Sälj Mera Och Förför Direkt I Affären Tema På PIDA 2009

Sälj Mera Och Förför Direkt I Affären Tema På PIDA 2009

Selling more and in-store enticementthe themes at PIDA 2009

Some 60design students at the Université de Reims (IUT) took part in Korsnäs’ Packaging Impact Design Award competition in mid-May. 150 guests saw an impressive exhibition of packaging and displays and a tough competition for first prize – a trip to Stockholmand Korsnäs’ production facility in Frövi.

Korsnäs invited several major industry players to star in the event held in conjunction with the award ceremony. Fabrice Peltier, an expert on packaging design with his own packaging gallery, spoke on packaging design and the tools available to designers: shape, colour, logos, textures, etc.JL Azizollah, a specialist on brand strategy and design, led an interesting panel debate on Intelligent Packaging, while Camille Guébhard, Display and Packaging Manager at Nuxe, represented the brand owners, discussing how Nuxe’s marketing strategy evolved from big, expensive displays to small effective ones, often placed at the point of sale.

Hard work and festivity

Korsnäs’ partner in the French edition of PIDA is IUT, situated in Champagne – a name synonymous with festivity and exclusivity. Those are perfect associations for a Korsnäs PIDAevent, but for the competing students, much care and hard work had gone into the competition. Packaging design instructor Génebaud Gérandalguided the students through the project, from understanding the brief to completing their prototypes. According to Génebaud, competition adds spice to education: “PIDA is an effective teaching project that concludes with an event where students meet established industry players, a generous day full of inspiration to help them make the packaging of tomorrow more intelligent, professional and enticing. PIDAleft a good taste in our mouths here at the university.” This year’s PIDA event was the third in a row to be held in Reims.

High wow factor

The competition was closely fought, with many very high quality entries. First prize went to a cosmetics concept with a display that wasn’t much bigger than the pack, but which combined dramatic impact with a high “wow factor”. Julie Chevalier, Marine Le Noach and Joseph Simonutti can look forward to a trip to Sweden’s capital and a tour of Korsnäs’production facility in Frövi.


Happy first prize winners Marine Le Noach, Julie Chevalier and Joseph Simonutti.

J-L Azizollah discusses the second prize entry with students Lise Marecat and Géraldine Beauvais.

First Prize – cosmetics: Marine Le Noach, Julie Chevalier and Joseph Simonutti.

Second Prize – Öya, l’art du chocolat: Géraldine Beauvais, Lise Marecat and Axel Levert.

Third Prize – Play: Emilie Monbertrand, Benoit Bethencourt and Benoit Trichard.

Honourable Mention – Evasion:Emilie Jouard, Lucie Creyx and Camille Crupaux.