QMS and EMS Integrated Policy

QMS and EMS Integrated Policy

QMS and EMS Integrated Policy

for 2012-2017

Management's declaration

For ensuring the development of the company, ensuring the prosperity and satisfaction of the requirements of customers of UCB Technometal s.r.o., the management is declaring the following concept in the area of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety:

It pledges to create financial and personnel resources for its fulfilment and for constant and effective functioning of in-company control and quality management (QMS)

and environmental management (EMS) in the company with a focus on its constant improvement

From employees it expects compliance with set rules and guidelines, acceptance of personal responsibility for the quality of performed activities, elimination of their environmental impacts, an initiative for improvement of processes, products and services and compliance with occupational safety guidelines.

A. Focus on customer

Systematically fulfil the objective "Satisfied Customer" through product quality, speed of deliveries and accessibility of the assortment of profiles of cast iron and non-ferrous metals

B. Leadership, management and involvement of people

Developing qualification, knowledge and expertise of employees. Inspiring of employees

constant improvement of the quality management system, compliance with OHS and EMS guidelines

C. Improvement

Continuous improvement of processes and activities and modernisation of machine equipment, keeping pace with new technology in machining. Reduction of energy demands, increasing of work productivity and reduction of environmental impacts.

D. System access

Constant improvement of the performance and management of mutually related processes to achieve a long-term reasonable level of profit, which will ensure the existence and further development of the company

E. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Providing qualified advisory services in the area of use of cast iron and non-ferrous metals as construction materials and environmentally friendly materials

G. Access for decisions based on facts

Increasing the effectiveness of the integrated QMS and the EMS using quality and environmental objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective measures, preventive measures and examination of the integrated management system by the company's management.

H. Procedural approach

Monitoring the functioning of processes, performing analyses of obtained data regarding processes and evaluating their performance, including environmental impacts. Realising processes correctly from the beginning.

F. Environmental management:

Through continuous modernisation, reduction of energy demands of production, constant improvement of procedures for environmental protection, preferring prevention over eliminating the consequences of environmental impacts and increasing the professional level, responsibility and motivation of employees regarding environmental protection. Ensuring safe handling of waste.

Loděnice: 2 January 2012


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Agent for QMS Agent for EMS Company Director