Regents Physicalsetting/Earth Science Course Syllabus

Regents Physicalsetting/Earth Science Course Syllabus

Regents PhysicalSetting/Earth Science Course Syllabus

September 2016– June 2017

Mr. Eckert/ Ms. Guercio


Earth Science is a one-year course designed to introduce students to the dynamic Earth upon which they live.We will study Earth’s place in the universe and its geologic systems.Throughout this course students will become familiar with the physical world around themand learn how tothinkand correlate scientific concepts into their everyday lives.

Earth Science is divided into three major topics:

  1. Astronomy:The study of celestial objects and Earth’s position in the universe.
  2. Meteorology/Weather & Climate:The study of the changing conditions of the atmosphere over time.
  3. Geology: The study of the solid Earth

The concepts presented in this course will increase your knowledge of the physical world you live in.Youmustmake an effort to observe the world around you throughout the year.Start to notice things like the daily motion of the sun, look up at thesky at night and notice the stars as well as the position of the moon.Pay attention to the weather and look around at the countryside as you travel from place to place.Being observant outside the classroom as well as inside the classroom will help you understand the concepts we will be studying.

Review Book:Physical Setting Review:Earth Science(Publisher:UPCO ISBN: #978-937323-19-90) *[purchase required]*

Course Materials:(Required by Thursday, September 12)

It is expected that students willcome to classpreparedevery day with the following items:

  • Binder or folder specifically for this class (2 inch binder or multi-pocket folder)

◘You will need space/tab dividers for:


Daily ‘Do Now’





  • ESRT (Earth Science Reference Tables)[* Provided to student when binder is presented]
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Blue or black pen and #2 pencils (I DO NOT provide pens/pencils!)

Tentative Topic Schedule:Each unitwill end in a Unit Exam based on the NYS Earth Science Regents.

Unit I: Earth’s Materials/GeologicHistory

  • Minerals
  • Rocks
  • Geologic History

Unit II:Surface Processes/Landscape Formation

  • Weathering
  • Erosion
  • Deposition

Unit III:Plate Tectonics/Earth’s Interior

  • Types of plates/plate movements
  • Earth’s core – Crust
  • Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Unit IV:Locating Positions on Earth

  • Topography
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Earth’s axis of rotation

Mid-Term Exam

Unit V:Weather/Climate

  • Density
  • Energy
  • Weather variables
  • Dew point/Cloud formation
  • Weather patterns

Unit VI:Astronomy

  • Stars
  • Planets
  • Rotation/eccentricity

Lab Practicum

CumulativeEarth Science Regents Exam


Grades will be based on a total point system, which includeTests,quizzes,homework, class work, and labs.The Earth Science Regents exam willcount as 20% of your grade.It is expected that students will do their utmost to complete all assignments in atimely and proficient manner.Participation and effortwillaffect your grade – doing your workand coming to class prepared will be a great asset to your grade.Not doing your work and being unprepared willhave a detrimental affect on your grade -- it is adirect relationship!

Unit Outline:I will provide you with a unit outline listing the vocabulary, homework assignments and lab exercises we will be completing, as well as other important information for the unit.These outlines must be kept in yourbinder/folder.

Homework:Homework and vocabulary are assignedon a weekly basis and are due the following Monday.Most homework and all vocabulary will be onCastle Learningso access to a computeris required.It isyourresponsibility to set aside time each week to complete the homeworkassignments.Homeworkcannotbemade up and will not be accepted late.You have a week to do it; failure to complete your homework on time willresult in a grade of zero “0”.[Thereare computers available in the library and computer labs for studentswithoutaccess to a computer at home.]

Quizzes:Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced.Viewing videos outside of class is required.All video quizzes are unannounced; there will be aTopic quizzes that will be given several times during each topic.ALWAYS have your binder –sometimesthe quizzes are open binder!

Tests:There will be six major unit tests throughout the year.Each test is based directly onthe Earth Science Regents exam with questions from previous exams beingused.You will have ample notice of unit tests.

Laboratory Exercises:We will complete a minimum of 25 laboratory exercises this year.This lab requirement must be completed in order to take the NYS Regents exam at the endof the year.There will also be a labdeadline before the mid-term exam.Failure to comply with this requirement will cause the student to be barred from the exam and receive a grade of “0”.Alllaboratory exercises will require a satisfactorily written lab report in orderto receive credit for the exercise.Laboratory books will be provided and areNOTto leave the classroom.Lab folders will be provided for both working and completed labs.All labs are donein theclassroom and are never to leave the classroom.Once a lab is completed, it will be placed inyour finished lab folder andNEVERremoved from the classroom.If a lab isremoved from the classroom/folder it will become void and need to berepeated.Disciplinary action will betaken.Prior to the Regents exam inJune, you will take a Lab Practical based on the concepts covered in thelaboratory exercises.

Class Rules:

  1. Be on time!You should bein your seatand starting ‘do now’assignment when the bell rings.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Bring all needed materials to class; binder, pens/pencils, calculator, homework, etc.Youalwaysneed them –alwaysbring them!!You CANNOT go to your locker!
  4. No eating or drinking in the classroom.Bottled water is o.k.
  5. Do not speak when someone else is speaking.
  6. Do not get up from your seat without permission.
  7. Be polite and respectful to all people at all times.
  8. Respect other people’s property – if it’s not yours;don’t touch it!
  9. All school rules apply; No cell phones, electronic gadgets of any kind, hats, inappropriate dress, etc.
  10. This is not ademocracy; it’s abenevolent dictatorship.

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