Rotary Club of Antioch and District 6440

Rotary Club of Antioch and District 6440

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Rotary Club of Antioch and District 6440

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Money: Finances are a big concern for most parents. A typical exchange cost from a parent perspective can range from $5000 to $7000 over a 2 year period (prep and exchange years). Some exchanges have more costs associated with airfare, language classes, insurance costs or optional road trips. Host families and Hosting Rotary Clubs might pay for additional expenses. Please note the above cost includes the $750 deposit that becomes non-refundable if the student is accepted into the program after the District Interview.

Education: Your student is going on a Cultural Exchange that while requires attendance and participation in school classes also allows for some flexibilityon participating in additional extracurricular activities. Planning ahead to create a graduation date that aligns with the family and student expectations is highly recommended because foreign classes might not be considered towards required credits. Talk to your guidance counselor now, during and after the program so there are no surprises.

Calendar Commitments: To complete the interviews and confirm alignment on expectations of the program, there are several required sessions for the student and family. It is important that there is a commitment by the entire family to meet these required training sessions before and after the exchange. Failure to do so can suspend the exchange opportunity for your student.

Step 1: Preliminary Application & Rotary Club Interviews:

Complete handwrittenLong Term Youth Exchange Preliminary Application found on

Turn in the Long Term Youth Exchange Preliminary Application (with class schedule and unofficial high school transcript) to the Antioch State Banks of the Lakes by Wednesday October 1st, 5:00pm. Attention:Rick Kuehn – Rotary Club of Antioch - Youth Exchange.

Be on time for the Antioch Rotary Club interviews ~ Friday & Saturday October 3-4th. A club representative will contact the student regarding the interview date/time. Both parents need to attend with the student.

Step 2: Final Application: (only if Rotary Club agrees to support application)

Complete the 2015-2016Long Term Application form on Allow yourself time to obtain doctor, dentist and school forms, create, and recheck the application with referencing the tip and country grid sheets for alignment. Handwritten, incomplete and late applications will not be accepted. Print copies for yourself and one for the Rotary Club of Antioch. Attach deposit per instructions.

Turn in the Club copy of the applicationin a sealed envelope to the/.State Banks of the Lakes by Monday October 8th 5:00pm. Attention: Rick Kuehn – Rotary Club of Antioch - Youth Exchange.

District Interviews will be scheduled in October. This is a half day mandatory meeting with both parents and the student.

Step 3 Mark your calendars: if District 6440 agrees to support application, a calendar with commitments will be provided. Below are some of the mandatory events held in the past.

  • December weekend1 day training
  • February full day Training covering
  • April District Conference Friday - Sunday – Student only. Will miss Friday classes.
  • April ½ day weekend Training
  • July Grand Rapids, MI, CSRYE Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan. Student attends Thursday morning – Sunday afternoon. Parents Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon.
  • November District Conference. Will miss Friday classes.
  • Variety of breakfast opportunities to meet the Rotary Club of Antioch before the exchange, and provide a presentation of their experience and help with recruitment and maybe training after the exchange.

Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions at any time of the selection process. It is important that both the parent(s) and student feels comfortable for this upcoming life changing event – and is aware of the rewards the challenging program offers.

Antioch Youth Exchange Contacts:

Rick Kuehn, District Short Term Program Coordinator;

or phone: 847-417-5252

Bret Mumenthaler –Rotary Club of Antioch Youth ExchangeOfficer;

or phone: 847-417-9511

Interested in Rotary Interact Club? Contact Mike Schwert, Rotary Club of Antioch; or phone 847-838-0750