Parkside Parent Advisory Council Meeting

Parkside Parent Advisory Council Meeting

Parkside Parent Advisory Council Meeting

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 12:00 Noon

Present: Andrea Friesen, Leanne Braun, NinaEdbom-Kehler, Gwen Harman, SharleneKrahn, DoralinGinter

  1. Welcome
  2. Volunteer Report – Track & Field canteen worked well, but would have been good to have more volunteers; weren’t able to watch kids very much

-Idea: buy large insulated water jug filled with ice water for kids to refill their bottles.

-Motion by Andrea: purchase 2 large water coolers for school events; Second –Doralin. Sharlene will look into purchasing them.

  1. Treasurer Report – see attached report

Move – Sharlene; Second – Andrea

  1. Secretary Report – nothing to report
  2. Chair persons report

-Another hot lunch? Have one more at the beginning of June

  • June 9th – The Hut

-Outdoor play equipment

  • Andrea and Nina met with a group of students (4 girls, 2 boys)
  • Kids showed interest in Zorbs (about $250ea but don’t last very long)
  • They want to “hang out” and they like to climb
  • Like the spiderweb net at WPS
  • Disc swing
  • Zipline with “disc” seat
  • Big chair like at WPS
  • “Hydro pole” stepping/balance beams
  • Leanne thinks that Erin Sawatzky is an Environmental Architect. Should we consult with her? Leanne will check into it.
  1. Principal’s Report –

-Had meeting with staff about structural changes from this past school year; plans to do this with students as well. The changes were:

  • 5-day schedule instead of 6 (one hour blocks rather than 35-45 min last year)
  • Students were only able to choose 1 Arts program rather than 2
  • 20-minute home room period in the afternoon (class meetings, silent reading, finish homework, pull kids for indiv work in band, etc.)
  • Most classes are mixed grade
  • Board supplied school supplies

PAC feedback:

-5-day: easier to know which is band day, etc.

-1 Arts program – many students disappointed they couldn’t choose more

  • Provincial report cards requires 1 Arts program
  • Staff are discussing what we value and how we can implement that; looking at making changes

-Mixed grade: love it, brings balance to the school; not the “hierarchy” that tends to be there otherwise

-One-hour: is it too long? Sometimes, but usually it’s good as it allows more teaching time

-School supplies supplied by BLSD

  • Con - Andrea prefers buy a binder with zipper for her son
  • Pro – everyone has the same thing; great for families with low income

-PAC needs to give a report (goals, financials available if interested). Could be at any of these events:

  • Thursday is the Spring parent meeting
  • Doralin will make a poster/sign to post; Leanne will make the announcement
  • Spring Concert – June 7, 7pm (alsoCoupon Folder draw)
  • Awards Ceremony – June 29, 10am
  • Andrea will prepare a poster with the financials and sign-up to be displayed at Spring Concert and Awards Ceremony

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 6 - noon