Research Funding Proposal Form

Research Funding Proposal Form

Research Funding Proposal Form

Charity Reg. No. 1129698

The AAIR Charity will only consider applications that fall within the objective and policies of the Charity. AAIR will fund research into asthma, allergy and respiratory diseases primarily within the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton. AAIR does not provide grants for research into smoking related diseases. It particularly aims to pump prime research, and to support researchers in the early phases of their career. AAIR typically makes awards of between £5-10K but the Trustees will consider applications for larger amounts in exceptional circumstances.

Please complete the following form in Arial Font 10 and attach a brief CV for the principal applicant.

(1)Details of Applicant (s)
Principal Applicant Name (last name, first name, title)
Contact Address
Current Position: / Since:
Email: / Telephone:
Title and name of co-applicants
(if any)
(2)Details of Current Research Proposal
Title of Proposal:
Duration of Project (months) / Start Date: / End Date:
Total costs applied for
(3)Scientific Summary of Research proposal (max 250wds)
(4)Lay Summary of Research Proposal (max 250wds). Please include a brief lay summary to explain the research and how it will impact patients. If the project is funded by AAIR, then the lay summary will be included in the AAIR charity newsletter and website.
Lay Title:
Lay Summary:
(5)Detailed Scientific Research Proposal (max 1000 wds). Please provide details of the background to the research being proposed, describe the hypothesis to be tested, the methods of research to be used, relevant references and any preliminary data which supports the application. Also include how this research will potentially benefit patients in the future and/or impact on the career of the applicant


(7)Estimated Costs of Research Proposal. Please provide a breakdown of the research costs associated with the proposal and justification for such funds. Please add extra lines where required.
Consumable item / Justification / Cost / TOTAL
(8)Future plans (max 150wds). Please indicate how the support of the AAIR charity for the current research proposal, if successful, would be beneficial to the applicants future research and/or career
(9)Previous AAIR Charity Awards. Please provide details of any previous awards from the AAIR charity and include the outcome of such support (e.g. preliminary data for external grant application, collaboration, paper etc). Please copy this page if necessary
Title of Project:
Nature of the Award:
(e.g. consumables, equipment, salary)
Date of Award: / Amount of Award:
Outcome of Award:
(10)Research Related to this AAIR Charity Application. Please answer the following questions. If the answer to 10a is ‘yes’ then please complete section 10b-10c to help the Scientific Committee understand the need for the present application (e.g. lack of preliminary data)
(a)Have you applied to other research bodies to fund or part-fund the research in this current AAIR charity application? / Yes / No
(b)Which research body(s) did you applied to?
(c)What was the outcome of the application?
(9) Applicant signatures
The success of AAIR depends on raising funds to support research. To facilitate this on-going process, successful applicants agree to:
  • Write a brief annual report and a final report at the end of the award explaining how the Charity’s funds have been used. This will be for publicity purposes and should be written in lay language for the AAIR charity website and other promotional documents.
  • Support the AAIR Charity in other ways depending on your circumstances and skills e.g., give a short talk at a fundraising event, participate in a sponsored run, assist with the development of charity documents or show AAIR charity visitors around your laboratory and equipment.
  • Include an acknowledgement to the AAIR Charity on all publications and presentations resulting from this funding. Please inform the charity of all such research outputs.

Signature of principle applicant / Date:
Signature of co-applicants
(if any) / Date