Plan Name : Happy & Educational Day-Care Scheme

Plan Name : Happy & Educational Day-Care Scheme

Plan Name: “GIFTED CHILD CARE HAPPY PROJECT” Project No.: 0007-14

Organized by: Shatin Inhabitants Association

Sponsored funding: HK$ 400,000

Period covered: From July 1/2009 to June30/2010.

Servicing parties:Children and their families,young people & women

Covered area: Shatin



i). to improve family relationship and kids’ abilities to study well, under good conditions for healthy growth.

ii). to relief pressure from busy working-class parents,so as to avoid kids staying home alone without proper care from adult.

iii).To encourageand promote community cares from all walks of life to understand and give full support to local residents in Shatin, in order to enhance the level of harmony in the local community.

iv). To train up volunteers through proper training and services, as well as to highlight the spirit of “ Serving by heart and increase the social capital power.”

(1.2) Strategies

Community co-operation: to co-operate with different organizations or groups in all aspects with a common goal.

Community Aids: To help those kids and family in need and provide professional assistances.

Up-skills proper training: To train up those young people and women, who like to well equip themselves to the real life.

Servicing Society: To strengthen volunteers’ networks through community services.

(1.3) Target results

i). Professional training: - to train up 80 volunteers, for helping participated students to learn and study under favorable environments.

ii). Parents and kids gathering activities:-

-- To serve parents and kids around450 people.

-- To organize 28 seminars each year, in order to improve family relationship

iii). Day-care services: to make sure 420kids to take part in the project annually, at least 120 kids are able to enjoy the project.

iv). Volunteers Services Group: to train up 80 volunteers, to serve social & community services.

v). Happy Holiday: to provide day care services to those kids, whose parents have to work during holidays, in order to avoid staying home alone.

vi). Pre-set meeting / conference: to pre-set a schedule for a regular meeting or conference among all the related parties, i.e. volunteers, GNO, school, parents….etc., so as to share ideas or views and make sure the whole scheme moving in the right track.

vii). Sponsored groups: to invite at least 18 groups per year.

(2) Scheme ( Content) Summary


To serve those families in need for help in Shatin, to provide full services in study difficulties.

To release pressure for daily life, such as, study assistant supports, house-works aids, computer & electricity repairs, as well as food delivery services, etc.

Aim: to provide favorable conditions for kids’ long term development and growth.

(3)Characteristics and Creative points for the whole project

i). Community co-operation:- to link up all the parties involved among schools,parents, as well for all the interested parties in society for social harmony.

ii). Professional Training :- to recruit all volunteers from all different classes, to exchangeideas with each otherthroughthe services, so that the whole society can be working closely, to build up good relationship, and help one another.

iii). Break-through for traditional mind-set: - the whole project or scheme not only provides pick-up services and home-work study supports, but also it provides full services, including improve family relationship, to reinforce family communication, in order to improve family ties.

iv). On-going scheme process :- After one year of trial-run, we believe that we can invite more interested parties or capable volunteers to participate and give innovations or bright ideas to the whole project, so as to have a feasible budget plan for upcoming future development, through-out community co-operation basis.