Residential Counselor

Residential Counselor

Residential Counselor




TheResidential Counseloris a residential counseling position; employee provides guidance counseling, individual counseling group counseling, and crisis intervention counseling.Provides supervision in assigned area, to promote a safe, healthy, clean, and supportive dormitory environment.Supervises Job Corps trainees in their daily activities, monitors and encourages their progress in attaining performance and personal goals Utilizes behavior management, conflict resolution skills, and consistent modeling of company Core Values.Conducts duties in accordance Center operating policies and in compliance with federal Policy and Requirements Handbook (PRH).


1.Assists students in adjusting to Center life by providing supervision, behavior modification, counseling, and acting as a role model and mentor.

2.This is a residential counseling position, employee provides guidance counseling, individual counseling group counseling, and crisis intervention counseling.

3.Provides life skills training helps students learn the importance meeting schedules, being on time, waking up on time, being ready for work when reporting to education, training, work related assignments.

4.Provides training to students on being adequately prepared for the training/work day and verifies students are dressed appropriately, in compliance with Center dress code.

5.Adheres to all PRH and CSDC policies and procedures, and the Center Operating Procedures.

6.Practices and models Core Values, as well as, conducts small groups (which may include Guided Group Interaction), dorm meetings, reinforces and models Career Success Standards.

7.Provides instruction and daily supervision in monitoring student personal hygiene, room/chore assignments, special recreation activities, cafeteria monitoring, transportation as needed, and other scheduled program activities.

8.Provides counseling related to stress management, personal issues, adjustment issues, and retention, and provides insight into behavior and attitude.

9.Documents student’s records according to requirements of PRH and SOPs; inputs all relevant student data, including but not limited to: student attendance, performance, progress and positive behavior, and disciplinary incidents, which are entered into the CIS system or on Center forms in compliance with PRH and SOPs.

10.Prepares reports, forms, and annotates events in case notes through accurate documentation of daily observations of student’s progress, performance, maintains student confidential residential personnel record.

11.Maintains bulletin boards in assigned dormitory with updated required federal, state, and company postings.

12.Serves as a channel of communication between senior management and students.

13.May be assigned to facilitate advanced life skills training for students in transition wings, including teaching budgeting skills, how to sign a lease, creating grocery list, developing child care plans, etc.

14.Facilitates peer mediation and conflict resolution as needed.

  1. Complete Evaluations of Student Program (ESP’s) in a timely manner for assigned students, participates in evaluation panels for students, acts as a member of the student’s case management team. Provides other behavior evaluations as requested.

16.Maintains student confidentiality, but reports significant events or situations through approved channels to ensure the health, safety and well-being of students. Significant events must be immediately addressed and reported to ensure that required SIR reporting occurs, and that emergency services are provided as needed.

17.Maintains contacts family members of minor student and confirms consent for weekend pass system.

18.Responds and facilitates prompt and appropriate assistance to students in the event of injury, illness, emotional trauma.

19.Meets individually with student at a minimum of once each month with assigned students, documenting the meetings in case notes.

20.Performs and documents regular health and safety inspections to ensure health, safety, and security of students and staff. This position has significant student safety responsibilities.

21.Facilitates weekly dorm meetings, which include accountability checks, and daily sign-ins.

22.Ensures all equipment and facilities are clean and maintained in accordance with Center, CSD and DOL standards, including conducting quarterly property counts, submitting property relocation requests, and maintenance requests as needed.

23.Creates a warm/safe/welcoming atmosphere for students, including encouragement to personalize their living environment in compliance with standards set by the company.

24.Ensures student rooms are maintained per Center, CSD and DOL standards which may include teaching those standards and verifying that standards are maintained.

25.Ensures student bulletin boards are maintainedwithout references to profanity, gang affiliation, drugs, alcohol, or graffiti, or sexually provocative, or inappropriate material in an environment in which minor student may visit, or reside.

26.Ensures use of federal equipment (computers, telephones, etc.) is within guidelines establish per USDOL and company policies.

27.Attends all training sessions and staff meetings as scheduled. (i.e. daily briefings, training, staff meetings, assemblies, department meetings, focus groups, counseling groups, etc.). Periodically will provides staff training to other staff.

28.Strives to maintain a work environment free of accident and injuries, and reports accidents immediately if they should occur to supervision including completing accident reports.

29.Ensures a work environment which respects and values diversity and provides an equal opportunity for all.

  1. Required to assists in Emergency Evacuation, Active Shooter Drills, Fire Drills, and Emergency Preparation Readiness.
  2. Performs other duties as assigned.


Minimum- Bachelor’s degree (including 15 semester hours of instruction in social services-related instruction), and one year experience in counseling or related field. Model the company Core Values
Preferred-Master’s degree in counseling, social work or a closely related field and experience working with disadvantaged youth

General Requirements -In order to perform the essential job functions of this position, candidate must be able to compose/write descriptive reports; use appropriate techniques to implement programmatic activities; verbally direct individuals and groups; remedydysfunctional behavior; intervene with students in crisis with aggression control/safe physical management restraint techniques; successfully complete mandated training courses.

Knowledge Required- Knowledge of methods needed to instill appropriate behavior as well as work and study habits in adolescent students; of housekeeping techniques and management; to read, comprehend, interpret, communicate and execute instructions or directives fluently in English.

CSD is a leader in workforce development operating Job Corps centers throughout the U.S. since 1964 and is proud to be an Equal Opportunity /Affirmative Action / Female / Minority / Disabled / Veteran Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, child-birth, or related medical conditions), national origin, ancestry, age, disability, family care status, veteran status, marital status, military status, sexual orientation, gender, or any other characteristic protected by law. CSD makes reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities to apply for employment. Contact Susan Bolter at (888) 308-0338 to request a reasonable accommodation.