Pre Racing Activities Are;

Pre Racing Activities Are;


The 2014 Willare Enduro is to be held on the 3rd & 4th of October. Willare Enduro is a 4 hour off road motorbike event held on Yeeda Station via the Willare Bridge Roadhouse. This event is open to competitors over the age of 16 on both 2 and 4 wheel motorbikes.

The event is conducted under the control of Motorcycling Western Australia (MWA) trained officials and has been for the last 2 years (2014 being the 3rd).

Pre racing activities are;

Track marking across the entire 48km loop from approximately 3 months out from the race depending on the water from the previous wet season

Registration and scrutineering, Friday 3rd October at the Willare Bridge Roadhouse from 3pm until 6pm. This is conducted in a sectioned off area of the camp grounds at the Roadhouse

Saturday 4th October sees the start of the race from the “Pit Area” located along the fence line of the camp ground which has been bunted off for the safety of spectators and riders.

The event is a 48km looped track and the aim of the competitor is to try and complete as many laps in 4 hours as possible, competitors start the race 30sec apart and it’s a race against the clock. The track does not cross or run along any open public roads, all station roads are cleared prior to race commencing via the Station owner and Race Officials by ground and air. There is a half way checkpoint around the track, competitors are not required to stop here but if they need medical assistance or wish to advise there is a rider injured or broken down they can do so. The checkpoint has a fully equipment Ambulance and communication back to the start/finish line.

The event attracts up to 90 riders (80 2 wheel & 10 Quad) who must hold a current MWA or equivalent open senior licence. Temporary licences are available and must be purchased at registration and scrutineering.

The event attracts around 100 spectators each year, who are mainly located at the start/finish line and are monitored by the Pit Marshalls.

In the past there has only been one competitor that has sustained broken bones (the first year the event was held) the majority of injuries are soft tissue (blisters etc). The event has 4 fully trained medical officers supplied by St Johns Broome, 2 at the start finish line and 2 at the half way checkpoint.

2)The key stakeholders are

  1. St Johns Ambulance (who are in attendance at the event)
  2. Property Owner (Jack Burton)
  3. MWA
  4. Dan Grant Helicopters

2014 Emergency and Medical Response Plan

  1. Event details

Name of Event: Willare 4 hr Enduro

Type of Event: Motorbike Enduro

Location: Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Yeeda Station

Event Date: 3rd and 4th October 2014

Main Race Camp: Willare Bridge Roadhouse camp ground

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the medical response plan it to describe the resources that are required, the manner in which those resources will be brought into play and provide vital information for communication in the case of an emergency.

  1. Personnel

3.1 The nominated person to be in charge of emergency medical services, and who will be responsible to the Clerk of Course is;

Senior Ambulance Officer (Paramedic)

3.2 Other medical personnel will be able to provide support

St Johns ambulance officers

Sweep riders with senior first aid

Senior Officials with senior first aid

3.3 During the event the person described in 3.1 will be stationed at:

Check Point Graz


Mobile Phone:

3.4 During the event the people described in 3.2 will be stationed:

St Johns Ambulance Officers-

Start Finish Line


Mobile Phone

Sweep Riders-

Mobile around the track


Mobile Phone

Senior Officials-

Start Finish Line


Mobile Phone

  1. Venue or response details

4.1 the venue has a permanent building that is or can be used as a dedicated medical centre? Yes/No Yes the roadhouse has various rooms that can be set up and used as required.

4.2 A patient transport vehicle will be provided Yes/No Yes there is 4wd access to most of the track and there is 2 Ambulances located 1 at the start finish line the other at the half way checkpoint, a quad is also available and there will be a helicopter in the air as well as a helicopter on standby for patient extraction.

4.3 Is the vehicle described in 4.2 authorised to transport patients on public roads in an emergency. Yes/No Yes the 2 x Ambulances (not mandatory as a local club event)

4.4 Is the vehicle described in 4.2 will also act as the Medical Centre Yes/No No

4.5 Is there a telephone available at the venue for use in a medical situation Yes/No Yes the roadhouse has landlines for use

4.6 Is there mobile phone coverage Yes/No Yes Telstra Next G Coverage across the whole course

4.7 Will a mobile phone be used for emergency contact Yes/No Yes

  1. Communications
    5.1 the method of communications between the Clerk of Course and the person described in 3.1 will be via UHF or Mobile phone

5.2 The method of communication to the personnel manning the Patient Transport Vehicle is UHF or Mobile phone

5.3 See section 8 for emergency telephone numbers

  1. Operation

When an incident occurs on the course the Clerk of Course will make an assessment as to the requirement for medical attendance and will advise the Senior Ambulance Officer accordingly. Following initial assessment of the casualty, the Patient Transport Vehicle may be dispatched to the scene to provide further assistance. At this stage further resources may be required to be contacted (eg, RFDS)

  1. Other details

The venue is approximately 75km from Derby Hospital and 150km from Broome Hospital. RFDS is based in both of these towns

There is a R44 Helicopter on the ground at the start finish line for deployment if required.

All competitors are given the phone number for race control at riders briefing and encouraged to carry a phone with them in their camel paks along with adequate water and food.

  1. Emergency Telephone numbers

The following numbers will be provided;

Race Control Phone:

Race Steward:

Race Clerk of Course:

Check Point Graz

Willare Roadhouse:

Derby Hospital:

Broome Hospital

Broome Police

Derby Police


MWA on call Official