the key parties in the design process?
DDMP / 6.2.1 / How do you assess the performance of your design team?
DDMP / 6.2.2 / Do you provide training for new members of your teams and keep records of who has done the training?
How often do you meet with your design team and discuss the quality objectives and strategy for moving forward with designs?
DDMP / 6.3/6.4 / Do your computers have the necessary system requirements to operate CAD?
How would you describe your work environment?
Do you have all the necessary equipment to complete your work and meet requirements?
DDMP / 7.1 / How do you determine what field conditions exist prior to building a design?
DDMP / 7.2.1 / How do you determine your proposed detour alignment and constraints?
Do you keep the DBSS and TAC standards nearby?
How does MESL verify the requirements and specs of their plans? May I see an example?
DDMP / 7.2.2 / How is the review of requirements performed and when is it performed?
DDMP / 7.2.3 / How often do you hold design coordination meetings with MESL?
DDMP / 7.3.1 / What types of things are discussed with the designer during the design and development planning meeting?
How do you determine if other temporary designs are required for the detour plan?
How is your work plan documented or recorded?
DDMP / 7.3.2 / How do you organize the design criteria used in each design and communicate it to the MESL design teams?
When a DBA variance is required how is it completed and communicated?
DDMP / 7.3.3 / How do you QC your designs before submitting them to TI Corp?
How do you prepare the TAF for all detours?
How are DBA variances identified in the design outputs?
DDMP / 7.3.4 / How do you organize and submit comments to MESL?
How are sub-consultant design reviews completed?
How are comments from these reviews organized, submitted and tracked for completion?
DDMP / 7.3.5 / How do you verify that the final designs meet the planned input requirements?
Who is responsible for verifying each design?
DDMP / 7.3.6 / How do you determine that your implemented detours meet the design requirements and line work?
How do you determine that your implemented design operates as it was supposed to?
DDMP / 7.3.7 / How are designs changes initiated and tracked?
How are they communicated to the appropriate parties?
DDMP / 7.5.1 / Do you have the appropriate materials to complete a compliant design?
Is the necessary equipment available to monitor and measure your detours?
DDMP / 7.5.3 / How do you identify and trace the detour designs that are related to your segment only?
How do you ensure that the design deliverable is standardized and similar to
past deliverables?
DDMP / 8.2.1 / How do determine that the Authority is satisfied with your design and implementation?
How is any Authority feedback communicated to the necessary parties?
Do you initiate any meetings with the Authority to discuss opportunities for improvement on a design?
DDMP / 8.2.4 / How do you determine that each of your final designs meets the design requirements and DDMP specs?
How often do you complete your TAF form and how do you fill it out?
How are your implemented detours determined to be compliant with design?
DDMP / 8.3 / How do you determine non-conformities with design?
How do you document them?
How are they resolved?
Why would you issue and non-conformity?
DDMP / 8.4 / Can I see a recent traffic analysis?
When and why would you request a traffic analysis?
TQSP001 / 2.2 / How do you determine what requirements to use when developing your TCLP?
TQSP001 / 2.3 / How do you review your TCLP designs internally and ensure you have a plan that meets requirements?
Who review your drawings?
TQSP001 / 2.4.1 / How does MESL supervise and ensure that the TCLP development process is followed?
TQSP001 / / How is the engineering review performed on your TCLP’s?
How to you determine and prove that your design meets requirements specified by the TCM?
Who stamps your TCLP’s or reviews them for compliance?
TQSP001 / 2.5 / Who submits the communications checklists for the TCLP’s?
What are the time constraints that you follow to ensure you have met the requirements of the DBA?
TQSP001 / 2.6 / How do you field review your TCLP’s from compliance with the established designs?
Can I see an example?

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