Pre/Post Assessment with Answers

Pre/Post Assessment with Answers

Pre/post Assessment With Answers

8th Grade

1. Which statement BEST explains how smoking tobacco harms the human body?

A. Tobacco smoke allows the body to absorb ultraviolet rays.

B. Tobacco smoke lowers the body's blood pressure.

C. The chemicals in tobacco increase the amount of iron in the body.

D. The chemicals in tobacco make the heart and lungs work harder.

Answer: D

2. Which of these statements is true about women who smoke when they are pregnant?

A. They inhale less tar and nicotine because they are gaining weight.

B. They have less worry about addiction because their bodies are changing.

C. Their babies have fewer respiratory infections than babies of nonsmoking mothers.

D. Their babies will usually weigh less than babies of nonsmoking mothers.

Answer: D

3.Which of these statements about chewing (smokeless) tobacco is true?

A. It is safer than smoking tobacco.

B. It is not addictive because the user does not inhale nicotine into the lungs.

C. It increases the risk of mouth and throat cancer more than smoking tobacco.

D. It is a good substitute for people who like tobacco but don't want the nicotine.

Answer: C

4. People start smoking for many different reasons, but they continue to smoke because they are addicted. This means that --

A. their friends pressure them to keep smoking

B. they will suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they stop

C. they are afraid to stop

D. they are trying to relieve stress

Answer: B

5.Which of these statements about tobacco is true?

A. Nicotine is a very addictive drug.

B. People who use tobacco products go on to use marijuana.

C. The addictive substance in tobacco products is tar.

D. Quitting tobacco causes only physical withdrawal.

Answer: A

6.Which of these statements about nicotine is NOT true?

A. Nicotine is both a stimulant and a depressant.

B. Nicotine affects all parts of the central nervous system.

C. Nicotine is the chemical in tobacco that causes lung cancer.

D. Nicotine can be absorbed through the lungs, mouth, and stomach.

Answer: C

7. Which of these is the LEAST effective way to avoid smoking when someone offers you a cigarette?

A. Say "No, thanks" and change the subject

B. Make excuses, such as you are allergic to tobacco

C. State the facts about the effects of tobacco on the body

D. Take the cigarette but don't smoke it

Answer: D

8. Which of these statements about the uterus is true?

A. It is just below the heart in the chest.

B. It holds the fetus before birth.

C. It protects the body from diseases.

D. It is about the size of a golf ball.

Answer: B

9.Which of these statements about the testicles is true?

A. They are part of the female reproductive system.

B. They are where sperm are produced and stored.

C. They are very difficult to injure.

D. They develop when a boy reaches puberty.

Answer: B

10. Which body part does a woman have that a man does NOT have?

A. Vagina

B. Appendix

C. Kidney

D. Abdomen

Answer: A

11. Which term refers to what a person thinks about himself or herself?

A. Self-defense

B. self-image

C. Rationalization

D. Assertiveness

Answer: B

12. Which of these statements about stress is true?

A. Stress can be avoided.

B. There is nothing that can be done about stress.

C. Stress is the same for all people.

D. Stress is a normal part of life.

Answer: D

13.Which of these is an important part of effective communication?

A. Telling everyone what to do

B. Looking away when someone is talking

C. Being a good listener

D. Only talking with friends

Answer: C

14. During the stress response, the body releases a chemical that causes the heart to beat faster. This chemical is --

A. adrenaline

B. pepsin

C. testosterone

D. thyroxin

Answer: A

15. An example of a public policy that affects health is the requirement that --

A. all cars must be registered with the state

B. students must graduate from high school before attending college

C. students must attend school until age 16

D. all children must be vaccinated before they enter school

Answer: D

16.Which health field works PRIMARILY to maintain and promote high quality health standards in the community?

A. Consumer health

B. Epidemiology

C. Public health

D. Environmental health

Answer: C

17.The stage when boys and girls FIRST become physically capable of reproducing is known as --

A. childhood

B. adulthood

C. pregnancy

D. puberty

Answer: D

18.Which of these choices is the MOST effective way to avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

A. Using a condom when having sexual intercourse

B. Washing the genital area after having sexual intercourse

C. Not having sexual intercourse with anyone who looks dirty

D. Being abstinent from sexual activity

Answer: D

19.If you want to save money on a prescription drug, you should ask your doctor if you can use --

A. an over-the-counter medication

B. a generic drug

C. a brand-name drug

D. a liquid medication

Answer: B

20. Which of these is the BEST way to deal with stress?

A. Talk with the person who is causing the stress until he or she agrees to stop.

B. Get away from the stressful situation and think about a solution while relaxing, exercising, or listening to music.

C. Completely ignore the problem because it won't seem important later.

D. Express anger toward the person who is causing the stress by using harsh words and an angry tone of voice.

Answer: B

21. The joining of a sperm and an ovum is called --

A. ovulation

B. implantation

C. conception

D. menstruation

Answer: C

22.Cirrhosis of the liver is a possible consequence of using alcohol. What type of effect is this?

A. Physical

B. Social

C. Emotional

D. Developmental

Answer: A

23. All of the following are health risks associated with the use of marijuana EXCEPT:

A. lung cancer.

B. strep throat.

C. Emphysema

D. chronic bronchitis

Answer: B

24. When a person lacks control over mental or physical abilities as a result of high blood alcohol concentration, it is called:

A. intoxication.

B. dependence.

C. alcoholism.

D. cirrhosis.

Answer: A

25.Carl's friend has asked him to try one drink. All of the following are a good use of refusal skills EXCEPT:

A. providing a reason for not trying the drink.

B. changing the subject.

C. taking one sip, then holding the drink for the rest of the evening.

D. providing an excuse for not trying the drink.

Answer: C

26.Dawn's father is an alcoholic. He seems very sad and doesn't talk to family members very much. Dawn is worried and wants to get help for him, but doesn't know what to do. Where is the best place for Dawn to seek support and assistance?

A. The emergency room

B. Her best friend

C. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

D. Al-Anon

Answer: D

27. Eric has been invited to a party at Bill's house. He doesn't know Bill's parents will be gone. When he arrives, Bill has gone next door for a minute and a bunch of kids are smoking marijuana. Eric refuses the marijuana and is about to leave when Bill returns. Bill says, "Eric, don't leave. Why don't you stay and join us?" Which of the following demonstrates the best use of refusal skills?

A. Eric stays but walks into another room.

B. Eric stays and smokes the marijuana.

C. Eric pretends to smoke the marijuana.

D. Eric looks Bill in the eyes, says, "No, thanks. I'll see you later."

Answer: D

28. Josie is home alone when the phone rings. When she answers the phone, an unknown person starts to ask her personal questions. In this situation, Josie should:

A. be polite and answer the questions the caller is asking.

B. not answer the questions, hang up the phone, and tell a trusted adult what happened.

C. talk to the caller and try to change the subject.

D. tell the caller she is home alone and ask the person to call back later.

Answer: B

29. Which of the following best describes a "hate crime"?

A. Two people, who have been friends for a long time, get into an argument

B. Someone does something wrong but does not want to be caught and punished

C. Someone is attacked because of her or his race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability

D. Someone breaks into a house and steals money

Answer: C

30. The leading cause of death in the United States among 15- to 24-year-olds is motor vehicle crashes. To best reduce the risk of serious injury or death in a crash, a young person should:

A. ride only with drivers over 24 years old.

B. always wear a safety belt.

C. ride only on major highways.

D. ride in a car after dark only with experienced drivers.

Answer: B

31.Which of the following types of medical doctors has specific training in treating mental illness?

A. Oncologist

B. Dermatologist

C. Psychiatrist

D. Ophthalmologist

Answer: C

32.Which of the following is the best approach to dealing with suicidal threats?

A. Realizing the threats are often exaggerated

B. Keeping the threats secret

C. Taking the threats seriously

D. Ignoring the threats

Answer: C

33.A friend has talked about suicide. A person can best help prevent the suicide by doing all of the following EXCEPT:

A. leaving the person alone.

B. taking the threat seriously.

C. talking calmly and listening carefully to the person.

D. getting help.

Answer: A

34.To find out what help is available in a community for someone who is suicidal, a person could:

I. ask a parent or teacher.
II. contact the police department.
III. check the phone book.

A. I only

B. III only

C. I and II only

D. I, II, and III

Answer: D

35.Karen, an 8th grade student, is thinking about becoming sexually active. Susan wants to encourage Karen to remain abstinent. Susan should tell Karen that the risks of becoming sexually active may include:

I. pregnancy.
II. sexually transmitted diseases.
III. lowered self-esteem.

A. II only

B. III only

C. I and II only

D. I, II, and III

Answer: D

36.Jason and Abby are at a party. They were unaware alcohol was present until after they arrived. Abby knows that alcohol can contribute to poor decision making. Jason is trying to convince Abby it is okay to have a drink. Which of the following statements best shows the connection between drinking and the risks of an unintended sexual encounter?

A. "My parents would be really upset with me."

B. "Alcohol can affect your ability to drive."

C. "Alcohol can impair judgment and lead to unhealthy decisions."

D. "We are both under age and could get caught drinking."

Answer: C

37.A person can contract HIV by:

A. being bitten by a mosquito.

B. having unprotected sexual intercourse.

C. swimming in a public swimming pool.

D. using a public restroom.

Answer: B

38. Of the following, the best way to find out where HIV testing is conducted would be to:

A. ask a friend or a neighbor.

B. ask a doctor or other health-care provider.

C. watch television commercials.

D. read newspaper articles about HIV.

Answer: B

39. What quality should one look for in a friend that one may turn to for help with a personal, emotional problem?

A. Good athlete

B. Good listener

C. Good student

D. Good family

Answer: B

40. Ken is working as a volunteer in his school cafeteria. While Ken is working in the food line, he should NOT:

A. wear a hairnet while serving the food.

B. take his gloves off while serving the food.

C. wash his hands after using the rest room.

D. cover his mouth if he coughs and then put on clean gloves.

Answer: B