Paper Title (16 Pt)

Paper Title (16 Pt)

Paper Title (16 pt)

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CAOS invites paper submissions that relate broadly to the use of technology in orthopaedic surgery. We are interested both in papers that describe technical aspects of devices and systems used in surgery and in the clinical impact of such systems, including deployment and integration issues related to hospital workflow and economic evaluation. Typical technical topics include surgical navigation systems, metrology devices, robotics, Patient Specific instrumentation, procedure planning processes, image acquisition and processing, segmentation, registration, calibration, 'smart' instruments and sensors, biomechanical modeling, gait analysis, etc. Typical clinical application areas include hip and knee arthroplasty, trauma, osteotomies, oncology, spine procedures, ACL repair, shoulder and ankle procedures, etc., as well as issues related to surgeon training.

Materials and Methods

Regular Papers are expected to demonstrate novelty by arguing that there is a gap in existing literature that the presented work addresses and to present data to support any conclusions drawn. All papers will be required to include at least three references in the Introduction to establish the need for and novelty of the work, and at least two references in the Discussion section to establish significance of the findings compared with the existing literature. Regular papers should be 500-1000 words in length.

Extended Papers on Technical Innovation are similar to regular papers, but are longer to allow for more extended presentation of methods and discussion of results. Papers from 1500-2000 words are invited. A selection of the extended papers will be invited to be presented in extended sessions (15 minutes allotted per paper).


Only two graphics are allowed in a Regular Paper (5 in an Extended Paper), each of which can be a picture, a diagram or a table. The use of collages (multi-part figures) is permitted, as long as the text is legible and the graphics are clear. Please try to limit formatting complexity and make sure to embedded text labels within diagrams and pictures. These images will be used without change in the final digital proceedings.

Figure 1: This is a figure caption. Please align figures and tables to the centre.

When possible, try to keep table formatting simple.

Heading 1 (units) / Heading 2 (units) / Heading 3 (units)
Item 1a / Item 1b / Item 1c
Item 2a / Item2b / Item 2c

Table 1: This is a table caption. Please try to be complete in your description here, as the table should be understandable without reference to the main text. Again, align tables to the centre.


Main formatting requirements if not using this template:

  • 1" margins
  • 12 pt Times-Roman or similar font
  • 6 pt spacing after paragraphs


Recommended citation style: (Lastname YYYY); eg, (Anderson 2014).

  • <Lastname1>First Name Initial 1>, <Lastname2> <First Name Initial 2>, <Paper Title>, <Journal Title, VOLUME(ISSUE), pp. x – y>, <Year>.
  • E.g. Rodriguez y Baena F, Davies BL, Robotic surgery: from autonomous systems to intelligent tools, Robotica, 28(2), pp: 163-170, 2010.
  • Minimum of five references required.


If any authors are affiliated with or sponsored by companies, please briefly describe the relationship here.

-- end of paper template --


Abstracts from accepted papers will be published in the Bone and Joint Journal. These abstracts are separate from the Regular or Extended Papers and should be submitted in the Abstract field on the EasyChair paper submission website. Please use plain text and follow the example below. The body of the text should be approximately 250 words (and in no case more than 2500 characters including spaces); indent all paragraphs except the first and leave a full line space before the first paragraph. Detailed requirements follow.


A. Author, B. Author and C. Author

Institution of Corresponding Author, CityPostal Code, Country,

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Detailed Instructions for BJJ Abstract Submission

Note that no medical degrees or appointments should be included in the authors list. After the authors’ names, there should be just one FULL address for correspondence.

  • Spelling - For English spelling, if possible use the Concise Oxford Dictionary or The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors. Note, however, the following:
  • Use “ise” not “ize” spellings.
  • Capitals - Use capitals for proper names, titles, geographical names, trade names.
  • Abbreviations - Abbreviations not in common use should be spelled out in full the first time they occur in a typescript, followed by the abbreviation in brackets.
  • Examples: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Short names (of countries, institutions, honours) and well-known acronyms are abbreviated without full stops and without a space between the letters.
  • Examples: USA, UK, PM (Prime Minister), ESR, WBC, FRS, BA
  • Decimals
  • 6.9, 0.78 (not .78), 1.5), 20 g (not 20.0 g);
  • one-half, three-quarters (in text only)

Submitting Abstract and Paper:

  • Submit your abstract as plain text in the Abstract field of the web submission form.
  • Save your paper proper as a PDF document (Word documents not permitted) and upload in the Paper field.