Procedure:Flowing Oil Well: Troubleshoot

Procedure:Flowing Oil Well: Troubleshoot





Safety glasses with side shields, hard hat, steel toe boots, FR Clothing, gloves, personal monitor, back up man if required (IDLH for H2S is IOO ppm — back up required beyond this concentration) and SCBA or SABA.


Symptom: Production is down a lot. Wellhead pressure is low.

Possible Cause: Well has died; unable to lift fluid to surface.

Action: Gradual reduction in pressure over a long period of time may indicate natural decline or scaling if carbonate formation. If natural decline an artificial lift system should be installed. Otherwise try shutting in well and let pressure build, after a period of time try opening choke wide open and bringing fluid to surface in a rush. Once fluid starts flowing pinch back choke and reset, possibly at a high choke setting, this may have to be repeated daily until well no longer will flow.

Possible Cause: Waxedoff tubing.

Action: Dewax regularly or install chemical dewax injection on annulus.

Possible Cause: Hydrate in tubing.

Action: Inject methanol to attempt to clear hydrate. A batch of methanol may have to be put down annulus and tubing, well shut in for a period of time, then open choke and try flowing well.

Possible Cause: Heavy waterin bottom of well left by service rig.

Action: Swab out heavy water.

Possible Cause: Hole in tubing.

Action: Determined by pressure tests by operator and performing fluid level shot.

Symptom: Normal wellheadpressure, but production is down.

Possible Cause: Valve problem.

Action: Check valve pattern; ensure all necessary valves are fully open.

Possible Cause: Choke problem.

Action: Open choke and check flow.

Possible Cause: High flow line pressure.

Action: Check to ensure ESD valveis fully open.

Possible Cause: Flow line problem.

Action: Isolate section of line.

•Bleed off pressure.

•Disconnect pipe.

•Check for wax or ice buildup.

•Ice problem, increase methanol flow.

•Wax build up; inject necessary chemicals as specified or hot oil line.

•Notify consultant if production isn’t improved.

Possible Cause: Pig stuck in line.

Action: Verify all pig(s) accounted for. May have to push with hot oil, do not pressure up line higher than MOP.


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Date of Revision: November 2, 2004

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