Required Supplies

Required Supplies

Ms. Verhagen

English 9


  • Adventures in Reading
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Required Supplies:

To be an effective participant in English 9 and to sustain and maintain a good grade in this course you must be prepared for class everyday. The following items are required daily items:

  • Notebook for English only
  • Folder or binder to keep all returned work and handouts
  • Writing utensil
  • Flash drive (highly recommended)

Units covered:

English 9 is set up by unit to give students an overview of a variety of literature. It is not an easy A nor is it impossible to do well. The class does, however, require a lot of work at times and urges you to take responsibility for yourself.

If you do your work on time and to the best of your ability while maintaining a positive attitude, you will do well in the class .

Semester One: Short stories, speeches, Romeo and Juliet, and other reading and writings deemed necessary by the instructor.

Semester Two: Novel, poetry, research project non-fiction, multicultural literature and other reading and writings deemed necessary by the instructor.

Classroom Guidelines:

Every person continues to learn throughout life and on a daily basis. In order to make this process of learning available to all, I expect each student to respect the rights of all others. Interfering with the learning of others and the disrespect of participants in the course will not be tolerated.

Tardy Policy:

Based on the school tardy policy, I expect all students to be in the classroom when the bell rings. If you are not, you must report to student services for a pass. You may enter the room late only if you already have a signed pass from a staff member.


Students in English 9 are expected to behave like responsible young adults that respect each other and the learning environment. You are responsible for your own behavior within the classroom.

Students are not allowed to:

  • Have food or drink in the classroom
  • Write or sit on desks
  • Interrupt when others are speaking
  • Use obscene language

Returning to our locker after the bell rings will not be allowed. Bring needed materials with you demonstrating you are prepared and ready to learn ultimately reflecting in a better grade.

If you need to use the restroom, ask quietly during a work time. Passbooks are required every time you wish to leave the room.

Plagiarism is unacceptable. Any written or spoken work that is plagiarized will receive an automatic zero and there will not be an opportunity to replace the assignment. Copying another’s work will earn both papers an automatic zero.

Consequences of misbehavior can include, but are not limited to: calls to parents, detentions, referrals to the office, working alone on all assignments, and a lowering of your grade, based on time/info missed.

Make up work:

Any student who has been absent is responsible for getting missed work from the instructor. Work assigned while in attendance is due the day of return. See me for arrangements due to long term absences. Unexcused absences will earn zeros on missed homework.

Tests will be taken on the day given unless other arrangements due to absence are made before class. If you miss a test or quiz, make arrangements with me to make it up during a study hall or other time. You will have one week to make up tests and quizzes. I will not remind you about missed work or tests/quizzes. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and deal with it accordingly.

Late work:

Each student may use two late passes per quarter. You must attach a late slip (handed out to you at the beginning of the quarter) to the late assignment. Late passes can only be used for one day after the assignment was due. After both late passes have been used, no late work will be accepted, with the exception of work turned in due to absence. Please do not ask for extensions. Assignments turned in after the due date will receive a zero. Late passes not used will be work 5 extra credit points at the end of the quarter.


Grades are weighted and categorized as follows:

  • Tests (includes projects): 50%
  • Quizzes: 30%
  • Daily work (includes participation): 20%

The grading scale will be the one adopted by the school district listed in the student handbook.

Parents/Guardians: Please review the requirements for this class and discuss them with your child. If you have questions, feel free to email me. Please sign below indicating you are aware of the policies for English 9 and return this sheet by Friday September 4th.

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