Safety Home Insurance

Safety Home Insurance

Safety Home Insurance

“Safety Home Insurance”is underwritten by China Taiping Insurance (Macau) Co., Ltd.(“The Company”) and provides comprehensive protection with low premium for the Building and Household Contents of your home. This Plan covers the loss of or damage to Building and/or Household Content caused by fire, theft, explosion, bursting pipes andtyphoon, as well as All Risks of accidental loss of or damage to property insured* and the legal liability in respect of bodily injury or property damage to third party.

1.Protection Coverage

You may choose from protection plan listed below to suit your own needs.

Section / Coverage / Limit of Indemnity
I / Building
All Risks* of accidental loss (including architect and engineering consultant’s fee) / Sum insured
II / Household Contents
includingfurniture, fixtures and fittings, household appliances, audio-visual equipment, personal computer sets, musical instruments and other similar items, and personal effect.
  1. All risks* of accidental loss of or damage to the above property insured
  2. Loss of Money
  3. Loss of damage to Household Contents whilst in transit
  4. Replacing Door Locks
  5. Damage to Frozen Food
  1. Sum Insured
  1. $ 1,000
  2. 15% of the total sum insured amount
  3. $ 5,000
  4. $ 1,000


1.1 Exclusions and excessesapply;

1.2 The Company will not pay for the loss or damage causedby theft if the Premisesremain unoccupied for a period of more than 14 consecutive days without written consent from the Company;

1.3 The Company shall not be liable of any loss or damage to Buildings and/or Household Contents when the Insured Premises are left unoccupied for a period in excess of 60consecutive days withoutwritten consent from the Company, except the loss or damage caused by the fire, lightning, thunderbolt, explosion, earthquake, typhoon & windstorm, bursting of pipes and flood.

2.Extension Benefits to Section I or II

The insured of Section I or IImay enjoy the extensions benefits listed belowwith noadditional charge:

Extension Benefits / Limit of Indemnity
Third Party Liability
The insured’s legal liability as owner or householder of the insured premises in respect of accidental bodily injury or property damage to third party / $ 500,000
Loss of rent payable to the insured caused by the risks covered under the policy in the event of building being rendered uninhabitable / 10% of the total of sum insured of Plan A and Plan B
Compensation for death of the insured as a result of fire or caused by theft / $ 20,000
Cost of removal debris / $ 5,000

3.Basis of settlement

3.1 In the event of a claim, the Company will follow the “new for old” principle withoutdeducting any depreciation.

3.2 The insured shall insure the property for sum insured on new replacement value basis. If the replacement value of the insured property shall at the time of loss or damage for which indemnity is provided under the policy be of greater value than the sum insured, then the insured shall bear a ratable proportion of the amount of such loss or damage accordingly.

3.3 The insured shall bear the excess specified on the policy for each and every loss.

4.Advantages of Safety Home Insurance

4.1 Premium discount.

4.2“New for old” cover if the sum insured of insured property is adequately covered.

4.3 Enjoy free Third Party Liability Insurance up to HKD/MOP500,000 in the event ofaccidental bodily injury or property damage to the third party whilstin the insured premises.

5.General Remarks

5.1 The above information is provided by China Taiping Insurance (Macau) Co., Ltd. for reference only.

5.2 Safety Home Insurance is underwritten by the Company.All terms and conditions are subject to its original policy issued by this Company.