Part One: Christ's Teachings in Person in the Gospels

Part One: Christ's Teachings in Person in the Gospels

1 Bible Discoveries: Teachings of Christ in the NT Series by Sarah Overstreet Midyett

Book 1 Christ’s Teachings in Person


John 15:1 - 16:4

After explaining His reason for going away, and His provision for His disciples in His absence, Jesus continued talking with His disciples especially about their relationships in the future. Study to see what these relationships would be.

A.The Disciples' Relationship to Jesus: Read John 15:1-16

1.To what did Jesus compare Himself in this chapter? John 15:1a

2.Who did He say was the Husbandman (farmer)? John 15:1b

3.Who were compared to the branches of the vine? John 15:5a

4.What is the one purpose of the branches of the vine? John 15:2 and THINK!

5.If a branch does not fulfill this purpose, what will the Father do with it? John 15:2a, 6

6.If a branch IS fulfilling this purpose, what will the Father do to it? Why? John 15:2b

7.What had already purged (cleansed and purified by getting rid of what was impure or superfluous) the disciples? John 15:3

8.What is the chief duty of the Christian? John 15:4a

9.Why is this so necessary? John 15:5b

10.What will one who abides (stays, continues, dwells) in Christ be able to do?

a.John 15:5

b.John 15:7

11.What will be one great result of the fruit-bearing which results from abiding in Christ? John 15:8a

12.In what special quality of Jesus did He say His disciples should continue or abide? John 15:9

13.What would make this possible? John 15:10

14.Why had Jesus told them all these things? John 15:11

15.What title would have been suitable for the disciples in relation to Jesus up until this time? See John 13:13, 16

16.What new title did Jesus give them at this time? John 15:14, 15

B.The Disciples' Relationship to Each Other: Read John 15:17, 12, 13:34-35

1.What commandment did Jesus repeatedly give to His disciples at this time? John 14:17, 12, 13:34

2.What did He say that all men would know, if they would keep this commandment? John 13:35

C.The Disciples' Relationship to the World: Read John 15:18 - 16:4

1.What did Jesus warn that the world would do to His disciples? John 15:18a, 19c; 20b; 16:2

2.Why would they do this?

a.John 15:19b

b.John 15:21, 16:3

c.John 15:24b, 23

3.What two things made their guilt for these sins worse than ever? John 15:22, 24

4.For what two reasons did Jesus tell the disciples these things at this time?

a.John 16:1

b.John 16:4a


1.Is my life lived in constant vital spiritual union with my Lord?

2.If not, can I ever hope to show forth His love toward my fellow-Christians, or be able to withstand the world's hatred and persecution? John 15:5b

Written by Sarah Overstreet Midyett.

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