One of the Programme Assistants Called Lisa Had Met This Interesting Character Called Paul

One of the Programme Assistants Called Lisa Had Met This Interesting Character Called Paul

Chapter 4

Many years have now passed and a lot of the strange happenings were suppressed. I was working in television and enjoying the hard work and the parties. It was a great way of studying the ego. Watching other people change as soon as the red light came on to the camera is a great lesson in the game of life. The professionals were the ones that would be very pleasant off camera and then do whatever was necessary and then return to the normal world. For some people this could happen quickly and for others it may never happen in a lifetime.

One of the programme assistants called Lisa had met this interesting character called Paul who she felt that maybe I should meet. The conversation had started about an event that had got around the station. One evening when I was in the sports and social club Jimmy Bartley (Bella) hobbled past me holding his back. It was obvious that he was in pain and he was also one of the most professional actors that I have ever met. Jimmy would always give anyone who was new to fair city a helping hand. Always being very discreet and suttle.

As he walked by I asked what had happened. He described where the pain was and you could see the pain all over his face. I knew that a lot of the work that he was going to do involved walking about the set and stopping on marks. As we talked a cool breeze ran down my back and I knew that there were guides that wanted to help. Maybe it was because I had a few drinks after work that I offered to bring him into a small back room used for meetings and see what might happen. “what are you going to do” he asked . “ I have no idea” I replied. As we walked into the room I could feel a gentle change coming over me. A sense of love and contentment that was quite overpowering. He looked at me and smiled “I am starting to feel rather strange”. I laughed and put my hand at the lower end of his back. There was no need to touch him but I let my hand hover over the area of the pain. My hand started to move and pull strands of light from his back. It was if they were discoloured and I kept pulling until they changed into pure white light. He said that he felt a lot of heat entering his back and then I stopped. I think the event lasted for about five minutes but time seems to be irrelevant I asked him to move around and see if there was any difference. He started to walk and both of us both burst into laughter. It was obvious that the pain was gone as he jumped around the room. We were both delighted with the result and we walked out into the main bar. I returned to my barstool as Jimmy walked back to join his friends. I knew that there would be a reaction to this but I felt that it was time to use my gift again.

I found parking in Ballsbridge and I walked over to the building opposite the American embassy. I stood in front of the big yellow Georgian door and I pushed the bell. My heart rate increased as I was about to tell some stranger some of the things I knew and to hell with the consequences. A young woman opened the door and smiled. “you are here to see Paul” she asked. “I think so” I replied and went inside.

There was a large hallway and stairs in front of me. Upstairs and the first door on the left. As I went up the stairs I admired the painting on the wall. Huge angels had been painted on to the wall with pure white clouds around them. As I ascended more ( the stairs that is) I could hear the sound of monks chanting. I began to feel more at home maybe this is what I have been looking for? The smell of incense filled the air as I knocked on the door. “Its open” a voice called and I entered into a beautiful place. Paul was sitting on a large bean bag leaning with his back straight against the wall. It was the closest I had seen to a monk in meditation. He picked up a remote and the monks volume reduced to a level that we could now talk. He was a man of medium build and with dark hair, he wore black jeans with a black shirt and looked very content. He smiled and asked me to sit on the mattress opposite him. I took my shoes off and sat down. “ I believe that you have been chatting to Lisa!” “yes” I replied.

A large portrait of Paul was over his head but it had a cross between an Egyptian character and a Chinese.

He asked me about my past and all of the strange events that have happened. He listened to my stories and then asked me to sit up straight and imagine a red waterfall pouring over me. As I did this I could feel a tingling sensation in my body. He then changed the colour to orange. This brought up strange feelings and emotions but I could feel that this was having a good effect. He changed to yellow and my body started to shake. It was if there was a happy pill that was plugged into me and the more the energy increased the more I became energised. The energy or light that was pouring over me was becoming intense. When he changed the colour to green I could see light forms moving around the room and also around Paul he asked if I was ok and I smiled. I felt that the smile was enough and he moved on to the colour blue. At this point I started to talk to this man. I started to tell him of his own path of searching and where he was needing more attention. I was able to say things that where quite personal but I knew that they were accurate and of good benefit to him. Tears started to fall down his cheeks but I knew that this was a result of clearing his energy field so that he may develop and understand more. As the sense of loving intensified I too could feel the tears flowing effortlessly down my face. I could see two separate forms of white light behind his shoulders and I knew that they were giving me this information . I told him about the guides around him and he smiled. I asked him to stand up and he did so without question. I approached him with my arms open and then put my right hand over his heart. Without knowing why or what I was doing I started to pull energy from his heart. He could feel the sensation and it was if I as pulling a string from his heart and he was being pulled towards me. My hands started to spin the cord and speed it up and as I did this I could feel the love sensation increase rapidly. He looked into my eyes and we both knew that this was a beautiful moment taking place. I continued on various chakras of his body. ( These chakras are light energy points that exist in the body in the west we call them glands.) When everything felt good I could feel the energy fall away and I began to return to normal (whatever that might mean). We stood in silence for a few seconds and then he said “ I think that you have realised that you have a gift of healing”. “I think that I have had this for a long time but you are the first person to experience this fully and openly.” “do you want to go for a coffee” he asked. “ After that I think that I would like a pint and a smoke” I replied.

Chapter 5

As I looked out of my lounge window one morning I started to rub my eyes. I had been out quite late the night before as I had finished work quite late and I had then gone on to a party in town. We had spent the last couple of days recording a music programme and there were a few beers after the show but the party was in a well known nightclub that opened very late. I tried to focus my eyes but as I rubbed them yet again I became aware that there was something wrong. As I looked at the telephone pole outside the window I realised that it was slightly distorted. I covered my left eye and I became aware that my right eye was seeing the pole in a pink colour and also it was all bending on the vertical plane. When I swapped my hand over the right eye everything became normal again. I knew that something was very wrong and I started to look for the doctors phone number. I could only get an appointment for five o`clock and I decided to go down to the opticians instead.

A young lady called Carol started to examine my eye. She wore a pristine white blouse with a dark skirt. She looked mid twenties and was very attractive but as she came close to my eyes to look with her scope I could smell strong tobacco from her. She seemed very relaxed as she looked around and very methodical in her movements. She was just in the middle of telling me that everything was ok when her voice went up a tone and she said “ whats this”. Without notice she lifted her leg up onto my right thigh and leaned in close to my face. Her skirt went very high up her leg which my left eye wanted to glance down but her smoky breath and her sigh of “O DEAR” mad me realise that something was not good. She explained that I had a burst blood vessel in my eye and that it was in my field of vision. “what should I do I asked” and she said that she needed to make a phone call. As the door closed my mind started to wonder what was going to happen. I glanced around the room at the charts and the technology so that I would not let my imagination get carried away. Carol returned in the door and explained that she had been on to an eye surgeon and that I must see him in the morning. I was a little shocked by this but she reassured me that she was just being cautious.

The next morning I was sitting in a different waiting room with more charts and toys also scattered around the room. A young girl of about three years of age came out of the doctors door clutching a teddy bear with a patch over her eye and a matching one over the teddy bear. I liked this doctor already. He seemed to have the young girl at ease as she looked at the bear.

“Tom come in and let`s have a look at you”. Said Dr. O`Conner. As I sat down I glanced around the room. The walls were clean and white and a wooden desk with a device for looking into your eyes on the table. The device had two tall black stilts and a small bending bridge for putting your chin on. There was a magnifying glass on one side with lights that shone into your eye. It was very similar to the one that had been in the opticians. I was aware of the smell of toothpaste and I tried to observe this man with one eye looking through the eyepiece while my left eye tried to sum up the situation. “look up please” he asked and I ended up looking at the ceiling with my left eye and my right seeing intense white light. “O dear” he remarked and he had my attention immediately. “whats wrong” I asked . “you do have a burst blood vessel in your eye and it does not look to good I am afraid. I will send you to have some photographs taken and we will see from there” He apologised to me saying “I will have to put some drops in your eye and it will open your iris fully. This will effect your vision but it will only last for a few hours. I was guided down a few corridors where I had to sit and wait for these drops to take effect. “Mr. Murphy this way please and I followed a young nurse down a corridor. I tried to observe her but my distorted vision was quite distracting and I had to concentrate with my left eye and walk with my right eye closed. I turned into an open doorway and a young doctor wearing a white coat welcomed me in. “hello I am Dr. Deehan and I am going to take a few photos of your eye. Sit down and look into this lens please.” I sat down and started to admire the equipment around me. It looked like top photography equipment but most of me did`nt care due to the concern about my vision. The drops had created a lot of discomfort and I just wanted to get this over and done with. He was quite young around mid thirties and fair haired. He seemed the sort of person that I would be quite happy to have a pint or two with.

“I am going to inject some fluid into your arm and I will sting a little” he said. The needle did sting a little but with the eye all blurred and also stinging another disorientation didn’t seem to matter. I was getting a little irritable with all these observations but I knew it had to be done. I looked again into this device and was aware of the camera shutter clicking away and he said that it would not be long before the session would be finished. I asked him what my eye looked like and he said “have you ever seen a picture of a nebula in the universe?” “yes” I replied. “Then something like that but you can have a look at the pictures when I have them developed”. He walked towards me and guided me back to the waiting room, “you may have to wait there for a while” he said but the nurse will call you when Dr. O’Conner wants to see you. As I sat down in the waiting room I started to look around at the other patients. You could spot the ones who had been before as they were the ones that sat knowing that this was going to be a long day. There was a fish tank at the front and this attracted the children in the waiting room. It was the young boy that looked as if he needed a good wash and a diet was the one that was irritating me at the moment as he kept hitting the glass with keys and this was scaring the fish. As time went by I observed different names being called and various characters from the cast of life all went into different doctors rooms all with a different story to tell. One thing that they had in common was that at the end of each story something had happened to give them a problem with their eye! Eventually my name was called and I went back inside to see Dr. O’Conner. “ As I explained before and the pictures confirm it, your eye has a burst blood vessel and It is in the field of vision. I think that we may have to operate and quite soon!” I walked out of the room passed the waiting room and down a narrow corridor that had a public phone in it. I rang Tricia to see if she could collect me as I did`nt want to get a bus or listen to a taxi man talking at me for the journey home. I said that I would meet her in the Burlington hotel and I would be in the bar having a fag and a pint! This thought was the only good thing that I had to look forward to all day. I did not realise that in the next two hours that I would be crying with laughter. As I walked out of the hospital door the brilliant sunlight hit me. My left eye was able to close its iris but the right eye was not due to the eye drops. It was like a pain in the head as the sunlight shone into my eye. I turned left out of the hospital and started walking to the hotel. It only took a couple of minutes and it was a great relief to enter into the building with much less light in it. I walked through reception and into the bar. It was a long shaped oval bar at the centre with tables all around. I had been in here many times before and I felt a little more comfortable. I ordered a pint of lager and lit a cigarette. There were a few businessmen in a corner otherwise it was nice a quiet. I could`nt read a paper and so I just relaxed and waited. My first pint went quite quickly and I ordered another. Time passed and my ashtray had three butts in it. Tricia walked in the door and she was a comforting sight. She said she would have a glass of wine and I had one for the road. After this being my third or fourth pint I headed for the gents. There were two men at the urinals and there was a space in the middle for me. Without thinking or looking I went through the motions of what men do. As I looked to my left the man beside me was looking down at me with a look of astonishment! I looked to my right and this man was also looking bewildered at my urinal. I looked down to see what was distracting them and I think I shouted “jesus”. A bright yellow illuminous fluid was pouring out of me ! It almost shone. As I took in a sharp intake of breath I realised that this must be the dye that was injected into me. As I tried to explain to the two men that were each side of me they looked away and were trying to leave as quickly as possible. I looked down again and started to laugh out loud. The two men almost ran out of the toilet as I looked down at this amazing sight. It was great to have something to make me laugh and I knew that I would always remember this moment. Tears trickled down my leg and also from my eyes as this was a good relief from the stress of the day.