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1945Born. Christchurch, New Zealand

Lives and works in San Pedro, California


1965-67 Diploma of Fine Arts.(Painting) Ilam School of Fine Art, Canterbury University,

Christchurch,New Zealand

(BA English studies 1967 , Canterbury University)

1968 BA studies , English, Massey University, Palmerston North , NZ

1973-74 BA studies in Art History, Auckland University, NZ

1976 Diploma of Teaching. Secondary School Fine Art, Secondary Teachers' College,

Auckland, New Zealand


2013"Philippa Blair: Labyrinth of Lines" Warschaw Gallery, San Pedro,Ca

2011 “Camouflage” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

2010 “Out of Line” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

2009 “Philippa Blair: works on paper” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland ,NZ

‘tracks” recent paintings ‘ Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca

2008 “New Paintings and Works on Paper” Catchment Gallery, Nelson, NZ

‘Philippa Blair :paintings’ Ming Jen Gallery, Kaoshiung City, Taiwan

curators: Lichuan Hung & Gary Hu

2007 “spring/break” Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, NZ

‘attivare” Philippa Blair & Steven Hampton “greatest hits” at Lawrence Asher

Gallery, Los Angeles

2005“Recent Paintings” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland,N.Z

“Painting Matters/PlainsWeaver” Rangi Ruru School, Christchurch, N.Z

“Llano Quemado” & other works, fyr arte contemporanea, Florence, Italy

2004“Cutting Loose” New Work Double Vision Gallery. L.A. Ca

“Cut Loose” Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, NZ

“Survey: 1991-2001” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, N.Z.

“Out of Site” (works on paper) Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch, N.Z.

“Firenze com’era” new lithographs and works on paper, Paper Graphica

Christchurch , New Zealand

2003 Philippa Blair(Maps) A. Frintino (photos) fyr contemporanea, Florence,Italy

“Philippa Blair: Paintings”, Pfizer International Development and Research

Center Headquarters, New London, Connecticut

2002 “Open Studio” Griffis Art Center, New London, CT

“TransMotion” Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, NZ

“New Paintings and Drawings” Pacific Art Gallery, Zug, Switzerland

2001"TransMotion" New Paintings and Drawings

Double Vision Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA

Millennium Art Gallery, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

"Maximal Abstraction," Judith Anderson Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand (catalogue)

2000"Trajectories," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

1999"Traverse" (Paintings, Drawings & Lithographs), Spencer Gallery, Wickford, Rhode Island

"Traverse" (Paintings, Drawings & Lithographs), Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

1998"Slice/Cross Section," Judith Anderson Gallery, Auckland

Recent Paintings, Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

New Work, Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

"Andanzas", New London Art Society Gallery, Connecticut, USA

1997"Sound/Tracks," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Lithographs, New London Art Society Gallery, Connecticut

Two Lobby Painting Installations, curated by Mary-Kay Lombino, Los Angeles

(Bokay, South Beverly Drive, Los Angeles; H. Held Properties, Century Park

East, Century City, September-December)

1996"Survey: Selected Works 1984-1995," Gallery No.5, Dunedin

"Micro-Organisms and Pacific Circuits," Festival Arts Exhibition, Janne Land

Gallery, Wellington, (catalogue)

"Big Paintings," Lesley Kreisler Gallery, New Plymouth

"Walk Tall," Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

A Selection of Work, Miro Gallery, Napier

1995"Through Thick and Thin," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

"Yankee Doodles," Lesley Kreisler Gallery, New Plymouth

"Walk Tall," RKS Art, Auckland

1994"From the Pacific Rim," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

"From the Wild West," Lesley Kreisler Gallery, New Plymouth

"Dances with Swans," (Lithographs and Monoprints) Muka Studio Gallery, Auckland

"New Cloaks and Heart Books," Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

"Drawing Survey, 1987 Onwards" The Drawing Gallery

1993"New Landscapes, New Mexico," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington; exhibition

travelled to RKS Art, Auckland and Milford House, Dunedin

"Wild West Show," Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre, Gisborne

"Survey, 1987 - 1992," Suter Art Gallery, Nelson

1992RKS Art, Auckland

Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

"Survey: 1987 - 1992," Centre for Contemporary Art, Hamilton

Portfolio Gallery (Lithographs from Limeworks 1985 - 1992 )

Gallerie Akaroa, Akaroa

1991RKS Art, Auckland

1990RKS Art, Auckland

Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

1989RKS Art, Auckland

Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

1988New Zealand Consulate General, New York, New York

RKS Art, Auckland

1987Shippee Gallery, New York, New York

Carnegie Gallery, Dunedin

North Gallery, Whangarei

RKS Art, Auckland

Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

1986Tree Has Its Heart In Its Roots," Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch

RKS Art, Auckland

Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Brooke-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

Press Gallery, Dunedin (Prints)

Gingko Gallery, Christchurch (Prints)

Muka Studio, Auckland (Lithographs)

1985RKS Art, Auckland

Centre Gallery, Hamilton (Survey)

Squaw Valley Creative Art Centre, San Francisco

Brook-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

1984Shippee Gallery, New York, New York (N.Z. Art in America)

"Survey Exhibition," Red Metro, Dunedin

Canberra School of Art, Canberra, Australia

Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington

1983"Transformations," RKS Art, Auckland

Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington

Gingko Gallery, Christchurch (Prints)

Red Metro, Dunedin (Prints)

1982RKS Art, Auckland

Louise Beale Gallery, Wellington

Waikato Art Society, Waikato

1981"U.S.A Collages," RKS Art, Auckland

Elva Bett Gallery, Wellington

1980Elva Bett Gallery, Wellington

New Vision Gallery, Auckland

Barry Lett Galleries, Auckland

1979New Vision Gallery, Auckland

C.S.A. Gallery, Christchurch

Northland Society of Arts, Whangarei

1978New Vision Gallery, Auckland

1976New Vision Gallery, Auckland

1975New Vision Gallery, Auckland

C.S.A. Gallery, Christchurch

1972C.S.A. Gallery, Christchurch

1969Kenningo Street Gallery, Brisbane, Australia


2013 "25 Years in Parnell" Warwick Henderson Gallery,Auckland NZ

"N.Z. Modernists and their Followers " Warwick Henderson Gallery,Auckland ,NZ

2012 ‘Focus on Abstraction” Eva Breuer Gallery,Sydney,Australia

2011 ‘Solid Stripes” LAUNCH LA Merry Karnowsky Gallery, LA curator James Panozzo

essay : Shana Nys Dambrot

“5: on paper” recent works by Philippa Blair, Linda Day, Peggy Reavey,Yong Sin

Marie Thibeault (curator) Ron Linden, Warschaw Gallery, San Pedro, Ca.

NZ Artists Spring Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery,Auckland , NZ

“Snail Mail” Macandrew Intermediate School, Dunedin, NZ

Summer Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

2010 “Children in Art” Eva Breuer Gallery ,Sydney, NSW, Australia

Mansfield Gallery (opening show) Nelson, New Zealand

Autumn Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery , Auckland , NZ

“Local Revolutionaries-Art and Change 1965-1986” Auckland City Art Gallery

curators Ron Brownson & Mary Kisler

September Exhibition, Mansfield Gallery, Nelson, NZ

Gallery Reis, Opening Show, Singapore

“The Hot Show” Fletcher Trust Collection, curator Peter Shaw. Auckland NZ

“Global Visions’ Griffis Art Center, US Coast Guard Research & Development

Center, New London, Connecticut

“OU-BOUM” Long Beach City College Gallery,curator Linda Day

“SnailMail” Macandrew Intermediate School , Dunedin, NZ

“ Densities; Line Becoming Shape, Shape Becoming Object” curator Peter Frank

(curators as critics series)

Beacon Arts Building, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Ca

Summer Catalogue Show Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland NZ

2009 “Cutting Edge-Prints on Show” Flagstaff Gallery, Auckland , NZ

“in between” 3 person show Jancar/McCorkle Projects, Los Angeles

with John O’Brien and Judith Page

COCA/Christchurch Art Gallery Trusts,9th Annual Art Auction, Christchurch, NZ

Autumn Catalogue Show, W.Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Auckland Art Fair, Auckland, NZ

“Ray of Hope” BreastCancer Institute Westmead NSW fundraiser ,NSW Art Gallery,

Sydney, Australia (in conjunction with Eva Breuer Gallery)

‘4th of July-One Week Only” Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles

“Hand Made” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

“Winter Catalogue” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

‘new works on paper’(Eion Stevens/Philippa Blair) Paper Graphica ,Christchurch,NZ

“Spring Catalogue” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

“Kiwis in LA” Art Show, Santa Monica Art Studios , Santa Monica , Ca

“Snail Mail”( artists in schools) Macandrew Intermediate school, Dunedin,NZ

2008 “artists for save our water’ NG Gallery ,Christchurch, NZ(curators:S.Hope/J Zusters)

“Terrain” Catchment Gallery, Nelson, NZ

Summer Catalogue show W.Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Autumn Catalogue show W.Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

Winter Catalogue show W. Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

Waikato Art Auction Aesthete Gallery, Hamilton, NZ

“Affordable Works on Paper” Directors Choice, Eva Breuer Gallery

Sydney, Australia

Auckland Grammar School Art Exhibition, Auckland, NZ

“Angels & Demons”(late 20thc NZ neo-Expressionism )

Suter Gallery, Nelson,NZ (curator: Anna-Marie White)

“Snail Mail” Macandrew Intermediate School, Dunedin, NZ

“ clinch/cross/cut/ team 404& John Armleder

New Jerseyy/Basel/Switzerland

Waikato Art Auction: W.Henderson Gallery/Aesthete Gallery/Fine Art Society NZ Ltd.

“Buried Treasure” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Summer Catalogue show W. Henderson Gallery,Auckland NZ

“Making a Mark: Hand of the Artist(Te Manawa Art Society Collection)

Te Manawa Art Museum, Palmerston North , NZ

2007 “hausguests” ( haus gallery for dafur )at Brewery Project , Los Angeles

“Pillow Talk: Small Comforts in Hard Times”( curators;Phyllis Green/Mery Lynn

McCorkle) Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

“ 2 dimension/ 3 dimension” W.Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

“Beyond McCahon” Catchment Gallery, Nelson , NZ

“ArtTaipei” Taipei International ArtFair (curator:Lichuan Hung: Chan Liu museum)

“Auckland Art Fair(Warwick Henderson Gallery) Auckland , NZ

“ Themes and Variations/New Abstraction in Los Angeles” Torrance Art Museum,

Torrance, Ca (curator : Kristina Newhouse)

“Triptych: feet on concrete” Regina Klenjowski Dance Company,Torrance museum


“Autumn Catalogue Show” Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

“Painters as Printmakers” Christchurch Art Gallery, New Zealand

(curator: Peter Vangioni)

“Late Spring Salon” Catchment Gallery, Nelson, NZ

125th anniversary Ilam School of Art Brooke Gifford Gallery, Christchurch, NZ

“Summer Catalogue “ exhibition Warwick Henderson gallery, Auckland, NZ

“ The Printmakers” Catchment Gallery, Nelson , NZ

“ Art School 125”(125 years of the School of Fine Arts at the Uni. of Canterbury)

curated by P.Vangioni, L.Strongman, J.Hay

Christchurch Art Gallery, Canterbury, New Zealand

2006 LA contemporary art fair (dencontemporaryart) Santa Monica, Ca

“selected works one / twenty artists/ “ Te Wa the space, Queenstown,NZ

‘Summer/Autumn Salon’ Catchment Gallery, Nelson , NZ

“New Works” Catchment Gallery, Nelson, NZ

Venice Art Walk Auction, Bergamot Station,Santa Monica, Ca

“Safe” Art Auction, Auckland, NZ

“Alternate Routes:Mapping in the Studio” Sam Francis Gallery, Crossroads School ,

Santa Monica,Ca (curator: Pam Posey)

“Art of New Zealand/ 2006” Chan Liu Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

(curator; Li-Chuan Hung)

“Works on Paper” Milford Galleries, Queenstown, NZ

“Spring Catalogue Show”, W. Henderson Gallery,Auckland , NZ

“Off the Wall” exhibition Riverside Art Museum, California

“Onsight: Celebrating 125 years of teacher education in Auckland”

Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland , NZ

“New Zealanders of Achievement” auction.NZ Embassy, Washington DC

“Summer Catalogue Show “ 2006-2007 W.Henderson Gallery, Auckland N.Z

2005 “ Flow” 11 California Painters, Riverside Art Museum (curator: Peter Frank)

“30th Anniversary Show”, Brooke Gifford Gallery, Christchurch, N.Z.

“ Autumn Catalogue 2005” , Warwick Henderson Gallery,Auckland, N.Z

“Eye Blast” with Hilary Baker, Cypress College, Cypress, Ca

“ Spring Catalogue Show” , W.Henderson Gallery, Auckland, NZ

“ Point & Line to Plane,” COCA, Christchurch, NZ

“ Christmas Show” Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, NZ

“Summer Catalogue Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland , NZ

2004 ArtExpo, MonteCarlo, France, Lugano, Switzerland (FYR arte contemporanea,

Florence, Italy)

“New Year/New Work” Janne Land Gallery, Wellington, N.Z.

“SoundOff” White Box Gallery, Marina del Rey, Ca

“Heaven’s gonna Burn your Eyes”Cartelle Gallery, Marina del Rey, Ca

2003 “Between Heaven and Earth”, Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC

“Gridlock’ (Curated by K. Newhouse ) West L.A. College, Los Angeles

“The Collections” Christchurch Art Museum, New Zealand

“Abstract Expressions” Philippa Blair and Paul Hayward, COCA, Christchurch,NZ

Hutchinson’s Art Exhibition, Hastings Community Art Centre, NZ

“25” Center of Contemporary Art, Christchurch,New Zealand

“Yellow Pages” Turm Gallery, Helmstedt, Palazzo Liestal, Basel

Armledder HBC Braunschweig, Germany)

“Tinseltown’, Domestic setting, Los Angeles

“Past, Present, Future” Double Vision Gallery, Los Angeles

“Chasing Papi” 20th century Fox film production

“Las Vegas” NBC TV production

2002 Invitational “Summer Palette” Walter Wickiser Gallery, N.Y.C.

“NY/NZ/CA” Two Person Show, Palos Verdes Art Center, CA

Curator: Scott Canty

“I Will Need Words” (Members Exhibition) COCA, Christchurch, NZ

“Tutor’s Exhibition” Quarry Summer School, Northland Craft Trust, Porcine Gallery, Whangarei, NZ

“Less is More or Less” COCA, Christchurch, N.Z.

2001"Board Art" COCA, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Pataka: 6 Contemporary New Zealand Painters"

Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Blacktown Civic Center, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia

Fine Art Auction, Coca, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Focus on Materiality", W. Henderson Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

"Flat Files" POST Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

"The Travellers" (New Zealand women artists overseas)

Te Wa - the Space, Wanganui, New Zealand

2000"Gestural Maps," POST Downtown, Los Angeles, California

"Emigrés" Te Wa - The Space, Wanganui

Jurors' Exhibition, Palos Verdes Art Center, Palos Verdes, California

"Think Colour: Art Is Never Just Black And White," Porirua Museum of Art and

Culture, Wellington, New Zealand

"Director's Choice," Judith Anderson Gallery, Auckland

"Journey Into Art," L.A. Art Core Benefit Auction

"Fine Art Auction," COCA, Christchurch

"Gala Fine Art Auction," W. Henderson Gallery

"Art and Opera: Sound and Vision," COCA, Christchurch

1999"Safe," Celebrity Art Auction

"The New Frontier," COCA, Christchurch

"In the Abstract," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

"Now Selling: Dealer Galleries," Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North

Art Exhibition, Carmel College

"Blind-Date," COCA, Christchurch

Black Tie Art Auction, Robert McDougall Gallery, Christchurch

Auckland Philharmonia Art Auction, Chiaroscuro Gallery

"Rim of Fire," Aotea Centre, Auckland

"Women of the Edge: New Zealand Women Artists 1900 - 1999," Ferner Galleries, Auckland

Visa Gold and James Wallace 6th Annual Art Award finalist. Traveling exhibition

"The Big Wave," Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, California

"Generation 50," Te Wa - The Space, Wanganui

1998"Art in a Vineyard," Marsden Winery, Keri Keri

"Rudolph Gopas and Canterbury Expressionism," COCA, Christchurch

"Great Art, Great House," Wellington Friends of Refuge Auction, Government House,


"Life Education Art Auction," Wellington

"An Evening of Art (Plunket Exhibition)," Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru

"Nine Los Angeles Abstract Artists," Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles, California

"Less is More, More or Less," Miniature mail art exhibition. COCA, Christchurch

"Andanzas," New London Art Society Gallery, New London, Connecticut

"100 x 100 x 100," Drawings Gallery

1997"Current Abstraction: Modern New Zealand Art," Milford House Galleries, Dunedin

Philippa Blair and Jane Zusters, Miro Gallery, Napier

Group Show, Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Group Show, Brook-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

Silent Auction, Venice Art Walk, California

Xmas Show, Miro Gallery, Napier

"100 x 100 x 100 Exhibition," Drawings Gallery

1996January Show, Drawings Gallery

"As I See It," W. Henderson Gallery

1996Women's Art Auction, Suter Gallery, Nelson

"The Extraordinary Ordinary," Travelling Drawing Exhibition, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland

"Drawing: Out of Context," CSA Gallery, Christchurch

"Pacific Dragons: Art of Protest and Promise, Uxbridge Gallery, Howick

"Women's Art Exhibition," Gallery No.5, Dunedin

Benefit Auctions: Te Omanga Hospice, Government House, Wellington

Long Beach Museum, California

"Pin-Ups," Drawings Gallery

"100 x 100 x 100 Exhibition," Drawings Gallery

1995"Crossing Currents: A Decade of Collecting at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

"Alphabet Show," Pakuranga Community Centre

"Self Portrait," W. Henderson Gallery

"Emerging Into the Light," Uxbridge Gallery, Hawkes Bay Museum

Muka Youth Prints (International Travelling Exhibition)

Christmas Show, Gallery No. 5, Dunedin

"Beyond the Mask," Chiaroscuro Gallery, Auckland

"Masquerade," Government House, Wellington

"100 x 100 x 100 Exhibition," Drawings Gallery

1994 “Revoltella Estate," Civico Museo Revoltella / Galleria d'Arte Moderne,

Trieste, Italy

curated and organized by Galleria Nadia Bassanese, Trieste, Italy

"Dilana Rugs," Orlando Art Museum, Orlando, Florida

"Small Paintings," Outreach, Auckland

"Fax About Art," CSA gallery, Christchurch

"Taking Stock of the 90s," Sergeant Gallery, Wanganui

"Child's Play," Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch

"A4 Show," Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland, Auckland

"Xmas X-section," Drawings Gallery

"Christmas Exhibition, " Brook-Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

"Christmas Show," Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

1993"New Zealand Women Printmakers Suffrage Project," travelling Exhibition

"The Great N.Z. Wind-up, Toys as Art Objects," Hawkes Bay Museum

"ZEAL Collection of Culinary Art," Travelling Exhibition: Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna.

"Diversities - Elam Painters '93," ASA Gallery, Auckland

"Image and Issue," Canterbury Women Artists, CSA Gallery, Christchurch

"Lost Property," Elam School of Art at George Fraser Gallery

Group Exhibition, Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

"To Aids - the Benefit Concert," Chiaroscuro Gallery

Cranleigh-Barton Drawing Award Exhibition, Robert McDougall, Art Gallery

"The Studio Ceramics Dinner Service Show," Fisher Gallery

New Zealand Pavilion, EXPO, Taejon, South Korea

Opening Show, RKS Art, Auckland

"The Teps Show," Outreach, Auckland

1992Two-Woman Show (with Jane Zusters), Works on Paper Gallery, Auckland

"Coastlines," Lopdell Gallery, Auckland

"The Toy in Art," Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

1991"Revue 90," Fisher Gallery, Auckland

"Pastel Invitational," Portfolio Gallery, Auckland

"Monotype Invitational," A.S.A. Gallery, Auckland

"Recent Additions," Works on Paper Gallery, Auckland

"Art Leads the Recovery," Works on Paper Gallery, Auckland

"Raising the Curtain," Canterbury Society of Arts, Christchurch

Auckland Children's Hospital Art Exhibition, Aotea Centre, Auckland