Revenue Protection Guard

Revenue Protection Guard

Revenue Protection Guard

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FC: PE140 PC: 098

PG: RPG BU: 21 (BPOA Non-Sworn)

Created: December 1989

Revised: March 4, 2004

Class specifications are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by employees in the class. Specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.


Under general supervision, guards and protects District Cash and Treasury personnel during transport and collection, handling and stocking of cash from coin changers and fare machines at stations, and at the District's Cash Handling Building; drives armored trucks, crew transport vans and semi-tractor trailers; and performs related work as assigned.


This is a firearm carrying classification responsible for protection of cash and personnel during the collection and handling of cash. Incumbents work under general supervision and have authority to make situational decisions related to crew and cash protection. This class is distinguished from other, related police classifications in that it focuses on guarding cash and revenue collection personnel, rather than other District property or passengers.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES– Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Guards and protects District cash and assists Treasury personnel during transport, handling, collection and stocking of cash.
  1. Carries and utilizes firearms and batons; wears protective gear and operates communication equipment.
  1. Operates an armored vehicle, truck tractor with semi-trailer and a passenger van to assigned stations to receive and transport cash collection and change supply.
  1. Protects cash handling operation and secures District revenues from internal and external threats.
  1. Maintains surveillance of station activities during cash collection, handling and loading; drives crew vans and protects crews.
  1. Controls access to the Cash Handling Building; performs surveillance in person, by video camera, and by videotape of cash handling activities, cash vault, and building security.
  1. In emergencies, assumes control of the situation to ensure the safety of lives, cash and property.
  1. Maintains contact by radio and telephone with District police dispatcher to inform of emergencies, suspicious activities, routes, location of work, and security of cash and facilities.
  1. Interacts with District employees, patrons and the public.
  1. Assists in selection of transport routes and overrides others on route selection when security requires.
  1. Maintains inventory control of equipment and supplies, issues radios, cleans and maintains shotguns.
  1. Maintains custody of security-controlled keys.
  1. Prepares and maintains logs of work locations, times in and out, hours and machine problems.
  1. Checks operating conditions of trucks and vans and services gas, oil, water, tires and lights.
  1. Prepares written reports.


Knowledge of:

Locations and characteristics of District stations, fare collection, cash handling and related facilities and devices.

Procedures governing revenue collection and protection activities.

Legally required conditions for drawing and using firearms.

Operation, cleaning, maintenance and safe handling of firearms.

Techniques for observation and surveillance on security assessments.

Conditions under which to initiate emergency action.

Procedures and terminology for radio and telephone police communications.

Skill in:

Observing people and activity to assess security conditions.

Operating firearms accurately and responsibly.

Dealing tactfully and authoritatively with patrons and the general public, including hostile, abusive, and disorderly people.

Remaining calm and making rational decisions in dangerous/emergency situations.

Operating alarm and security systems, radios, videos and telephones.

Reading maps and planning and varying transport routes for security.

Operating motor vehicles safely, including armored trucks, transport vans and semi-tractor trailers.

Keeping records and writing brief reports.



Possession of a high school diploma, GED or recognized equivalent.


Experience in security and protective services and in driving vehicles, tractor trailers or other trucks is desirable.

Other Requirements:

Achieve Certification in Firearms and Arrest Training within six months of employment.

Must have a valid California driver's license, a satisfactory driving record.

Must be able to obtain a Class A California Commercial driver's license whenever feasible to do so, at the District’s discretion.

Class “A” drivers are required to pass an annual physical to maintain class “A” status.

Must be able to pass a background investigation, including psychiatric examination, fingerprinting and polygraph.

Must possess physical strength and ability to subdue and apprehend persons attacking the treasury crew or vehicles.

Must be at least 21 years old at appointment.

Must pass an 832 Penal Code (arrest control, firearms) course and qualify at quarterly department range programs.

Must be able to work various shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime.


Environmental Conditions:

Office environment; station environment.

Physical Conditions:

Requires physical condition necessary for walking, standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time and occasional lifting of supplies and equipment.

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