Poetry Terms - Green

Poetry Terms - Green

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Index Cards 18-31

Poetry Terms - Green

18.Front – tone

Back-This is the attitude the author takes towards his or her subject. An author could take a respectful tone, a serious tone, a joking tone, or a sarcastic tone, for example.

19.Front - alliteration

Back – This is repeating consonant sounds.

Example: The dark and dreamy day delivered darkness around the bay.

20. Front – imagery

Back – Words that create a vivid mental picture and appeal to our senses

Example: Our parched throats longed for a frosted glass of lemonade.

21.Front repetition/refrain

Back – Repetition is a sound, word, or phrase repeated.

Example: “The Highwayman came riding, riding, riding,…”

A refrain is when a line or group of lines is repeated.

Example: The chorus of a song or a repeated stanza in a poem is a refrain.

22. Front - simile/metaphor

Back – Both are comparisons between two unlike things.

A simile uses like or as.


Simile: You are like the moon and the stars to me.

Metaphor: You are the moon and the stars to me.

23. Front – stanza

Back – This is a group of lines in a poem.

Example: “The Highwayman” had many stanzas.

“Hector the Collector” has only one stanza with 28 lines.

24.Front – free verse

Back – This is a poem that does not have a regular pattern of rhythm, rhyme, or structure.

Example: “Birdfoot’s Grandpa” is an example of a poem with free verse.

25. Front – personification

Back– This is giving human qualities to non-human things.

Example: The sun’s heat gripped our school.

26.Front – onomatopoeia

Back – This is a word that imitates its sound.

Example: slap, fizz, rumble, yelp

27. Front - rhyme

Back –

Rhyme is repeating vowel sounds at the ends of words.

Example: nurse & purse

28. Front - rhythm

Back – This is the musical quality produced by accented and unaccented sounds.


Along came the doctor

Along came the nurse

Along came the lady

With a piggy in her purse

29. Front - rhyme scheme

Back - This is the specific way we label the pattern of rhymes in a poem. (The rhyme scheme of the poem below is AABBA.)


There once was a lady named Lynn

Who was so exceedingly thin

That when she stayed

To drink lemonade

She slid down the straw and fell in

30.Front - haiku

Back– A Japanese poem with 3 lines using a light and delicate topic, usually about nature. The lines have 5, 7, & 5 syllables.


Tiny seed is dropped

Tender shoots burst from within

Green arms reach skyward

31. Front– hyperbole

Back – This is an exaggerated statement used especially as a figure of speech to heighten effect.


I will love you until all the seas go dry.