Occupy Madison Inc. General Membership Meeting

Occupy Madison Inc. General Membership Meeting

Occupy Madison Inc. General Membership Meeting

June 29, 2013

Wil-marCommunity Center

1. Call to Order

Allen called the meeting to order sometime after 2:00 PM. He will run the meeting. Noah will be the “stack-taker”, keeping the order of speakers. Carol will take the minutes.

Allen passed a hat, for donations to pay Wil-Mar.

2. Meeting Procedure

Roll Call

The quorum was discussed and the group agreed that Noah would read the list, and we will remove the names of those who are known to have left the area. People with proxies voiced the names of the people whose proxies carried to the meeting. There were 27 proxies carried in, 12 members present, making 39 members currently. The current bylaws require ¾ of current members or 30. Quorum met.

Agenda moved by Terry, Keith. Agenda Approved

4. Announcement (Bruce)

The news media (CNN, Pat Schneider of the Capital Times) has been asking about the tiny houses. When there is more information, he will post it on social media.

5. By-LAWS (Allen)

Allen proposed an amendment to change the quorum to 10 members present. His basis for this proposal is that “10 members present” should be easily to accomplish because there are 11 people on the board, and if they alone come to the meeting, quorum is met. Discussion covered alternatives to this proposal, and setting regular meeting dates.

Noah proposed that membership meetings occur on the last Saturday if the month, through December. Bruce suggested a quorum of seven …then only four would make a majority… is that what we want? The members amended the bylaws to require 54% present for a quorum, but this language had not been added to the bylaws. There was mention of removing people who miss three meetings in a row.

A substitute amendment was proposed to replace the current definition of quorum with “Quorum at a membership meeting is seven (7) people present and voting”. Amendment approved on a voice vote without objection.


Approved on a voice vote.

7. Board of Directors

Allen described how the Board functions. It is a working Board that carries out the wishes of the membership. Keith described the current Board composition, and proposed that the current board members, whose terms are up, be elected by acclamation. Brian objects to an election by acclamation. Names taken for stack for discussion. After some discussion, Brian apologizes and retracts objection. Board members whose terms are about to end in june are re-elected by acclamation through november 30, 2013.

8. Board Vacancies – two currently

Steve Burns and Linda Ketchum are interested in joining the Board. Allen nominated Steve Burns. Steve Burns elected by voice vote.

Treena nominated Rae McCormick. Rae McCormick elected by voice vote.

9. New Member Criteria

The process working group has been working on tiny houses and the application process. There are separate processes for membership criteria versus criteria for getting a tiny house.

Terry asked who is present today and wants to be a member of Occupy Madison.

Hands raised include

Peter G / Dave Peters
Scarlet Zhang / Carol Weidel
Donna “Rae” McCormick / Steve Burns (nominated by those present).
Anne Waymouth

All seven people above were approved on a voice vote.

Noah reviewed current list and the names of those who are gone from the area.

10. Regular Membership Meetings

Allen informed the meeting that Wil-Mar is reserved for the 2nd Saturday and last Saturday of each month.

11. Fundraiser

Brenda sent a proposal for a July 30 fundraiser. While July 1 was the goal for the first house to be complete, we are certain to have the first house complete by July 30. For the fundraiser, there is a target of $2,750. If we spend $500 on promotional items, $250 for food and drink, the net raised should be $2,000.

Bruce moved that $750 be allocated for fundraising expenses. Approved on a voice vote.

12. Tiny Houses – Construction, other administrative tasks

Bruce described gaps in shifts and shop organization. During the day, people are cutting and prepping. In the evening, assembly happens. The schedule current on Facebook. Treena suggested that getting more volunteers would be helpful.

Another project is writing thank-you notes to donors.

Scarlett reported that there are several sites that are within a 10-minute walk to a bus line. Marsha Rummel is a good resource on zoning.

The criteria for getting a house will require work and participation in meetings. Noah has a draft contract for taking occupancy of a tiny house.

12. Adjournment - Treena moved adjournment at 4:50. Meeting adjourned

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