Note on Welcoming: Keep Your Welcome Positive - HOW GREAT IT IS to BE in CHURCH TODAY

Note on Welcoming: Keep Your Welcome Positive - HOW GREAT IT IS to BE in CHURCH TODAY

Sunday30th July 2017– 11am(EP)

10.40AM / All teams get ready for next Service / All Teams
10.40AM / Worship, Sound & AV Team Sound Check / Clinton, Jesse, Josh
10.50AM / Atmosphere Music & Lights / Clinton
11.05AM / Worship Bracket 1;
Song 1: Lift You Higher Song 2.Limitless / Casey life Worship Team
11.23AM / Church News & Pray for Pastors
Pray for Giving (keys in the background & through EP Intro) / Yohan & Ps. Joseph
Ps. Joseph
11.25AM / Intro EP / Ps.Charmaine
11.27AM / 2 songs to be inclusive of Kids
Casey Life Kids exit to their program
Worship / Testimony with EP
EP Love Offering (by the team / EP
12.15AM / Message / Ps.Charmaine
12.35PM / Ps. C will close the service & EP does final song / Worship Team

Note on Welcoming: Keep your welcome positive - HOW GREAT IT IS TO BE IN CHURCH TODAY (in your welcome, please don’t imply it’s difficult to come to church i.e. “ I hope you are awake / or well done for getting our bed & coming to church etc”)

  • Welcome … Good Morning Church and Welcome to a Casey Life …. …
  • Special welcome if you’re with us for the first time.
  • Big Welcome to EP who are with us today. We are looking forward to hearing from them very soon. Please note that the Star / Glow & Super Kids will be staying in the service a little longer today.
  • Life Groups this week!

Hand Mic to Ps. C, then Ps. C will hand to Ps. Joseph and Ps. Joseph will hand back to Yohan

  • PPT - Ladies Breakfast – 5th Aug –Ps. C to do
  • Pray for Senior Pastors – Ps. Phil to do.

-Ministering in Vietnam today; this week they are attending the ACC / AOG Worlds Mission Conference meeting up with missionaries from all over the world. And they will also be meeting up our very own Jerome & Sharon Serpanchy (from Bethel - Sri Lanka & Tim & Bronwyn Perry from ‘Rivers’ in Thailand & a couple from Australia who will be leaving soon to start a mission’s work in India / Bihar


  • PPT – Lunch - Next Sunday we have brunch after the service, do plan to stay back and catch up with some CL Family and of course we are so looking forward to having our Senior Pastors Graham & Julie back
  • Also, next Sunday we will be taking a few minutes our of our service to Honour our local Hampton Park Lions Club This Year Lions Club International are celebrating 100 years of service to the community. So, we are looking forward to taking the opportunity to cheer them on. Amongst all the great community work they do around Hampton Park, they are also great supports our Carols event & have been over the last 15 years plus. vice
  • PPT- Next Month we have a Water Baptism service, these are always great celebration services. If you would like to get water baptised, please go to the information table after the service, fill out a card for a Pastor to get in contact with you!
  • Pray for Giving – Yohan & Hand Mic back to Ps.C