Project Management Services Standard Form Part 0

Project Management Services Standard Form Part 0

User guidance
The standard form following is for the preparation of a tender document for Project Management Services
Part 0: Cover Sheet and Master Table of Contents and Preface
Guide notes
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Replace the state logo with the agency’s logo if required

Tender Document

Project management services for:

Insert the Name of project and/or contract, and description of services., For Example:

Hopetown Stadium Redevelopment

Management of design and construction


Insert RFT number

NOTE: The contract, or Request for Tender (RFT), number must be allocated by the Suppliers Systems Coordinator. To request one, use the form Request for list of pre-qualified consultants and RFT number.

Contract No: »

Insert the month and year.


Responsible Agency:

Insert the nameof the agency responsible for the sevices to be carried out: For Example:

Department of Education and Training


Tender documents prepared by:

Insert the name of the group or firm preparing the Tender documents. For Example:

Department of Services, Tecnology & Administration

Programs Branch


Submission details:

Refer to Conditions of Tendering clause Submission of Tenders.


Master Table of Contents

Complete the Master table of contents as required.

Insert corresponding information on the Tender Form.

Insert the page number on which each section commences and finishes.

Expand tables by clicking in the last cell and pressing the Tab key as necessary.

Volume 1
Conditions of Tendering / 1 to »
Tender Schedules / 1 to »
Conditions of Agreement / 1 to »
Agreement Information / 1 to »
The Services / 1 to »
Appendices / 1 to »
Volume 2

List any drawings and/or docucuments relevant to the Engagement

» / » / »
» / » / »


DELETE the above heading and the following insertion point if a PREFACEis not required.

The Preface is optional.

Provide an outline of the project and the services required.

The following is an example (in hidden text).

The Hopetown Sports Centre Trust proposes to add a new grandstand and other facilities to the existing Hopetown Stadium.

The New Grandstand will provide about 12,500 seats and be fully integrated into the existing systems and facilities at Hopetown Stadium.

Tenders are sought for project management services including the engagement and management of service providers for design and construction.

The Project Budget is $17.0m to be managed by the Project Manager over 15 months.


End of PREFACe