Review Minutes of Previous Minutes

Review Minutes of Previous Minutes

November 29, 2012 (December)

Members Present: Attendance: Katie Gerlach, Jeremy Miller , Severt Olsen, Shaun Carr, Tracy Petersen, Fran Felber, Val Scheps, Aimee Pintens, Tim Jorgenson, Steve Fronk, Alaina Meyer, Lynn Kolpack, Linda Christopherson, and Robin Hanson

Review minutes of previous minutes:

Kathy Koser’s petting zoo is not available. Lynn checking into another petting zoo venue but they are pricey on an hourly rate.

Barron Electric is interested in doing a demo outside all three days- two shows a day. They will need an 10X30. How much audience space? Covered? Fenced off?

Pedestrian crossing is behind Youth space for Pick up and Drive demonstration. It is next to Youth space. There maybe people lined up.

There wasn’t very many signs that would be of use for us. Lynn is looking into the signs options. The BHS Art program is interested in making. Doug Kucko asked if we wanted to buy signs that could be reused. Lynn requested a bid for metal signs.

Outagamie stage went with the Briggs order; they set up and took down. Tim received a quote $3000.00. We need to look at the measurements. Outagamie didn’t use whole stage and it was too big.Val and Robin will look into size of the stage.

There is a signed tent company that has been signed. Barron County FT Committee hasn’t seen the contract yet. We will receive an order blank sometime in January from Tent City Committee. We will need to order, tent, wood chip, chairs, canopies etc.

PLAY program. doesn’t seem to be alive. Lynn has let messages and is awaiting a return call from Mark Smith.

Val contacted on the Safe and Stable Families to be on their agenda for December. We will apply for grants.

Pedal Pull people contacted us back to do one pull each day. They are concerned about advertising. We are awaiting cost about the change in plan; they may be too expensive. 30x50 foot area.

Pogo stick caught edge of the regular cow mat. Aimee found some at Louisville that would work. Riebe’s had some. Could we use them for our fitness area? Sand Castle is interested in sponsoring the equipment. We could use regular ground for pogo sticks. Maybe we need to simplify the tear down. Could we go back to ride on tractors and they can be run on ground? Shaun Carr found interlocking cow mats that we can use from Badger Dan Harding Highway 48 Service. Aimee can try the scooter cars on the mats. They are 4X4 each. Aimee will check with RMS to try one out by January meeting.

Lynn emailed Seed Survivor too big for our show, but she sent a request to aAgriam committee.

Arlaina received more letters back. Barron Police,-dog demo outside not sure about all three days, Chippewa Bee Keepers, and Barron Public Library. Patti Becker will also be onstage-3days. Jeff Johnson is willing to do demos. The local vets-some interested. Shaun Carr will look into the RL Police for additional canine demo by January. Mary received an email from Arlene Poulter; they are interested in drills and obedience. Aimee checking into agility by January. Aimee checking into sheep shearing.

New Business:

Severt said the Dairy Committee is interested in shows in the arena and inside booth. They have a committee that can work. They will do a fitting clinic and showmanship demonstration. They possibly would like to have a “little britches show”. Outside would be one day while the Moo booth inside. There is a lot of resources. We talked about canopies for them to rest and cool. We will need to find a canopy big enough. Arlana will get Severt a form to fill about the indoor and outdoor presentations. Aimee is wondering about bio security; It doesn’t look like bio security will be compromised. To get payment : Go to committee then Log in. Enter secret password,. You will find thepayment vouchers forms and Applications

Aimee will be making mop ponies. The mop pony show would be best run with 10 kids per show. When they are finished they can be used at the kiddy barn at Barron County Fair. Kids could be running pony races. Aimee will make 30 mop ponies. She will save her receipts.

Budget update: Monitor our budget. We need an updated copy of our budget. Fran can send Lynn an updated budget. To get reimbursed go to FTD Website to get a voucher. Then get it signed by Severt Olson or Lynn Kolpack. Use tax exempt number that is in our package.

Shawn is talking to Farm Fleet. What do we need for toys? We will make a sandbox on legs( table style)He saw remote control farm equipment. We agreed on 300.00 worth of toys.

Cumberland Clinic is interested in a booth space.

Steve Roux will talk with all Canine dogs departments in county to find out if they can do more than one day.

Katie Gerlachcontacted wildlife trailer sponsored by Safari Club. They are willing to bring a trailer and a person. They will have mileage. They are willing to do three days. Katie will get info to Arlaina.

Tracy Peterson: not ready

Wisconsin Beef Council will be in beef tent. Milk marketing board will be in a different capacity. Natures Edge cannot do it. Humane Society has problems with doing it because of staffing. She will get back to Lynn.

Free stuff: Discuss in January

Layout of tent and outdoor areas

Promote DNR activities but mainly in DNR tent

Severt will check into retired agents to work in our tent. We need to have Mary to make a contact. He will get back with Lynn.

Mary applied for AgStar grant and it will be award in March.

Tim Jorgenson said that decorative fencing is on Youth Committee. After looking into cost, what are other options.Fencing discussion in January.

Val Scheps will make a contact with3M visiting wizards.

We need to look into borrowing a yard barn to secure our supplies.

Carol Kettner is planning to help with landscaping. At least to help us organize our thoughts. Carol will be here in January.

Lynn contacted two retired teacher groups. Everyone can start getting the radar out for future volunteers. Kristin sent Robin the list of FFA chapters.

Norm Yamada is still wondering about sound system. Tim needed more details to send bids out to others. Request for Proposal (RFP). Robin will secure the PA system for outdoor events through 4H Adult leaders. Val submitted a copy to Tim tonight. We will needs microphones for the entire day.

Tim is explaining the traffic map. There is a morning plan and an afternoon plan. We should follow the traffic into the grounds using the orange and park in general parking. We will discuss what time we want volunteers to get there in the future.

Lynn expressed concerned where busses will be there to pick up people in case of an emergency. Tim will take that to area responsible for that.

Lynn will be going to Plover to learn about FTD. Still place for two more to go.

FTD apparel will be available Dec 13 & 14th.

We will need to start working with other committees. We need to meet with tent city, promotion fencing etc.

Dallas Fire Dept will need 50X 50 area. Al Schutz is working on it. We will need to look at possible space.

Publicity committee needs news ideas. There is a form on a website. We need to take advantage of free advertising.

Next Meeting January 10, 2012 6:30

February 7, 2012 6:30